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What is DeFi Development?

DeFi development is the process of creating decentralized financial applications and services using blockchain technology. DeFi app development services include Smart contract development, token creation, decentralized exchange development, and more. This decentralized finance platform development is a great approach to having a decentralized environment as it is supported by Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and other public blockchains.

As the best DeFi dapp development company, Zodeak is committed to assisting businesses to leverage the power of blockchain technology to create innovative financial solutions. Our team of experienced Defi developers will guide you through the entire process, from ideation to deployment, and come up with decentralized finance development solutions that meet your business needs and preferences. So, if you are interested in building DeFi solutions, Zodeak is there to enliven your dream in the fintech world.

Decentralized Finance Development Services

Zodeak offers the best DeFi development service that equips a DeFi development solutions with limitless trades. Decentralized finance is a way of progressing users from traditional finance by facilitating full authority over their digital assets irrelevant to the location barriers. This drives the ownership to the investor over an agile and fast platform. Our DeFi service facilitates businesses to authorize users with trust, transparency, and security.

DeFi Development - The Next Generation Of Finance Ecosystems

Zodeak is a leading DeFi exchange development company that helps growing start-ups and enterprises with traditional systems in a decentralized manner. The goal of DeFi is to provide equal financial services like permissionless and blockchain-dependent systems to the broad unbanked population of the world. With smartphones, users can enjoy numerous benefits from different financial utilities such as trading, tokenization, lending/borrowing, and loans.

The scaling success of DeFi is mainly because of removing intermediaries and also offers high transparency, security, and cut-off transaction fees to a certain extent. Zodeak induces DeFi exchange development services in the cryptocurrency domain, corporate companies, rising entrepreneurs, and startups. Years of experience in DeFi make Zodeak a leading DeFi development provider among all DeFi development companies.

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Why Choose Zodeak For Your DeFi Development Services?

Zodeak is a leading Decentralized Finance development company in the crypto sphere. Our developments create a massive impact on the crypto industry. Being one of the market deciders of the crypto marketplace, Our skilled developers would develop projects or applications as per the need of the clients to suffice the room for opportunity.

Client Collaboration

Our technical team collaborates with the client to assist with step-by-step services to design your dream DeFi marketplace with optimum perfection.

Presence Of A Core Tech Team

We have sufficient blockchain experts who have credible proficiency in progress to make the DeFi development.

Provision Of Post-Sale Support

We have a dedicated team who gives uninterrupted services to clients by handling all types of technical glitches.

Prompt Delivery

we understand our client's business requirements and deliver the project on time without delay.

Offshore Hiring

The candidates are hired by conducting several rounds of interviews by the clients. Several assessment tests will be conducted to check their technical skill and soft skill.

Promote Innovation

We differentiate ourselves from our opponents by including visionary features and applications in a customized model.

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DeFi Business Revenue Streams

Token Fundraising

Boost funds for your project with the help of launchpads like IDO by releasing their native tokens or coin Via DEX.

Venture Investments

Draw the attention of experienced capitalists or investors who pool their money to boost your business with their investment as funds.

Trade Fee

Is nothing but a commission paid by the user to the owner of the platform for using his platform for trading. Compound your growth permanently with a constant fee from a highly liquid market.

Token Value

As your token gets popularized, it surges in growth, value, and demand increases. This ultimately brings revenue to the platform owner.

Global Customer Acquisition

Among 1.7 billion people, the more customer base you acquire, which ultimately results in high liquidity.

DeFi Application Development Services

Decentralized Exchange development

For tokens, wallets, and coins, you need to pick the most reliable Decentralized Exchange platform. This Exchange platform supports users to trade simply without seeking another platform. This platform is entirely decentralized without the involvement of third parties.

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DeFi Smart Contract development

We Zodeak, the DeFi smart contract development company, render the best DeFi Smart Contract development services, which is more convenient for all enterprises with effective fabrication. The DeFi operation takes place with full efficiency as the system is encoded within solidity. Whereas the functionalities of the operations are based on automatic conditions.

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DeFi Lending Platform Development

Our secure and permissionless DeFi lending platform development service helps you to develop a protocol to lend funds or avail of loans, especially for billions of unbanked people to supply and lock their funds in smart contracts.

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DeFi Staking Platform Development

Helps your users to unlock the rewards of staking by building your staking platform. Here the staking rewards can be a native token or any other token. The DeFi staking platform is developed on your preferred blockchain network according to your business needs. Our service helps to increase your platform’s liquidity.

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DeFi Yield Farming

Yield farming is a technique that facilitates the users to provide liquidity for the pairs and in turn, will earn native tokens as rewards or wish to deposit their cryptos into a pool with other users. This technique helps to generate high ROI by borrowing, lending, or holding the pooled funds.

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Decentralized Token

With the help of our Defi tokenization, every trader or user receives assets, shares, and authority to avoid fraudulent activities. As a DeFi Token Development Services company, we help you with the launching of native tokens and accelerate the growth of your platform globally.

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Decentralized Wallet

DeFi Wallet Development plays a most significant role in the Cryptocurrency Realm. Zodeak provides tamper-proof decentralized finance wallet development services to store or retrieve your tokens or coins in a secure manner.

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Decentralized App (Dapp)

Dapp Development is the epitome of application in decentralized technology. As the best defi dapp development services company, we are involved in defi application development with numerous possibilities to draw each user's attention and take them to the next-generation Fin-Tech world.

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DeFi Synthetic Assets

Synthetic assets are crypto-based assets like stablecoins that uncover other assets including gold, cryptos, etc. Our DeFi synthetic asset development service facilitates your users to invest in and track real-time commodities by holding crypto tokens. Instead of purchasing the whole commodity, users could gain fractional ownership.

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Benefits Of Smart Contracts In DeFi


Smart contracts maintain a detailed record of all terms and conditions explicitly. This is a must, as the omission of records will result in transaction errors. Moreover, this smart contract avoids the hitches caused during manual filling.


The smart contract is totally transparent which means all the specified terms and conditions are visible and accessible to all suitable parties. Once the contract is documented then nobody can dispute it. This provides complete transparency of transactions to all required parties.

Clear Communication

The details of the smart contract must be explicit. There is no space for misinterpretation or miscommunication. Thus, a smart contract is designed in a way to fill out gaps in communication.


These contracts run on a software code and go live on the internet. This results in rapid execution of the transaction. This minimizes the execution speed of a transaction and ultimately saves the time of traditional business processes. Capable of processing multiple transactions in a short period. Thus, highly effective.


Automated contracts utilize a high level of data encryption technique, which is also utilized in modern cryptocurrencies. This level of protection makes them more secure globally. Smart contracts are not editable once they are set up. This makes all operations more reliable and secure.


Smart contracts handle a replica of transactions. so the failure of data storage doesn't exist. The speed and accuracy of the contract are high efficient. Higher efficiency than higher the transactions processed per unit of time.

Paper Free

Businesses across the world are conscious of creating an impact on the environment. Smart Contracts help in the "go-green" movement as they live and breathe in the virtual world. This eliminates the usage of reams of paper.

Storage & Backup

This type of contract records necessary details in every transaction. Once the details are stored permanently in the smart contract they can't be removed in any situation. This permanent storage is helpful for future purposes. In case of any data loss, these records help to retrieve needed attributes.


One of the most important benefits of automated contracts is the removal of a middleman. The establishment of smart contracts removes banks, witnesses, lawyers, and other intermediaries.


Smart contracts develop complete confidence in their execution. The secure, autonomous, and transparent nature of the agreement eliminates the possibility of error, bias, manipulation, etc. Once the contract is formalized, it is executed automatically by the network.

Guaranteed Outcomes (Bonus)

One more attractive feature of a smart contract is that it minimizes prominently or removes the requirement for benches and litigations. By utilizing a self-executing contract, parties engage themselves to bind by the rules and determination of the underlying code.

How Does DeFi Transform The World?

Here are the following points of How DeFi replaces the Banks & transforms the world.

Before DeFI

Corporate conspiracy

Enormous fee for third parties.

Frequent security breaches.

liquid financial market.

Inclined to data crime.

Complicated procedure in loans.

After DeFI

100% transparent system.

Absolutely ZERO intermediaries.

Encrypted by security protocols.

Automated liquid market.

Simply tamper-proof.

Flash loans in just 15 seconds!

White Label DeFi Clone Solutions

We at Zodeak have an extensive list of DeFi-based clone solutions as per your expectations along with add-ons for all services of DeFi such as Staking, Farming, Lending, Borrowing, etc.,


Uniswap Clone

Sushiswap Clone

Sushiswap Clone

Safemoon Clone

Safemoon Clone

Pantherswap Clone

Pantherswap Clone

AAVE Clone

AAVE Clone

Bakeryswap Clone

Bakeryswap Clone

Yearn Finance Clone

Yearn Finance Clone

Yearn Finance Clone

Pancakeswap Clone

Beneficial Effects Of DeFi Development Services

Zodeak provides the additional benefits that will be done with the client’s expectations in our customizable DeFi Development Services

Smart Contracts

Zodeak’s Smart contract helps to resolve the errors and complete the trades if the condition of the smart contract protocol is met.

Highly Ensured

This highly immutable Decentralized Blockchain Network, makes the platform more transparent and highly securable in a manner.

Low Transaction Fees

At the hand of Decentralization, users can trade without any intermediate or middleman which reduces the transaction fees in the exchange platform.

Increase Liquidity

Our DeFi Development Platform is completely transparent for the users and it makes every transaction in a hassle-free manner.

Automated Process

This decentralized automated process makes the perfect environment for buying or selling cryptocurrencies.

Global Access

Once you get our most securable DeFi platform, you can get internationalized access to many investors and digitalized assets and shares.

Various Blockchain On Decentralized Finance DeFi Development Services

We provide various blockchain development for DeFi according to the client’s requirements and business scope. Blockchain platforms vary with features, functionalities, and gas fees. The emerging trends and demand for DeFi have paved the way to build over various blockchains according to the business demands of the DeFi use cases.









Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain

FAQ - DeFi Development Services

DeFi is a blockchain-powered application that aims to eliminate central control over user assets, enables limitless & permission user transactions & operates with smart contracts.

Smart contract is a self-executing program code that is publicly defined among the parties involved in the transaction in a precise manner.

The types of DeFi development services offered are:

  • DeFi Token
  • DeFi Smart contract
  • DeFi Lending/Borrowing
  • DeFi Staking
  • DeFi Wallet
  • DeFi Exchange
  • DeFi Dapp

The reason for you to launch DeFi platforms: DeFi is steadily growing in the crypto world that has a DeFi crypto market cap is $83,636,091,382.22 with a total trading volume of $6,366,533,859.07 in July 2021(CoinGecko).

Zodeak is a renowned DeFi development company having a pool of Blockchain architects with adequate knowledge in developing DeFi platforms. Reason to choose us:

  • 100 % Bug-free
  • Latest tech-stack
  • Responsive Design
  • Promptly Delivery
  • Support available On-Time
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