Foundation clone script is a readymade script that helps to launch an NFT marketplace like Foundation. Foundation clone helps to mint, sell, and trade nft tokens on the secured blockchain. The Foundation clone is customizable according to the client’s requirements.

Foundation NFT Marketplace

Foundation is an NFT platform where users can mint, sell, and trade digital collectibles through live auctions. Foundation aims to bridge the gap between the artist and passionate artwork collectors by establishing a blockchain platform to tokenize digital collectibles. Foundation is built on the Ethereum blockchain to digitalize the artist’s masterpiece. 

Key Features of Foundation Clone Script


Creators can tokenize their masterpieces and display their artwork in digital form on their profile page on the nft platform. Artists can have a short bio on their profile page.


The artworks feature helps to showcase their artworks for auction with bidding price and time. This feature helps the artist to showcase their unique talents on the digital platform with authorization over their talents and earnings. 

Social Profiles

Users can link their social profiles and share their list of artworks minted on the platform, even share their earnings for charitable and decentralization. 

Elite Features for Creators and Collectors in Foundation Clone Script

Creators: Mint and NFT sale

The Creator’s feature benefits the original artist to showcase their artworks as digital assets and sell them without relying on third-party vanity.

  • The Artwork is ensured, and authenticated to the creator.
  • It helps to acquire authorization like copyrights and brands for the original work.
  • It supports replicating, sharing, displaying, and making secondary work of a piece. 

Collectors: Collecting NFT

The collectors feature help their popular artworks and artists by collecting their NFTs on the Marketplace. It also provides a digital platform to collect their inspiring artworks.

  • Artwork is collected as a digital asset
  • It helps to publicize and distribute them
  • NFT collectors can sell them on the marketplace.

Types of Artworks in Foundation Clone Script

NFTs have become popular with digital collectibles for various industries like: 

  • Housing and real estate
  •  Energy industry
  •  Healthcare
  •  Fashion
  •  Insurance
  •  Sports, and much more!

How does the Foundation clone operate?

Creator Side :

  • The Creator has to register and log in to the platform.
  • Creator must have web3 wallet like metamask 
  • The creator should have ETH in their wallet for minting NFT
  • The creator can mint any form of artwork like the photo as JPEG, PNG, and Video as IPFS format for minting them. 
  • The creator can set the price for their NFT live auction and an initial bid countdown starts at 24hrs. 
  • If new proposals arrive 15mins before the end of the countdown then it is extended for 15mins. 

Collector Side:

  • The Collector should register and login into the platform
  • The collector must have ETH on their wallet like metamask
  • The collector can take nft on the available live auction on the platform even at the last 15mins of the 24hr countdown. 
  • Once the collector wins the auction, then NFT is transferred to the collector’s wallet.

Monetization from Foundation Clone Script

The entrepreneurs are eager in starting an NFT marketplace like Foundation provides sufficient revenue like

  • Listing fee from creators for listing their artworks and listing fee is set by the admin
  • The transactional fee is collected for tradings fee from Creator and Collectors on the platform
  • Admin sets the leaderboard ads fee for each ad displayed on the platform

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Planning to kick start your NFT marketplace like Foundation?

Disclaimer: We Are Using The Term ” Foundation ” For The Purpose Of Easy Understanding & Identification. We Are Not Related To ” Foundation ” , Inc. & Not Doing Any Promotion Activities For Them.