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LocalBitcoins Clone Script

Zodeak’s LocalBitcoins Clone script is the top-notch Peer-to-peer Cryptocurrency Exchange Script which contains the fastest trade match engine, 100X leverage, and simulated trading with display ads along with OTC trading. With the help of P2P Escrow Services incorporated in our customizable LocalBitcoins clone script that permits users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly.

Our Proficient LocalBitcoin Clone Script accommodates all crucial and requisite features of LocalBitcoins that works on the Peer-to-Peer based crypto platform which upholds the trading more transparent and efficient. Zodeak provides fully-fledged reliable LocalBitcoin Clone software specializing in the functionalities and peculiarities like LocalBitcoins. Our team of Blockchain Experts ensures that every client who obtains our product enhances a prosperous entrepreneur in the expected future.

White Label LocalBitcoins Clone Script Features


Ad-based Trading

This Ad-based Trading denotes creating an advertisement to buy or sell cryptocurrencies both online and offline. If the ads of buyer and seller match the corresponding needs of the buyer with that of the sellers, then the users can initiate the trades.


Location-Based Trade

Users or traders can connect with the localized providers in the various countries based on their IP. These unique features of our LocalBitcoin Clone Script attracted all the traders of our web platform. Hence, it has eminent trading volume along with liquidity.


Two-Factor Authentication

For an additional level of security, we implement advanced security features including two-factor authentication that render the ensured platform for the buyer/seller and acts as a protective wall from violations.


KYC Implementation

Each user needs to validate the KYC Identification. In our solution, users can execute KYC manually or we can automate it with third-party APIs and ensure admin and users are in a risk-free zone at trading here in your platform.


User-Friendly Platform

Our facilitated Platform will be easier to handle even if the newbie of the crypto buyer or seller operates it. And this application assists the users to access their needs in just a few clicks. The Stunning Design of our platform attracts every user of the platform and gets addicted to your compact trading interface.


Wallet Integration

We Zodeak integrate with our premier Localbitcoins script with a highly secure wallet. The Cryptocurrency is stored in the wallet if the user initiates the trade. When the transaction executes between the buyer and the seller, these highly protected cryptocurrencies are hand over to the buyer of the transaction.

Premium Features incorporated in our Local Bitcoins Clone Script


Multi Coin Support

Our reliable LocalBitcoin Clone Software solutions render users to buy or sell any cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. We also provide other cryptocurrencies according to the client’s business demand.


Multi Payment modes

Our Reliable Localbitcoin Clone Script supports various payment methods and contributes to ease of use for beginner to expert level audiences seeking to create their own crypto portfolio. We also provide an ample amount of payment gateways based on our client’s requirements.


Customizable software

If you want a highly secured P2P LocalBitcoins clone script with some unique features and functionalities that are similar to LocalBitcoins, Our script solutions are ready to get customized and modified accordingly based on your business demands.


User attract UI

User Interface is the power to grab a vast amount of participants and create their way through the platform. Zodeak's LocalBitcoins Clone script renders the stunning User attractive UI which has a tonne of benefits.


Search & Filter Option

The additional benefit integrated into our Localbitcoins clone is the robust search and filter option. This option assists the user to save time to find orders and corresponding matches based on their budget and requirements instantly.


Escrow Security

Escrow is an additional protocol that plays an important role in the transaction. This Escrow service acts as the midway mediator between the two parties. With the help of Escrow accounts, buyers and sellers protect from fraudulent and provide a safe marketplace experience.

LocalBitcoins Clone App Development

Zodeak’s offers end-to-end solutions of LocalBitcoins Clone App which operates on both Android and iOS. Our readily-made LocalBitcoins Clone App solutions are completely robust and scalable along with inbuilt features. Some of the unique peculiarities that we provide in our LocalBitcoins clone app development include,

Top-Notch Features of Our LocalBitcoins Clone app
  • Binance Clone Integrate Multi-currency Escrow Wallet
  • Binance Clone Push Up Notification
  • Binance Clone High Volume Liquidity
  • Binance Clone Instant Updates
  • Binance Clone Multi-Lingual Support
Binance Clone

How to Start a Cryptocurrency Exchange like LocalBitcoins?

With the drastic connection, people get interested and involved in the P2P Escrow-based Crypto Exchange, if it is not handled correctly, the privacy of the users is getting complicated into risk. In consideration of this point, Zodeak - the leading Crypto Exchange Clone Script offers LocalBitcoins Clone Script in readily available solutions and development with scratch. Based on our client’s requirements, we provide both solutions in a hassle-free manner. Our LocalBitcoins Clone Solutions installs all the expected features and security plugins to easily start crypto exchanges like LocalBitcoins.

Localbitcoins Clone Development Process

Binance Clone

Security Features Incorporated in our LocalBitcoins Clone Script


Email Verifications


Secure Signup/Sign-in


HTTPS Authentication


Escrow Shield


Data encryption


Seed phrased access

What makes Zodeak’s LocalBitcoins Clone Script more Unique?

We Zodeak is the leading Crypto Exchange clone script provider having dedicated Blockchain developers with extensive knowledge of developing and deploying a prosperous Crypto exchange like LocalBitcoins. Our Customizable LocalBitcoins Clone solutions serve our clients and provide the opportunity to produce a huge amount of revenue in their wallets.

Error-Free solutions
High-end Technologies
Ease-to-use capabilities
Magnificent UI/UX Design
Time Deployment

Kick-start your own P2P Crypto Exchange platform with our White Label Localbitcoins Clone Script

FAQ - LocalBitcoins Clone Script

LocalBitcoins Clone Script is the completely ready-made Crypto Exchange clone script solution that is developed, tested, and having features and functionalities like LocalBitcoins, and it is completed within 1 week.
We Zodeak assist you to build tailor-made web and mobile applications based on your business requirements. We integrate security features, plugins, add-ons, and more., Also, You can get customized code to include your unique business in your web application.
Based on your requirements, the cost must differ whether you need to add high-secured features that you want to include in our LocalBitcoins clone script.
Zodeak supports various options to perform the trading process with both Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.
Our Reliable LocalBitcoins clone script has extra features and functionalities which are crafted like LocalBitcoins in various devices such as, desktop, tablet, and mobile in both Android & iOS.

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