KuCoin Clone Script

Kucoin clone script is the source code to launch your cryptocurrency exchange like Kucoin. Kucoin clone is a ready-made script that tests and acquires advanced features and trading functionalities. It helps passionate crypto entrepreneurs start their crypto exchange business promptly.

KuCoin Clone Script Development

Zodeak is a renowned cryptocurrency exchange development company and is an expert in building crypto exchanges like Kucoin clone. We develop cryptocurrency exchanges with highly skilled blockchain architects, the latest tech stack, advanced features, and functionalities. 

We deploy highly secured architecture to ensure the security of the digital assets over the crypto exchanges. 

KuCoin Crypto Exchange

Kucoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that started in the year 2017 in Seychelles. Kucoin aimed to provide crypto trading in a highly secured way. It has acquired five million registered users worldwide. Kucoin has been officially partnered with IDG Capital and Matrix Partners.

Kucoin exchange offers extended support to secure user crypto by providing offline storage. Kucoin supports 400 cryptocurrencies and 340 trading pairs. Kucoin also supports ICO to launch new cryptocurrencies on their exchange, a great option for crypto entrepreneurs. It Has its cryptocurrencies KCS and shares among the users. Kucoin charges very little for withdrawal and trading. It charges 0.1 % of interest-based on the crypto asset. 

Exclusive Features of our KuCoin Clone Software

Special Security

Kucoin clone offers a standard transfer encryption protocol for conveying data. All the user data is encrypted for security purposes, 2FA is integrated to ensure the user cryptos and data.

Support System

Kucoin clone offers a 24/7 support system to help your users anytime and to provide on-time technical support to the client to sustain them on your platform.

Wallet Integration

We integrate highly secured wallets with advanced encryption techniques to ensure the security of the user cryptos. 

High Processing Speed

We deploy a robust and reliable trade engine that is exclusive in handling users’ transactions in both speedy and secured ways. 


Our clone has an ICO  and IEO launchpad that helps offer launching services to the crypto entrepreneurs and can get a huge amount of listing fee on your exchange according to the criteria. 

Multiple Cryptos

Our Kucoin offers multiple cryptocurrencies support more than 200+ 

Multi-lingual Support

We offer a multi-lingual support system that can handle worldwide clients and offer their warmth of using their local language. 

How KuCoin Clone Script Works?


The user needs to fill the forms required for creating a user account. Email sent to activate the account.

Wallet allocation

On validating the user account with the confirmation email sent. The user is allocated a unique wallet for initiating the trade on the exchange. 


The user can post their requirement or they can pick the offer to buy the cryptos. 


The user can examine the behavior/activity of the buyer/seller on viewing their reviews on their user profile available.


The payment is processed through multiple payment gateways for trading.


The seller after receiving the payment will send their cryptos to the buyer’s wallet address. 

Our KuCoin Clone Script Development Process 

The Crypto exchange like Kucoin development is a tedious process,

It has several steps in developing like

Research & Analysis

The cryptocurrency exchange process starts with groundwork analysis, current market trends, and target audience.


The planning starts with an analysis of requirements and resource allocation according to availability.


Initiating with reference sites and aiming for intuitive UI that grasp a huge number of users on your exchange.

Development & Designing

The development includes integrating all the features like Cryptocurrency payment gateway integration, wallet integration, security features integrating to ensure the security of user data and cryptocurrencies.


The testing is an essential part of launching a successful crypto exchange. Performing all types of testing and debugging the coding errors may help achieve a robust crypto exchange.


After completing all the testing and debugging, Encapsulating all the development, and integrating process results to the launch of cryptocurrency exchange.

Why Pick Zodeak for KuCoin Clone Script Development?

Zodeak being a top-rated cryptocurrency exchange script development company offers best-in-class KuCoin clone script development. We have experts having adequate knowledge in developing crypto solutions. We offer post-launch support to our clients to handle their crypto exchange efficiently. Our KuCoin clone script is built with all the features and functionalities like KuCoin exchange and additional features that can be added according to the business demands. 

Thinking of starting a cryptocurrency exchange like KuCoin? Cool Right! You are in the right place.

FAQ – KuCoin Clone Development

What is the Kucoin clone script?

Kucoin clone script is a ready-made script that helps the entrepreneur start their cryptocurrency exchange similar to Kucoin.

What are the exclusive features in the Kucoin clone script?

Wallet Integration
High Processing Speed
Multiple Cryptos

What are the security features in the Kucoin clone script?

Email Verification

How must does it cost to develop a Kucoin clone?

The cost of developing the Kucoin clone varies according to the client’s features and business scope requirements.

Where to get the Kucoin clone script?

Zodeak, being a Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company provides the best-in-class Kucoin clone development services. We offer exclusive UI/UX, robust trade engine, and Anti-Phishing code, & at an affordable cost.

Disclaimer: We Are Using The Term ” Kucoin ” For The Purpose Of Easy Understanding & Identification. We Are Not Related To ” Kucoin ” , Inc. & Not Doing Any Promotion Activities For Them.