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What is Opensea Clone script?

OpenSea Clone Script is a software that supports running a decentralized NFT marketplace for minting, buying, and selling non-fungible assets and includes features of Opensea. The customization option gives space to add trendy features, make changes to the overall look, set up fees, and web3 wallet support.

By using Zodeak’s secure OpenSea clone, startups can create their NFT marketplace like Opensea with a limited budget and launch with little customization according to their specific needs and branding. Once these changes are complete, you can seamlessly deploy the solution on the blockchain of your choice.

As the NFT marketplace like Opensea clone attracts a large number of users, it has great potential for startup founders to achieve rapid success. If you're looking to take advantage of this growing trend, consider using our OpenSea clone, with its effective features, and enter the lucrative market to reap the benefits potentially.

Opensea Clone App Development

Our Opensea Clone App is an exact replica of the Opensea Marketplace. Our Opensea like app development has identical functions and amazing features specifically for traders who prefer mobile apps. Users can keep track of all their NFT collections and identify new items from the online marketplace with our Opensea app. It is also compatible with both Opensea Andriod and Opensea iOS apps. Currently, a lot of traders choose to buy and sell digital assets on mobile-friendly NFT marketplaces. Develop a feature-rich NFT marketplace app similar to Opensea by employing our best Opensea clone script development service.

Features Included in Our OpenSea Clone Script

NFT Storefront

The NFT storefront is the central feature of our OpenSea clone software, which serves as a collection page or homepage displaying NFT items created within specific collections.

Collectible Listing

Our script offers various listing options that provide details about NFTs that have all the info buyers need. Creator can categorize their NFTs under various sections as in Opensea.

Buy & Bid Option

Our OpenSea clone script supports seamless direct selling and bidding options for buying NFT collectibles. These options are enabled on both the listing page and the storefront.

NFT Royalties

NFT royalties features empower artists and content creators to earn royalties from subsequent sales. Content creators manually set the royalty rate during the minting process of NFT.

Multi-currency Support

Our Opensea clone is equipped with built-in exchange capabilities to support a wide range of Fiat and Cryptocurrencies, making NFT asset trading hassle-free for your users.

NFT Direct Transfer

NFT direct transfer feature enables your users to select NFTs from their preferred wallets and enter the recipient's public wallet address for seamless transfers on the platform.

NFT Burn

The NFT burn feature allows for the permanent removal of tokens from circulation. This feature is primarily used to eliminate problematic or unsold inventory from an NFT drop.

Proxy Contract

Our script employs well-structured smart contracts to manage NFT transaction data. The proxy contract in the Opensea script is used to make smart contracts upgradeable in the future.

Multi-Chain Interoperability

Our Opensea clone script is capable of multi-chain interoperability, attracting a diverse range of users from various platforms and increasing NFT-related activities on your platform.


An auction system enables NFTs to be openly bid upon. Anyone worldwide can place bids on NFTs listed for sale, and it's up to the seller to accept or decline the offers received.

API Integration

Our Opensea Clone is capable of incorporating several APIs, providing your marketplace business with the benefits of integration in accordance with your business preferences.

Crypto Wallet

Our Script supports multiple web3-based wallets to accommodate users, allowing them to select their desired wallet when they enter the homepage to seamlessly purchase NFTs.


Our script is equipped with a statistics feature, which presents detailed performance data and stats for each NFT from the moment it is minted on the blockchain and deployed.


Our highly effective OpenSea Clone includes advanced filtering options, allowing users to quickly find the NFTs from various categories like art, gaming, PFPS, photography, etc.

White Label Opensea Clone

White Label Opensea Clone is a full and fully customizable NFT marketplace clone used to develop an NFT marketplace for the creation, purchasing, and listing of NFTs. To start your own P2P-based NFT marketplace with unbeatable performance, then going for a White Label Opensea NFT Marketplace clone is an ideal solution. Our White label Opensea script in Ethereum blockchain allows users to make purchases, sell, and exchange NFTs. We have implemented the option to trade artworks, music, games, photos, videos, metaverse lands, and more in the safest possible way. Highly configured smart contracts are encased in a safe execution manner by our Ethereum Opensea script.

Add-on Features to Improve Your User Engagement

Lazy Minting Option

This feature allows NFT creators to mint their digital assets only when sold, reducing upfront costs and saving on blockchain transaction fees.

Multi-Wallet Compatibility

It supports multiple cryptocurrency wallets, enabling users to connect different wallets for buying, selling, and managing NFTs while they sign up.

Timed Auctions

Timed auctions facilitate the bidding within a defined time frame, and the NFT is awarded to the highest bidder, ensuring optimal value for the seller.

Private Collections

NFT holders can create private collections to manage, organize, and showcase their digital assets to a select audience or for personal use.

Day/Night Mode

We offer Day/Night mode, providing users with the choice to switch between light and dark interfaces for a more comfortable browsing experience.

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Various Web3 Wallets Supported By Our OpenSea Clone Script

  • MetaMask
  • Wallet Connect
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Rainbow
  • Phantom
  • Rabby Wallet
  • Ledger Live
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How Does OpenSea Clone Function After Deployed?

Step 1: User Registration

At first, both NFT creators and users need to provide the required information to sign up to create their individual accounts on the NFT marketplace.

Users are required to connect their web3 wallets like Metamask or others of their choice to interact with the platform and to buy and sell NFTs securely.

Step 2: Wallet Integration
Step 3: Minting NFTs

Creators who wish to list their digital works or items on the marketplace must convert them to NFT associated with price, other attributes, and mining fees.

After minting NFTs, they must be listed for sale to the public with two options, NFT is sold at a fixed price, and in open bid mode, an auction is conducted.

Step 4: Listing NFT's
Step 5: NFT Sale

When a buyer decides to either pay the fixed price or place a bid if the open bid mode is selected. After the purchase, the NFT ownership is transferred to the buyer.

Commission fee is collected and deducted from total transaction amount between buyers and sellers. Also, different fees are charged according to your services.

Step 6: Commission Fees

Implementing OpenSea Revenue Model in Software

Listing Fees

OpenSea charges a fee when users list an NFT for sale on the platform. This fee varies depending on the type of NFT and the duration of the listing. The cost can range from a few cents to several dollars, depending on the value of the NFT.

Transaction Fees

Transaction fees are charged to buyers when they purchase an NFT on the platform and are calculated as a percentage of the sale price. The fees go to OpenSea as a commission. Transaction fees are the main source of revenue and their growth.

Protocol Fees

The platform's admins collect a protocol fee for all transactions conducted between buyers and sellers. This fee is established within a smart contract. OpenSea generates substantial revenue by imposing protocol usage fees on both parties.

Seller Fees

A straightforward revenue-generation approach involves imposing a specific service fee whenever digital assets are sold. The platform owners obtain a portion of the NFT's selling price when a user completes a transaction.

Buyer Fees

OpenSea charges buyers a commission for all NFT transactions, which are collected by the platform owners. This includes a fee for registering accounts and a fee for authorized transactions, creating additional revenue streams.

Premium Services

OpenSea offers premium services that users can choose to pay for, providing options to enhance their experience on the platform. Include features such as increased visibility for listings, access to exclusive collections, and other benefits.

Tech Stack Used in Our OpenSea Clone Script

Opensea like NFT Marketplace development on any of the following blockchain networks guarantees the best user experience. We have diverse knowledge of Blockchain Networks, Storage Platform, Front-End Framework, and Token Standards.

Blockchain Platform













Front-End Framework


React JS with typescript



React Material UI

React Material UI

Storage Platform





AWS S3 upload

AWS S3 upload

Back-End Framework


Node with typescript







Token Standards

Benefits Of Our OpenSea Clone Script to Startup Founders

Cost-Effective Solution

The standout benefit of our OpenSea clone script is its affordability. Deploying a robust NFT marketplace similar to OpenSea has never been more budget-friendly. This script opens doors for aspiring startups with its cost-effective approach.

Reliable and Customizable

Our OpenSea clone script offers flexibility and reliability for customizing your NFT marketplace to meet specific business needs. Beyond essential features, it seamlessly integrates additional benefits, enhancing the final product's appeal.

Flawless Performance

Our OpenSea clone ensures a seamless and bug-free NFT marketplace experience. Your NFT marketplace will possess a unique touch, attracting both users and creators. Trust in our experts to handle every aspect of NFT marketplace development.

Quick Deployment

Our comprehensive Opensea clone platform script comes equipped with essential features, reducing the time required for customization. You can launch your fully operational NFT marketplace resembling OpenSea instantly without any hassle.

Top-Notch Security

Our OpenSea clone script adheres to several security measures, particularly designed for blockchain-based applications. This standard reinforces the script's strength, guaranteeing secure real-time transfer of NFTs, funds, wallets, and more.

Exceptional ROI

When establishing your NFT marketplace, selecting the right Clone Opensea and configuring your marketplace's internal architecture are vital steps to ensure a high return on investment.

Why Choose Zodeak to Build NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea?

At Zodeak, we have highly skilled developers and designers who have extensive experience in blockchain and NFT. We offer a pre-built Opensea clone script that can be quickly customized and deployed to launch your NFT marketplace. Besides, we are confident in our ability to provide you with cutting-edge technology, top-notch security, and reliable technical support to ensure your NFT platform is not only successful but also meets the highest standards of excellence.

From design to deployment and beyond, we provide a comprehensive suite of NFT development services depending on your needs, ensuring your platform is user-friendly, secure, and optimized for performance. Whether you're a startup or an established business, Zodeak has the expertise and experience to help you succeed in the NFT space.

FAQ - OpenSea Clone Script

An OpenSea clone script is a pre-made software designed to build NFT Marketplace for digital assets collectibles as an NFT, similar to the platform OpenSea.

Launching an NFT market using the OpenSea clone script is faster than any other approach, but it takes some time depending on several factors below:


The level of customization and unique features you want to include in your marketplace will also affect the timeline. A more complex and feature-rich marketplace will take longer to develop.

Blockchain Choice:

The blockchain you choose can impact development time. Some blockchains have more mature NFT ecosystems and tooling, which can expedite development.


Rigorous testing and security audits are crucial, and these can extend the development timeline but are essential for a successful marketplace.

At Zodeak we give consultation and guidance regarding blockchain selection to our clients. However, there are other viable options to consider:


With a well-established user base and a good choice if you want to tap into the existing NFT market.

Binance Smart Chain:

Known for its faster and cheaper transactions compared to Ethereum. It's a suitable choice if you're concerned about gas fees.


Offers scalability and lower transaction costs. Many NFT projects are deploying on Polygon to mitigate Ethereum's congestion issues.


Offers high throughput and low transaction costs, making it an attractive choice for NFT marketplaces.

The choice of blockchain should consider factors such as scalability, transaction costs, community support, and the specific features of each blockchain. By consulting with our blockchain developers you can make informed decisions.

The integration of payment gateways is a customizable feature that depends on the client’s discretion. Zodeak strives to accommodate as many payment gateway integrations as possible to suit your specific needs.

Zodeak offers a customizable OpenSea Clone, allowing you to select various elements, including blockchain technology and additional APIs. Also, they will deploy fully customized software based on your business requirements.

Building an NFT marketplace like Opensea involves several steps such as designing UI, NFT Token creation, Smart contract development, Implementation of UI, Inclusion of NFT minting attributes, Setting up Database&IPFS NFT Storage, Testing, and finally deployment.

Connect Wallet To Opensea, Create NFT Collection, Customize NFT Collection Details, Upload Graphics, Set Profit Margin, Mint, And List Your NFT (This can be done for free in Opensea).

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