NBA Top Shot Clone Script is a type of NFT gaming platform and it is also called a decentralized NFT platform. It is used to buy, sell and purchase players’ trump cards, and trademark moves in a popular NBA Competition. So it is easy for everyone can easily start their own NFT digital card game like an NBA Top shot.

Zodeak is a leading NFT marketplace development company, that provides the best NBA top shot clone script with advanced features and plugins. Zodeak’s NBA top shot clone script is fully decentralized and flexible which allows you to add advanced and updated adaptive features to the platform to keep the players and their special place in the NFT Market.

Overview Of NBA Top Shot

The National Basketball Association (NBA) since 1946. NBA connects with 30 teams and has a total number of 530 players who can be officially registered in the NBA Ledger. NBA Top Shot is a type of sports domain and it makes a trend on the NFT and it can be available in use. It is an official recognized platform for NBA and NBPA it supports the rare moments in the tournament that can be called a rare collectible within the platform. 

The National Basketball Association (NBA) since 1946. NBA connects with 30 teams and has a total number of 530 players who can be officially registered in the NBA Ledger

Features Of Zodeak NBA Top Shot Clone


Zodeak’s NBA Top Shot Clone build with a full decentralized platform and it is also transparent in all the collectible transactions and data 


In our NBA Top Clone Script, the admin can provide the sports fans with sports cards along with some memorable moments of their favorite sports person so that it makes it easier for users to watch their activities regularly, whenever they want.

Digital wallet Integration

Our Clone Script will allow the fans to connect their crypto wallet to the marketplace, after that they can add cryptocurrencies for safe and secure transactions

Waiting Room 

Sports lovers can more interested in the package drops and they will be waiting for a collection of new moments from their favorite leagues held in the virtual space and they own a collectibles 


It will allow the fans to display all of their collections in the digital showcase, it will boost the interest of the sports enthusiasts

What Makes The NBA Top Shot Clone More Trend?

  • It is made and operates competently on the Flow blockchain network.
  • All the players in the NBA top Shot clone will get updates as NFTs in the marketplace.
  • Every moment will be categorized and it will be showcased by a virtual basketball card.
  • Depending on the scarcity the price. Users can gain access to the merchandise of their loved players and teams.

Benefits Of Our White Label NBA Top Shot Clone Script

Unique And Authentic

Every collectible will be listed on our NFT  trading platforms which are more unique and authentic this will help to avoid the risk factors like scams and more for investors.

User Friendly

It is easy to use and made more user-friendly and it makes it easier for investors to step into collecting a collectible which is similar to an E-commerce store.

Imperishable Assets

In Our clone, digital assets are immortal and it is saved in the blockchain platform so that the investor can pass this digital card to another generation without hassle

Seamless Payment Option

Zodeak can integrate multiple digital wallets within our NBA top short clone and help them to provide seamless payment and also gives the best trading experience to the individual users

Why Choose Zodeak For NBA Top Shot Clone Script?

As a leading NFT Marketplace Development Company, Zodeak offers the best NFT Gaming Platform Development Services to launch your own NFT Marketplace platform like NBA Top Short Clone with advanced effective collectibles such as high-quality video clips, virtual cards for the users to get benefit from the platform. This platform will also help to improve financial solutions. It is the right place to create your own NFT Marketplace platforms like NBA Top Shot with customized features and advanced features.

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