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Zodeak - As a Top-notch Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company, we assured our expensive clients to build secure, Quicker, trended, and futuristic cryptocurrency exchanges through our reliable cryptocurrency exchange development services. We have enlarged our services to 120+ countries around the globe. Zodeak experts go with deep research and analyze your business requirements and also can assure you to offer 100% bug-free solutions.

Why Do You Develop Cryptocurrency Exchange?

The cryptocurrency trading business has recently become a popular model. A wide range of company platforms are investing in the crypto area in order to generate earnings and revenue in a short amount of time. The bitcoin exchange industry is altering the digital realm, providing the way for business platforms to experience more originality. To be more specific, two things have contributed to the rise of cryptocurrency exchange: blockchain technology and smart contracts. These are ideal for propelling a digital firm to new heights. As a result, hiring the best cryptocurrency exchange development services from a top-tier crypto firm will help your company reach new heights.

Zodeak Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Centralized crypto exchange development

Build an instant transaction environment where users can trade their digital currencies as an exchange instantly.These kinds of exchanges serve as a third person between the buyer and the seller. These crypto exchanges are deemed reliable since they are controlled by organisations. To prevent any security issues from being resolved for all transactions on this exchange.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

P2P Exchange Development

Maximum security, Decentralisation, No transaction censorship, Trading without geographical limitations, and other features are available on our P2P exchange. Precision matching machines, a smart contract-based escrow facility, a nuclear exchange, and other cutting-edge features are available.It is a complete P2P Crypto exchange to swap funds quickly and without the use of a third party.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

OTC Trading Platform Development

The direct exchange of assets between two parties without any intermediaries is the primary cause for the opacity provided by OTC markets. The volume of these OTC crypto exchanges is three times that of exchange marketplaces. Do you want to boost your overall revenue? Integrating our OTC trading platform with your bitcoin exchange is the best option.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Security Token Exchange Development

You can entirely alter your fundraising process with our enterprise-grade Security Token Exchange. We offer a future fundraising solution that includes features such as seamless API interaction with external transactions, acceptance of several payment methods, spot KYC, and AML verification. We build SEC-compliant Security Token Exchanges and assist you in optimising your operations.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Hybrid Crypto Exchange Development

Most of the crypto traders can take advantage of constant liquidity, quick transactions, high-end privacy, on a hybrid crypto exchange. With our blockchain experts making secure Hybrid Exchange solutions, you can offer your users complete trading experience that includes Smart Contracts and different payment gateways.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Multicurrency wallet development

Create multiple cryptocurrency wallet options that support multiple cryptocurrencies to improve borderless cryptocurrency exchange platforms.We connect crypto wallets with your cryptocurrency exchange to make transactions as simple and secure as feasible while maintaining overall performance.Through a private key issued to them, authorised individuals can seamlessly view all transaction records contained on the blockchain.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Crypto Exchange Development Like Binance

Invest in the establishment of a Binance-like exchange to rule the burgeoning crypto market. Two separate trading levels for amateurs and experts and KYC/AML verification method. An integrated referral network that provides a variety of gifts and bonuses, and a selection of trading pairs for diversifying your investment portfolio are just a few of the features available. We make all transaction fee costs low, integrate as many cryptocurrencies as possible, and use the most up-to-date security methods to secure your data and assets.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Cryptocurrency Development Service

We create cryptocurrencies that are extremely stable, safe, and unique, permitting all businesses to participate in a variety of crypto projects while increasing their total ROI. Our Cryptocurrency Development Services include cryptocurrency creation, real-time deployment, and marketing campaign support across a variety of platforms.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Decentralized Exchange Development

P2P transactions on the Decentralized Crypto Exchange are without the use of a third party or middleman. The peer-to-peer nature of the transactions assures consumers' safety and avoids market manipulation. Automated KYC processes are available on decentralized crypto exchanges. Users are not required to fill out the KYC form, which provides anonymity.

Trending Features of Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Manage your funds

Allow people to digitally manage their cryptocurrency funds via an intuitive visual interface.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Build customized features

Develop a bespoke cryptocurrency trading platform with increased security to establish your USP.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Integrate APIs

According to the needs, our well-designed API connects any Source Exchange or Liquidity Provider. It is the most common method of collaborating with the external exchange. It provides implicit support for the development of the exchange platform.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Immutable Admin Panel

Allow your administration to keep informed and adjust or customized your features to meet the needs of the crypto industry.

Security Features of Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

HTTPS Authentication

HTTPS Authentication makes all transactions and tokens more secured.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

CSRF Protection

Cross site request forgery protection is the user's perspective, protection against state-changing requests and other undesirable behaviours.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Encrypted Data

All Credentials and exchange platform information such as user details are protected by encrypting data transmission.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Anti- Distributed Denial of Service (DDos)

Defending the exchange from a deluge of traffic from many sources.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Server-side Request Forgery (SSRF) Protection

Internal systems are protected from an attack originating from a weak web application.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Escrow System

A trusted third party or smart contract is used to trade the coin between buyers and sellers.

Why DO You Choose Zodeak For Cryptocurrency Exchange Development?

Cryptocurrency exchange development is the best way to start a perfect and growing business in the digital world. We have some of the most passionate developers at Zodeak, who are pioneers in cryptocurrency and blockchain development. They offer unrivaled expertise in the industry, having assisted several clients throughout the world in achieving their corporate objectives. Our white label exchange software solutions provide consumers with a seamless business experience by ensuring dependability, stability, and scalability. For the exchange, our team of blockchain professionals incorporates the most up-to-date fore-front blockchain technology, as well as fundamental features and functionalities.

FAQ - Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development is a ready-to-launch Cryptocurrency Trading platform inbuilt with advanced features that allow you to launch a profitable cryptocurrency exchange immediately

Types of cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Centralized exchanges.
  • Decentralized exchanges.
  • Hybrid cryptocurrency exchanges.

Zodeak offers to develop and deliver a highly-secure crypto exchange website integrated with robust features such as- SSL certification, encrypted user access, 2FA, automatic limits on fund withdrawal, and other security features. Create your own exchange with zodeak today.

Zodeak Technology offers highly secure cryptocurrency exchange script solution fortified with market-leading features and self-explanatory interface to ensure a secure and world-class trading experience for users.

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