Huobi clone script

Huobi clone means developing a customized platform with the features and plugins of an existing Platform like Huobi for cryptocurrency exchange.  Huobi clone script means a set of quality codes used to develop Huobi clone.

Huobi – Overview

Huobi is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that is used to trade, buy, sell cryptocurrency by its users. It’s a popular Singapore-based platform from 2017. Basically, it’s a China-based company. After the banning of cryptocurrency by China, it shifted to Singapore. Huobi is serving in various countries like Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, South Korea, US. it has millions of users. because of its security features and minimal service charge. Huobi processes millions of dollars and now it’s accepting altcoins and stable coins. Huobi has its own token called Huobi token. Huobi also expanded their business to other blockchain businesses, mining pool, Research institute, Huobi news, Huobi chat, and Huobi public chain. They started an exchange business with only 300 people but now it’s increased to more than 1300.

Features of Huobi Clone Script Software

•      Huobi is a decentralized and peer-to-peer model exchange platform.

•      Huobi has two types of modes HADAX and OTC.

•      In Huobi HADAX mode for professional traders and OTC mode for bulk transactions.

•      Huobi supports cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, bitcoin, tether, EOS, XRP, etc…

•      Huobi support smart contracts to manage DAO

•      Huobi has security features like AML, KYC

•      Huobi wallet supports MakerDAO tokens which are managed by a smart contract and DApps.

How to implement a Huobi clone.

Launching a Huobi clone cryptocurrency exchange platform is a profitable start-up. A lot of traders are expecting a platform with a user-friendly platform.

Step 1: Analyse your requirements in your platform.

Step 2: Search for the best company in the market. By comparing the cost of the platform, time duration to implement the platform, and services provided by the company.

Step 3: place your order. Within days you can launch your platform.

Features of Huobi clone:

·  Limit order, Market order, and Stop order

· Margin trading

· Cryptocurrency wallet integration

· Liquidity API

· Referral program

· Admin dashboard and user dashboard

· Multi-lingual

· Payment gateway integration

· Site API

· Trade engine

· Automatic KYC/AML verifications

· Atomic swaps

Advantages of Huobi clone Script:

• Simple launching process.

• Customizable, secured, and user-friendly platform.

•  24/7 Customer support by service provider.

• SMS Integration.

• Multiple Payment Integration

• Email Verification.

• Support fiat currency, cryptocurrency, tokens.

• Cost-efficient.

How to buy a bitcoin via the Huobi clone platform:

Step 1: Create an account by filling up a username, password, contact details

Step 2: Verification process for KFC/AML.

Step 3: Sign up to your Huobi account with the new account.

Step 4: Click on buy crypto then select any one option from the quick buy/sell or p2p market.

Step 5: Select the fiat currency option to buy bitcoin.

Step 6: Next confirm the payment mode and the amount then place the order.

Step 7: Fill in credit card details to pay.

Step 8: After payment. Bitcoin credited to your wallet.

Step: 9: It may take 5 to 30 min to credit bitcoin to your wallet.


Nowadays most entrepreneurs are interested in investing money in cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Because of its decentralized process, the number of traders and interest in cryptocurrency is increasing. so now it’s the most profitable start-up for new entrepreneurs. Developing a clone cryptocurrency exchange script platform grabs the main cryptocurrency exchange user’s attention. Finding their advantages and disadvantages can help you to get more customers. Implementing a clone platform can help to get more customers as they are already familiar with the main platform.

FAQ – Huobi Clone Development

What is the Huobi clone script?

Huobi clone script is the source code to launch cryptocurrency exchanges like Huobi. It has similar features and functionalities like Huobi exchange.

What are the exclusive features in the Huobi clone script?

• 24/7 Customer support by service provider.
• SMS Integration.
• Multiple Payment Integration
• Email Verification.
• Support fiat currency, cryptocurrency, tokens.

What are the security features in the Huobi clone script?

Two-Factor Authentication
Email Verification
Anti-Phishing Code Integration
KYC Authentication
SMS Verification

How must does it cost to develop a Huobi clone?

The cost of developing the Huobi clone varies according to the client’s features and business scope requirements.

Disclaimer: We Are Using The Term ” Huobi ” For The Purpose Of Easy Understanding & Identification. We Are Not Related To ” Huobi ” , Inc. & Not Doing Any Promotion Activities For Them.