Bybit Clone Script

Bybit Clone Script is the Cryptocurrency Exchange Website Script that contains all the in-built features, plugins, and functionalities that are crafted like Bybit Exchange Platform. This Bybit Clone Script is easy to customize to include additional features or benefits that you want in the White Label Bybit Clone Script platform. 

Starting your own Cryptocurrency Exchange platform like Bybit is quite a tiresome process. We Zodeak Technology – the leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Script provider really helps you to start your dreamier Crypto Exchange platform like Bybit and make your business into the top-notch level. Also, we deliver various Clone Scripts such as Binance, Localbitcoins, Paxful, Coinbase, and Remitano, etc.,

Cryptocurrency Exchange platforms are online platform where users can buy/sell or trade Cryptocurrencies in a quicker manner. Many Entrepreneurs who are interested in the Crypto realm, want to start their own Cryptocurrency Exchange and get lucrative profits. Because this is one of the business opportunities in the Cryptocurrency realm which makes money and gain profits. 

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to start a Cryptocurrency Exchange like Bybit, then this is the perfect landing place for you…

In this article, we gonna see the overview of bybit, features and functionalities, and benefits of the Bybit clone script.

Let’s dive into the topic.,

Overview of Bybit:

Bybit is one of the most Cryptocurrency Derivative Platforms which is initiated in 2018. Bybit has various headquarters and it is located in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. This Bybit Exchange platform supports various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS  and Ripple, and more., these cryptocurrencies are paired with USD. This Bybit has an ample amount of active users across the globe including the US, Europe, Russia, Japan, North Korea, and much more., This Bybit Globalized Exchange Platform is considered to be more reliable, more equitable, and user-friendly which makes a revolution in the Cryptocurrency realm.

Features of Bybit Clone Script

We Zodeak offers prominent features implemented in our Bybit Clone Script, some of them are.,

  1. Perpetual Contacts
  2. Dual Price Mechanism
  3. Insurance Protection
  4. Mark of Market
  5. Leverage up to 100X
  6. Funding Price
  7. Contract Loss Mechanism
  8. Last Traded Price
  9. Mark Price
  10. Time in Force Method

Types of Orders in our Bybit Clone Script:

There are three types of Orders incorporated in our Bybit Clone Script, they are,

  1. Limit Orders
  2. Market Orders
  3. Conditional Orders

1) Limit Orders: If you want to fill the order, you can pre-set the price of the Cryptocurrency in this limit order. It includes Buy Limit Orders the traders or user price must be fixed at a price more profound than their last traded price.

2) Market Orders: This is a quite easier method that, In this order, the user can fill the order book instantly at the most suitable available market price. With the help of this order, traders can immediately buy or sell their cryptocurrencies. 

3) Conditional Orders: This is a venerable order that is performed automatically once particularized conditions have been adhered to.

List of Countries where you can launch your dreamier Crypto Exchange

Some of the Countries in which you can easily launch your Cryptocurrency Exchange Script platform are,

  1. United States
  2. Estonia
  3. Bermuda
  4. Germany
  5. Switzerland
  6. Malta
  7. Brazil
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Singapore
  10. United Kingdom

We Zodeak Technology – the leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Provider in the world offer error-free and readily made solutions which to serve you to start your own Cryptocurrency Exchange Business effectively.

Zodeak offers a set of features and functionalities that will be done like your expectations in your own Bybit Clone Script. Some of them are,

  1. HTTPS Authentication
  2. SSL Integration
  3. Data Encryption
  4. Reliable Browser Deduction
  5. End-to-end Encoding Transaction

Zodeak Technology – the top-notch Bybit Clone Script Provider!

We Zodeak Technology is the well-experienced Cryptocurrency Exchange Script provider across the globe. We come up with superlative Bitcoin Exchange Script encoded with high-end technology loaded with advanced features such as,

  1. Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway
  2. Admin Dashboard
  3. Stunning UI/UX Design
  4. Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration
  5. Atomic Swaps
  6. Cryptocurrency Exchange Price API
  7. KYC Authentication
  8. Two-Factor Authentication
  9. Anti-Phishing Code
  10. Advanced CMS Management
  11. Referral Program
  12. Multi-currency Pairing

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