Sorare Clone Script

Sorare Clone Script is a Blockchain-based Decentralized NFT Marketplace inherited with Football-based entitles as collectibles. Sorare Clone Script is made available as a Multinational football fantasy game. The Sorare Clone Software expands a hand to the ready audiences of the Football world. 

Let’s see a glimpse of Sorare.

Sorare – Overview

Sorare is an Ethereum-based football-themed NFT Platform. Sorare users utilize the ERC721 token standard to buy, sell, and trade player cards illustrated as NFTs. Sorare is a fantasy football or soccer game in which players may purchase, sell, trade, and organize a virtual team made up of NFTs representing player cards. 

The lowest Sorare player card sells for 0.005 ETH, while the most beneficial player cards convey thousands of dollars. There are 135 football clubs and teams available for buy as Crypto-collectibles globally. 

The internet platform also enables the exchange of sports cards with other crypto enthusiasts.

Sorare Clone – Launch an NFT Marketplace for Trading Digitalized Football Cards!

Football is a sport with an enormous fanbase. Football players are celebrated across the world with maximum love from their fans. But the query of what the fans get in retrieval has been made silent for a long time. Now, we have a solution for it. Die-hard football fans can leverage their sports ability to gain using NFTs. 

Football Fantasy Game with Crypto Collectible cards of participants. The users get to buy sports cards of players and use those trading cards to make a team for themself in respect to the leagues accepting a place in real-time.  

Better players they prefer, the higher their opportunity of succeeding. By beating a bet, the user can be rewarded with cryptocurrencies, most assumably Ethereum (ETH). They can use this winsome amount to buy more suitable players and improve their possibility of riveting bets. They can also sell these trading cards on NFT marketplace like OpenSea. Doesn’t it sound so electrifying?

Key Features included in Sorare Clone Script

Crypto Wallet

When you create an NFT marketplace, it is crucial to have a crypto wallet to facilitate seamless transactions in the app. We brought our Sorare clone provided to incorporate robust wallets such as Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, and much more., You just have to select one according to your comfort. 

Digital Collectibles

Digital cards represent real-life football players minted as NFTs. These virtual assets are the key to the value addition of your fantasy football game as every trading card is impressive. It can be used as a collectible in addition to utilizing in football leagues.  


An NFT marketplace used to buy and sell their digital cards of players for the users. Sports fans can enlist their crypto assets for auction or instant sale. In a decentralized sale, the highest bidder gets to purchase the player card.

Fantasy Football Game

An inquisitive gaming interface for users to build a team with the trading cards they own and partake in leagues, tournaments, series, etc.,

Sorare Clone Cards- A New Crypto Collectible esteem By The Football Fans

Sorare Clone Cards is a digital collectible that illustrates football players. The users can utilize these trading cards to partake in tournaments and win rewards. Once bought, these NFTs can be owned eternally until or unless the user sells them in a marketplace like OpenSea or Rarible. 

Every Football player has a card. The value of the card relies on the implementation of the star in the real world. For Example, the trading cards of football players like Ronaldo, Messi, and Neymar can have a more increased value when reached to the cards of other partakers. 

In addition to the records of the player, we have also contained some other aspects that can increase the value of the cards. The valuable cards are classified into three. Meager, Super Sparse, and Sparse.


Black color only one card that is minted for a player.

Super Sparse

In yellow color, ten cards are minted per player.


In Red color, a hundred cards are minted per player.

The Meager cards are without a distrust positively valued as there is only one card in the Sorare clone script platform. Observed by Super Sparse and Sparse cards. There are white cards that are shown to every new user. Yet, these trading cards do not have any value as every single user acquires to own them. 

How Can User Reach Their Hands On Sorare Clone Cards?

On registering with the Sorare clone script platform, every new user has rewarded ten white cards of players. These special cards can be used by the newcomers to enlist themselves in newbie games. Once they start earning by winning these games, they can afford to purchase the other cards from the Transfer Market. They can also acquire their hands on other trading cards through Airdrops. The other prevalent way to own the cards is by purchasing the cards they like to buy from other players who have enrolled them on third-party marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, etc. 

How does the Sorare Clone Work?

Join a League

On thriving enlistment with the Sorare Platform, users can join any different league in trends. Originally, the player will be capable to take part in a newbie league, which permits the participants to make a free team including 12 members.

Setup Lineup

The Player will be allowed to create his most profitable lineup with his accessibility. The lineups receive primary recognition based on the live game taking place on that certain day. The best feasible lineup will get rewards on returns.

Points Tally

At the end of the match, the team with the highest points based on the in-game live execution will be rewarded with retrievals and benefits. The rewards will be moreover available in ETH or the most periodic form of in-game collectibles.

Sorare Token

Sorare Token presently is one of the best executing tokens in trends with statistics describing its long run,

-> 30 Day Trading volume: 10.25M USD

-> Total NFTs involved: 17,268

-> Max Total supply: 330,291 SOR

Most Valuable Sorare Collectibles

The Unique Cristiano Ronaldo card was the highest purchased card to date with a big price of 289920 USD. The card was profitably bought by FC Camembert. The purchased asset was created during the 2020-21 season last year.

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Sorare Clone Script vs NBA Top Shot Clone 

Though both of them are the most suitable sports-centric NFT platforms the Sorare Clone Script defeats the NBA Topshot in its capability to stay in line with the live game submission. The players will be able to get rewards based on their predictions of the live match ongoing in the trend. The rewards are designed and available in either ETH or as a rare game collectible.

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