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What is Opensea Clone script?

OpenSea Clone Script is a ready-to-launch software that aids to build NFT Marketplace like OpenSea. It supports everything right from workflow, theme, appearance, and features similar to the original version. This OpenSea Clone Software allows customization that helps startups like you to create NFT Marketplace like Opensea or even better. Also, It allows users to interact directly with others in P2P to buy/sell single or a bundle of Non-fungible tokens.

According to startups, OpenSea Clone Script is the best alternative strategy for launching an effective NFT marketplace in the crypto-market. Additionally, constructing the platform for Non-fungible tokens on Ethereum or any other blockchain is wisely done with the software. Kickstart building the future of the virtual assets marketplace with the OpenSea Clone solution today!

What Is New In Zodeak's OpenSea Clone Script?

Zodeak is one of the leading OpenSea Clone development companies who excels in blockchain technology. Zodeak uses high-end features and advanced technologies to attract crypto users to the platform. Zodeak gives feature-rich NFT marketplace clone software with highly responsive and attractive UI/UX. In this way, Zodeak’s ready-made OpenSea clone is unique in the Market. So that it is the best and right script for users to launch their own NFT marketplace like OpenSea in a short period of time.

Add-On Features To Relay On Our OpenSea Clone

Lazy Mint

Our Lazy mint allows you to mint NFT during the purchase. At the time of purchase, the buyer has to pay gas fees. Whereas there is no need to pay any fees by the seller.

Multi-Wallet Support

Generally, the investors perform trading, selling, and buying of cryptos. In order to preserve those cryptos, there is a need for multi-wallet support. This supports users to link several crypto wallets to their accounts.

Timed Auction

Process of auction running between start and end time with least price value. This enables the users to obtain the highest possible price value.

Private Collection

In our OpenSea clone, this feature supports the users to create and maintain their collections. It also facilitates the users to enhance the value of digital assets.

Fundamental Ethereum Token Standards For OpenSea Clone

ERC 1967

ERC 1967 is a set of standard slots to hold proxy information. This facilitates the block explorers to extract and depict this information to end users. This ERC 1967 storage slot is used to avoid clashes among storage variables behind the proxy. ERC 1967 defines the internal function to get & set the storage slots. Helps in attaining upgradable smart contracts.

ERC721 Token

Generally, this standard offers basic functionalities to track & transfer NFTs. This standard facilitates the execution of standard API for NFTs within smart contracts. The NFT is processed and transacted by individuals to a third party. NFTs are different and one can track the ownership of every NFT individually.

ERC 1155

ERC1155 standard interface helps to manage numerous token types with a single contract. Rather than creating separate contracts for every asset, the ERC 1155 contract develops new assets with various combinations of fungible, non-fungible tokens, or other configurations. This helps to reduce gas fees on smart contracts.

ERC 2981

ERC 2981 standard facilitates contracts like NFTs to support ERC-1155 and ERC-721 interfaces to signal a royalty amount that needs to be paid to NFT creators whenever NFT is sold. This is intended for the NFT marketplace to facilitate universal support for royalty payments across all NFT marketplaces and ecosystem participants.

Exclusive Features Of Our OpenSea Clone Script

NFT Storefront

The storefront is the key feature of the OpenSea-like NFT marketplace. Storefront means a collection page that displays all the NFT items which were developed under the specific collection.

Efficient Collectible Listing

Our OpenSea Clone is equipped with various choices of listing where it shows off the entire details of the NFT so that the traders get all the information they require.NFT users can list their NFTs under various categories like Art, Music, Collectibles, Galleries, and Trading cards.

Buy & Bid Option

Our OpenSea clone script is a ready-made smart contract audited NFT marketplace script. To enhance the trades, buying, selling, and bidding of digital collectibles will happen effectively where the NFT items are from the listing page and from the storefront.


Our script includes IPFS, which stores & shares data in a distributed file system. It uses content addressing to find all file separately in a global namespace connecting computing devices.

NFT Royalties

Our OpenSea like the NFT marketplace allows original artists or content creators to gain royalties through successive sales. During minting the royalty rate is manually selected by the content creator.

Multi-currency Support

Our OpenSea-like NFT marketplace is developed with built-in exchange hubs to help a wide range of Fiat and Cryptocurrencies providing Hassel-free trading of digital assets for clients.

NFT Direct Transfer

Our script includes the NFT direct transfer option. Which provides you to choose the NFTs from the wallet you prefer to transfer. Then have to enter the recipient's public wallet address to where you need to transfer.

NFT Burn

Our script enables a unique feature called NFT burn. This feature supports the elimination of tokens permanently from circulation. This feature is mainly utilized to eliminate problematic or unsold inventory from an NFT drop.

Proxy Contract

Our script is reinforced with well-structured and secure smart contracts to control NFT transaction-based data, the proxy contract is utilized to make alterations in the future.

Multi-Chain Interoperability

Current NFT marketplaces are brought up with Multi-chain interoperability where myriad crypto users are enticed to the platform and the NFT trading numbers will be enhanced.

Open Bid

An auction is a type of sale, where your NFT is open to bid. Globally anyone can make a bid on your NFT which is put for sale. It is in your interest to decline or accept the bid you receive.

API Integration

Multiple APIs are incorporated with the Opensea Clone that satisfies your business expansion. Various APIs can be integrated in accordance with your business necessities.


This Opensea-like Marketplace is invented with the feature of showing stats that indicate the statistics of every NFT's enactment separately since the time the NFT is minted on the blockchain.


Our highly effective OpenSea Clone is created with the cutting-edge filter option that enables the users to find out the proper NFT, users, and items of their choice by just spending more deficient time.

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How To Build An NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea?

OpenSea Development Process
OpenSea Development Process
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How Does OpenSea Clone Script Work?

Step 1

Traders register sufficient data in the appropriate field to create individual user accounts.

By connecting your Metamask wallet with the platform, the seller and buyer can start trading.

Step 2
Step 3

Primarily seller has to pay minting fees to mint their digital asset into NFTs.

Now, the seller could list their minted NFTs on your OpenSea like NFT marketplace and have to fix the buy mode: Fixed price or Open For Bid.

Step 4
Step 5

Once the buyer purchases the NFT, the fixed amount or bid amount is transferred to the respective seller after deducting buyer and seller commission fees.

Revenue Streams Of Our OpenSea Clone Script

Seller Fee

Simplest revenue generation strategy. Whenever the digital assets are sold on the OpenSea clone solution, charging a specific amount as the service fees. The Platform owners acquire a partial ratio of the NFTs cost for selling it on the NFT marketplace once a user has traded it.

Buyer Fee

Buyers are charged some ratio of fee or commission for all the NFTs transactions taking place in the marketplace and its gained by the platform owners. Registration fees for the account initialization and the approval fees for the authorized transactions are the added revenue generation channels.

Protocol Fee

The protocol fee is a fee that is set in a smart contract. It is collected by the admin for all transactions that take place between buyers and sellers within the platform. Charging fees for protocol usage by both of them makes you a high revenue gainer in the crypto market. Let's grow your revenue highly.

Tech Stacks of Zodeak’s OpenSea Clone

Build your NFT marketplace like OpenSea on any of the following blockchain networks to guarantee the best user experience. We have diverse knowledge over Blockchain Networks, Storage Platform, Front-End Frame Work, and Token Standards.

Blockchain Platform













Front-End Framework


React JS with typescript



React Material UI

React Material UI

Storage Platform





AWS S3 upload

AWS S3 upload

Back-End Framework


Node with typescript







Token Standards

Benefits Of Our OpenSea Clone Script

High ROI

Launching your own OpenSea like NFT Marketplace will render your earnings in millions as the future will be more dependent on virtual world platforms. So it results in a high return on investment.

Smart Contract Audit

Our customizable OpenSea-like platform is completely smart contract audited. It is the process done to examine the security of a smart contract. The ultimate goal of an audit is to predict vulnerabilities existing in the code and suggest appropriate solutions.

Effective Data History

This platform showcases the Effective data to the admin of the platform and his dashboard. This shows the entire details of the transactions and trading history that happened in the marketplace.

High Security

Our OpenSea clone script uses OpenZeppelin security standards, especially for blockchain-based applications. This standard makes our script more strong by facilitating secure digital assets, funds, and tokens transfer in real-time.

Instant Ownership

OpenSea Clone platform is developed with the chance of instant ownership once the NFT is transmitted to the buyer's wallet after transferring the amount by signing the contract.

Wide Range Of NFT Collection

NFT marketplace with a broad range of NFT collections is where most of the active users are kept so obtaining a type of NFT domain will receive your top standard in the market.

Create A Largest NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea With Zodeak’s OpenSea Clone Script

FAQ - OpenSea Clone Script

OpenSea clone script is a type of ready-made script that helps to build your P2P NFT Marketplace for digital items and Crypto-collectibles like OpenSea.

Zodeak provides you with a ready-made OpenSea clone script for your crypto business within 7 business days. Our professionals are committed to the target days without compromising the quality of the solution.

Now Ethereum Blockchain is merged with Proof Of Stake which reduces gas fees. So Ethereum is chosen as the best blockchain platform to build an NFT marketplace like Opensea, and many entrepreneurs are likely to do projects with Ethereum Blockchain.

Zodeak's Opensea Clone Script arrives with enriched features like Store-Front, IPFS, Multi-Chain Interoperability, Multiple Wallets, Effective Listing, Auction, API Integration, NFT Burn, Stats, and Filter.

OpenSea is the ultimate player in the present NFT Market and it retains a record of $3.4 Billion Transactions across 1.67 million NFTs. The traction and NFTs count are increasing rapidly year by year. This indicates that the majority of NFT prospects are preferring OpenSea-Like platform for trading their digital collectibles. This is the main reason for developing an NFT Marketplace similar to Opensea.

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