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In the virtual universe, Many web3 lifestyles are currently launched to assist every people to earn passive income via various concepts like Play-to-Earn, Move-to-earn, Sleep-to-earn, and more., In this article, we going to see about the web3 Sleep to earn NFT Platform that lets you earn crypto, NFT, and tokens for your sleep. 

Let’s see a glimpse about Sleep to earn.

Sleep to Earn – Overview

The Sleep Ecosystem was created as the foremost solution to render a reward system who are suffering from insomnia. The Sleep-to-earn Ecosystem offers a financial incentive that fully adjusts an essential element of human physical and mental well-being, among its other distinct features. 

Our Ecosystem will render a kind of services that connect DeFi, metaverse, and GameFi, all of which will be powered by $SLEEP – the native currency of the Sleep Ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency doesn’t have to be complex to understand. As a result, the team made it a priority to create a solution that would not only make crypto easier to use but also more accessible and demanding to the public as the industry reaches broad endorsement. 

Sleep-to-Earn Solution

Sleep-to-Earn Solution financially rewards users for prioritizing healthy habits while holding productivity. It was the foremost reward system for insomnia sufferers. The Sleep ecosystem offers a monetary incentive that completely helps a crucial part of human physical and mental well-being, among its other unique aspects. 

Sleep to Earn App

Sleep-to-Earn App is the latest trending application in today’s internet world. These Sleep-to-earn app rewards users with NFTs or cryptos based on the Platform’s guidelines. The Sleep-to-Earn app can be developed over any of the blockchain networks as per the necessity of the project. The platform is designed to explore the user’s sleep time. And also the deep sleep time that finally rewards the users in crypto or NFT or tokens by exploring it. 

Sleep to Earn NFTs

There are many Sleep-to-earn Platforms available in the marketplace. These sleep ecospheres deliver NFTs as rewards for their sleep activity. Now NFTs can be earned in the Sleep ecosystem as lucrative earnings for users. Improve your crypto earnings while you rest shortly and earn NFTs.

Sleep-to-Earn NFT Platform Development 

Zodeak Technology is the top-notch Sleep-to-earn Platform Development company offering extensive Web3-based Sleep-to-earn platform development services that enable users to earn NFTs, cryptos, tokens, etc. Our Proficient Blockchain Developers of Zodeak will show your sleep-to-earn Web3.0 App with all the elements needed for the project with all the avant-garde functions. 

The Sleep-to-Earn Platform Development is taken out with any of two methods either from the development of scratch with impressive features and functions from the white label solutions that can be 100% customized with your business demands. 

-> Sleep-to-Earn NFT Platform Development using Scratch

Sleep-to-Earn Platform Development from scratch presents you with a unique set of features and functionalities. The Development of the Sleep-to-earn Platform from scratch took you a specific amount of time as per the project complication and to create an error-free project. 

-> Sleep-to-Earn NFT Platform Development using White label solutions

The White-label Sleep-to-earn NFT Platform Development costs you a minimum time and cost than developing it via scratch. The White-label solution can be highly customized and developed with all your required project features. 

Sleep-to-earn NFT Platform Development Services

Revenue Models included in Sleep-to-earn NFT Platform Development

Each Business platform is created with various revenue models for alluring users to the platform. And Here the Sleep-to-Earn Platform is readily-available with any one of the income-generating models where the further in-app earnings depend on various projects. But mostly the application comes up with any of the prominent earning concepts. 

Sleep to Earn Cryptos

An ample amount of sleep-to-earn platforms provide cryptos for their in-app activity and follow their sleep concept within the guidelines. The offered cryptos may be over any of the current coins or else it may introduce or facilitate new cryptos to the users of the crypto world. 

Sleep-to-Earn Tokens

Not only tokens the recent trending platform sleep-to-earn offers, cryptos, NFTs, tokens, and even metaverse for their users as rewards. These Sleep-to-Earn project holders create a reward system where it varies with each platform. 

Sleep-to-Earn NFTs

The Sleep-to-Earn NFT Platform Development Platforms offer NFTs to the users based on their staking amount of token and energetic participation in specific in-app activities. So many platforms design their system in a way. Where their NFTs can be used within their ecosphere. 

Trending Web3-based Sleep-to-Earn Platform Development

The Sleep-to-earn Concept is the most trending concept in the crypto realm. At present many projects are being launched in the world of blockchain. And these projects have raised more than a million dollars overall collectively. 

Crypto Tokens

Each Sleep-to-Earn NFT Platform Development is created with its own features and here are the few features that work out similarly to all the sleep-to-earn apps. 


Conveying the Social-Fi Elements in these kinds of applications is an added advantage as it relates the users with the web3.0 platforms effortlessly. So these apps would get more splendid benefits with a wide active audience base. 


The Sleep-to-earn NFT Platform Development is designed from the user’s point of view to aid the users with NFTs, Cryptos, and metaverse. The users are rewarded after exploring the user’s sleep activity and in-app activities. 


Another feature of Sleep-to-earn NFT Platform Development is Staking. This feature is the user gets up the platform-based tokens for staking the rewards as long as in the platform. The Staking of these platform’s tokens enhances the token value and reputation which indirectly satisfies the platform-based ecosystem. 

SleepVerse Alpha Version

SleepVerse Alpha Version lets rabbits connect vocally and visually. It can be accessed via Web3.0 and Virtual reality devices.

The Alpha Version comprised of:

  1. NFT Museum – Created with a focus on the architectural side to create a high-tech gallery
  2. Rabbit University – The sleep Ecosystem creates community education a top priority. 
  3. Sports Podcast Stadium – SleepVerse alpha version will give a shared environment for football-themed fans to watch their favorite games with re-owned athletes remarking on them.
  4. Wellness center – The wellness center at SleepVerse will be a high facility with a variety of activities geared at the ease and delight of users.

Why Should you Create a Sleep-to-Earn NFT Platform?

The New young Generation desires a more futuristic and cutting-edge experience from the internet to lifestyle. And now is the time for entrepreneurs and investors to endure their state-of-the-art web platforms and business to this young generation effortlessly. Just adding up a new vision to their project. 

Web3 is a kind of technology to be added to your projects which would fulfill the present and futuristic generation of tech fanatics. 

But why choose the Sleep-to-earn concept rather than only other concepts? Let’s see, an Ample amount of people around the world have experienced the play-to-earn conceptualization. Primarily every single one of the younger generation. 

But what’s next? These new concepts of move-to-earn, and sleep-to-earn app arrives as the solution with the incorporation of new web3.0 technology that will be attracting audience across the world. This is the point that satisfies you to kick-start a sleep-to-earn NFT Platform development with web3.0 technology. 

Why choose Zodeak Technology for Sleep-to-Earn Platform Development Services?

Sleep-to-Earn is inspired by the rise of Play-to-Earn gaming, the metaverse, and DeFi. In this view, we undertook a comprehensive review of the numerous possibilities and services that can be provided, in addition to how we can implement them in real life while integrating the virtual world and metaverse into our day-to-day lives. 

Zodeak Technology works with diverse new players and existing players in the field to bring out new products to the digitalized world. Because of the young generation’s interest, the world is partaking in the most cutting-edge technologies and these techs are succeeding in current times. 

Zodeak – proficient in NFT Marketplace Platform Development Services offers various Blockchain solutions such as NFT, DeFi, Metaverse, Crypto wallet, ICO, Crypto Exchange, etc., to clients all over the world. The well-experienced experts of Zodeak have profitably developed and launched 150+ platforms with various concepts in the crypto world. Shake hands with our experts and we assist you to move toward your dreamier goal.

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