Blockchain Development Services

Our Crypto and Blockchain Development services focus on improving the use case of participants with the help of Blockchain Technology.

DeFi Development

This Decentralized Finance removes the need for middleman functionalities to monitor the financial information. We understand the conceptualization of DeFi and develop various DeFi based Services such as Lending, Staking, and more which add more value to our client’s business.

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NFT Development

Non Fungible Tokens play an important role in the current crypto marketplace. We provide prominent NFT Development Services, which include White paper creation, NFT lending, Staking, Crowdfunding design & development, and much more., which makes use of Blockchain Development Services.

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Crypto Exchange Development

Our Crypto Exchange Services facilitates easier, flexible, and easy-to-use software. Our services provide gratification to the users or traders serving different requirements and applications over the various chains that are available in the current marketplace.

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Altcoin & Token Development

The essential purpose of this token as well as altcoin development is to assist an alternative mode of monetizing assets and raise the funds and capital. We are the pre-eminent crypto & Token creation, to build fully-featured crypto coins & Altcoin along with reliable functionalities. Along with, We provide ICO/STO Development to raise your capital and business growth.

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DApp Development

As blockchain started to revamp almost every enterprise on a global level, we have become specialized in Decentralized application(DApp) development. We Zodeak execute complete Decentralized Application solutions to formulate a perpetual, translucent, and robust decentralized application, customized for your business.

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Private Blockchain Development

To improvise the inner operations, Zodeak provides a decentralized peer-to-peer network and its membership is purely controlled by the central consortium. A major perk of getting a private Blockchain is the quick processing of transactions since there is no complex algorithms are used. Right from the build-up to full control, Zodeak’s offers uniqueness in services.

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Blockchain Consulting

We provide Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Consulting and development Services, for build a crypto exchange, wallet development, altcoin & Token creation, Crypto payment gateway, smart contract, DeFi, NFT, and more., Consult with us and discuss your project requirements with our experts.

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Smart Contract Development

Virtual agreements encoded by protocols are referred to as smart contracts. With skilled experts in solidity and blockchain-compatible languages, Zodeak designs apps running on smart audit platforms like hyperledger, EOS, and Ethereum. We are specializing many services from automation to ensuring security.

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Crypto Wallet & App Development

Our Eminent Cryptocurrency Wallet App Services assist our Crypto Enterprises and Aspirants with the help of various chains. We develop a customizable cryptocurrency wallet with advanced security features, allowing users to get quicker transactions.

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Zodeak Technologies - Proficient Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Development Solutions

State of the Art Cryptocurrency exchange solutions at your range. Zodeak is a Top-notch Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Solutions with extensive experience in the Cryptocurrency Realm. We offer tailored solutions such as Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform, Blockchain Solutions, DeFi Solutions, NFT Solutions, ICO/STO solutions, Altcoin/ Token Creation, and much more.

We are specialized in crafting impeccable crypto exchange solutions like Binance, Coinbase, Localbitcoins, Paxful, Remitano, etc., We assure that our clients get top-notch Blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions at an affordable price. Our team of professional experts establishes their fully-fledged venture into envisioning quality software for the cryptocurrency industry.

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Blockchain Development Company - Zodeak


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Blockchain Development Company - Zodeak


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Blockchain Development Company - Zodeak


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Various Industries focused on our Blockchain Development Services

Zodeak - the leading Blockchain Software Development Company in the Crypto industry. Our team of experts has extensive hands-on experience building enterprise-level solutions particularly, building solutions based on the blockchain industry.

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Why Choose Zodeak for your Next Blockchain Projects?

Capture on board with the B2B Business intelligence and manage the Crypto realms through our top-notch product delivery. Are you seeking the most luxuriant Blockchain Development Company Solutions? You are already into it. We are the crypto market's requirements. We have a team of experts, formed by the Industrialists knowing to atomize and corner of the current market's trends and performance.

We Zodeak - Prominent Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Development Company avails the crypto people with elegant crypto services which are well-qualified and highly reliable solutions along with competence leveraging Development services. The Blockchain Services served through us give you the efficacious class and deserve a high level of performance and consideration. Exploring the art of Crypto Product emphasis, Zodeak has the ability to make a variation in the extant Crypto Realm.

Blockchain Solutions for Various Platforms

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