wazirx clone script

Wazirx Clone Script - Overview

Wazirx clone script is ready-to market, multi-tested, source code to launch peer to peer cryptocurrency exchanges like Wazirx. Our Wazirx clone script has features and functionalities similar to Wazirx exchange. Entrepreneurs can start their Peer to Peer cryptocurrency exchange with our wazir clone, acquiring customized features according to their business demands.

Currently, Cryptocurrency trading is drastically improving and creating a business opportunity for entrepreneurs and startups who are interested to enter the crypto realm. With the enormous popularity, alleviation of government regulations, along with the awareness among the crypto, Some tools of crypto like Wazirx Clone Script are getting more popular than ever.

Wazirx is the superior Peer-to-Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform script sculptured which is in the lines of top Indian Crypto exchanges. This Wazirx renders many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and much more., and these cryptocurrencies facilitate buying or selling in an easier manner.

Wazirx Clone App

We design and develop the wazirx clone app that is capable of handling user requests from various platforms like Android, ios, etc. Our Wazirx clone is scalable and reliable in handling users transactions with a lightning speed. Our clone app provides highly efficient and secure trading of various cryptos in a few taps on their mobiles.

Exclusive Features Of Our Wazirx Clone App

  • Encrypted live chat
  • Transaction Records
  • Live Liquidity
  • Live Price Tracker
  • PIN Lock Features
  • Margin Trading
  • Future Trading
  • Secure wallet
  • Push Notification
  • Multiple Payment
  • Advanced/Basic Trading

Why Choose Zodeak Technology For Wazirx Clone Script?

We Zodeak Technology has emerged as one of the best Cryptocurrency Exchange Development solutions, which comes with an extensive list of features and functionalities on popular exchange platforms like Binance, Coinbase, LocalBitcoins, and more. Here are some of the reasons for Entrepreneurs and startups to get interested in utilizing our services and start their Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform.

Salient Features Of Wazirx Clone Script

wazirx clone script

Higher Liquidity

An Impulsive transaction included in our Wazirx clone enhances the platform's liquidity. The wazirx clone is capable of handling high liquidity volume on the exchange platform.

wazirx clone script

User Interface

Our Wazirx clone has an intuitive UI design that facilitates comfortable and simple navigation to the end-users. Exclusive UI provides a strong platform that's scalable, reliable, & hassle-free trading.

wazirx clone script

Resilient Dashboard

Our Wazirx clone encompasses a resilient dashboard that's impeccable in efficiently handling users transactions, it handles user transaction data. The admin panel is constant and helps the admin to handle the trader's details, transaction details, wallet details, platform revenues, etc.

wazirx clone script

Powerful Trade Engine

Our Wazirx clone features a powerful trade engine that's efficient in managing the user's trading efficiently and securely. We've an integrated trade engine that's capable of handling the trades with a lightning speed.

wazirx clone script

Multi-Crypto Trading

Our Wazirx clone facilitates trading of the assorted cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litcoin based on our clients requirements. We facilitate the trading of varied crypto tokens, crypto coins over the exchange platform.

Spotlight Features Of Our Wazirx Clone Script

wazirx clone script

Margin Trading

Funds lending and securing the crypto assets are incorporated in our Wazirx Clone to help margin trading at ease.

wazirx clone script

Trading Bot Integration

We Zodeak provides the Crypto Trading Bot that processes the buying and selling towards high profit values.

wazirx clone script

Payment Gateway

Our Flexible Payment Gateway includes various options like, Paypal, Debit and Credit cards, and other payment options which are available in our Wazirx Clone Script.

wazirx clone script

Crypto Wallet Development

Wazirx clone approaches the transaction with the help of Escrow wallets, which prevents the users from fraudulent transactions and unwanted attempts.

wazirx clone script

IEO Launchpad

Our Premium Wazirx Clone Script implements the IEO launchpad by trading crypto tokens and raising capital.

wazirx clone script

Conflict Resolution

Efficacious tenacity of tokens/conflicts between buyers, sellers, and escrows, is ensured by the stakeholder of the platform.

Security Features Incorporated In Our Wazirx Clone Script

  • Two-factor authentication
  • HTTPS Authentication
  • Email Verification
  • Jail Login
  • Escrow-based Wallet
  • Anti-Phishing Code Implementation
  • SMS Verification

Additional Features Included In Our Wazirx Clone Script

wazirx clone script

Centralized Dashboards

The inclusion of a stunning eye-catching platform with an all-in-one feature set outfitting the business owners.

wazirx clone script

Hot Wallet

We Zodeak provide highly reliable offline wallets, Admin can secure the cryptocurrencies and fiat during transactions.

wazirx clone script

Numerous Payment Options

With the abundance of payment options available exceeding, users are capable of gratification in transactions substantially for any purpose.

wazirx clone script


Wazirx clone approaches the transaction with the help of Escrow wallets, which prevents the users from fraudulent transactions and unwanted attempts.

wazirx clone script

Multi-Lingual Support

Recognizing the Extensive of Cryptocurrencies, we provide our internationalized customers with supporting all the major languages of the world.

wazirx clone script

Independent P2P Trading

Users can independently buy and sell cryptos without intrusion by third parties. This will provide a complete sense of freedom in exchange.

One Step Solutions
To Start A Cryptocurrency Exchange Like Wazirx

To start a Peer-to-Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange like Wazirx is not a daunting process especially when it comes to Wazirx Clone. We have assorted every single feature and functionality of a superior P2P Crypto Exchange Platform with our innovative security mechanisms.

We Zodeak Technology provides a top-notch Wazirx Clone Script Software which integrated all the functionalities and intensified the security level and makes the Exchange platform first-rated. Wazirx Clone Script provided by Zodeak Technology is a fully-featured Exchange Script that incorporates seamless solutions and makes crypto trading fast, secure, and scalable.

If anyone is getting interested in starting a Peer-to-Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform like Wazirx, We are feasible the most trustworthy choice to launch your Wazirx clone script instantly.

FAQ - Wazirx Clone App

Wazirx clones script is ready-made source code to launch a cryptocurrency exchange like Wazirx with inbuilt features and functionalities.

Wazirx is an India-based crypto exchange platform that facilitates instant trading on their Mobile app to the traders, and has a huge set of users on their crypto exchange.It has a large trading volume.

  • Centralized Dashboards
  • Hot Wallet
  • Numerous Payment Options
  • Independent P2P trading

The time taken to develop wazirx clones varies depending upon the business scope , feature requirements of the exchange.

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