DeFi Smart Contract Development

This DeFi Smart Contract Platform reduces the long period process of financial determinations like lending, borrowing, insurance, banking, and much more., which is to be done within a short period.

DeFi Smart Contract Development is the complete process of creating, auditing, and deploying the smart contract that executes Decentralized Finance DeFi Services spontaneously without any compact of any primary authority to process. 

We Zodeak – the reputed DeFi Smart contract Development services build your Decentralized Finance Applications with the help of smart contract integration. 

Overview of Smart Contract

The term decentralized potential in DeFi space is defined only by the usage of Smart Contracts. These smart contracts eradicate the need for interior authorities to process any economic services and automate every transaction of DeFi.

This smart contract, the predefined encoded programming contract, acquires the functionalities of decentralized finance protocols and is the element that drives the DeFi protocols to work efficiently.

Benefits that contributed to DeFi Smart Contract Development

Here are the benefits of smart contracts that contributed to DeFi platforms. 

High-End assurance 

This DeFi Smart Contract secures all the transactions that take place through the Decentralized Finance DeFi protocols are reliable, exterminating security violations and ventures.


Our proficient DeFi Smart contracts are completely digitized, and store all the transaction enlightenment in decentralized ledgers. 

High Speed 

Considering the smart contract process is automatically performed avoids manual processes, so the expansion of speed will be apparent.


With the help of Blockchain Networks, Our Smart Contracts are built. So that, anyone can obtain and view the transaction data. 

Highly Perpetual

The encryption on the smart contracts can never be manipulated. Once a contract has been formulated or expanded, it carries out its programmed functions and cannot be transformed.


In the lack of third parties in DeFi Smart Contracts, the cost is commonly sustained and is evaded. The smart contract is automated; there are no delegates or cost fees during the execution.

Automatic execution

Implementation of the smart contract will be executed automatically when specified conditions are met.


Smart contracts ultimately hold the type of decentralization and perform every function like transaction and store them in a decentralized network.

Major Use Cases that incorporated in DeFi Smart Contract Development

DeFi Smart Contracts discovers applications in various enterprises like banking, supply chain, cryptocurrency markets, and much more., 

  1. DeFi protocols and dApps
  2. Crowdfunding
  3. Supply chain Management
  4. Lending and Borrowing
  5. Escrow
  6. Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  7. Digital Identity

Various models of DeFi protocol with Smart contract

By using the DeFi Smart contract, you are the curator of your own crypto funds. Crypto wallets like MetaMask and argent can assist you in quickly and securely interacting with DeFi protocols. Here is the list of some of the defi protocols like

  1. Compound
  2. Synthetic
  3. Uniswap 
  4. Falconswap
  5. Maker


The compound is commonly known as an Ethereum-based encoded protocol for various crypto-based tokens. As well as it holds various tokens like ETH, USDC, REP, ZRX. The interest rate in the compound is not set. But, it varied based on the real-time market dynamics. 


Synthetic is a decentralized platform that serves its folks to mint distinct synthetic assets like cryptocurrencies, derivatives, fiat currencies, and more. Users of the platform also swap any synthetic assets.


Uniswap is one of the popularized and blooming projects in the DeFi platform. This platform contains a smart contract that is used in its FWT token for transaction purposes. 


Falconswap is also one of the famous Decentralized Finance DeFi based platforms which process the same as uniswap. 


Maker is a broadly used synthetic in the DeFi world which is also known as an ethereum-based platform. Users can borrow DAI – Maker’s DAI Stablecoin (pegged to USD) by depositing ETH as collateral. 

Build your own DeFi Smart contract Development for your business?

We Zodeak helps you to build your own Decentralized Finance Smart Contract Development for every startup and entrepreneur to boost up their business to a top-notch level. Our development process is streamlined to create your own DeFi Smart contract with the help of the following points,


We Zodeak have a team of experts who will start with your project research and analyze the marketplace that suits your business demands. Also, keep up with the latest trends in the cryptosphere that develop your DeFi Smart contracts. 

Plan and Develop

After analyzing your business requirements, we step on to the next move as planned and develop your own DeFi smart contract with the help of a highly standardized Solidity programming language. 

Deploy & Testing

We will be deployed, audited, and tested to sort out all the errors, bugs, and susceptibilities.


After sorting out all vulnerabilities, your DeFi Smart Contracts will be ready to be deployed. Further, this timely launch of a reliable DeFi platform fulfills all the secure financial transactional needs and brings a unique experience to the investors. 

Where to Develop the Smart Contract Based Projects in DeFi Protocol?

Are you the Entrepreneur or a Business Owner? Want to enter into the DeFi world! This is the perfect time to launch your business. The DeFi prospect is growing efficiently, and the confidence in DeFi protocols for persevering economic services is on the rise. Hence, investing in our DeFi Smart Contract Development Services for your Defi protocols will convey your business to the next level.

Zodeak – the leading DeFi Smart Contract Development Services is completely customizable to maintain and accommodate your expanding business. Our White label DeFi Smart contract solutions make you the business owner, expand your brand prominence and your Decentralized Finance Business can observe.

Our skilled and seasoned team of developers, business analysts, and marketers will ensure your DeFi Smart Contracts will give your DeFi business complete security, transparency, and immutability. Our white label solutions let you, as the business owner, increase your brand clarity so that your DeFi business enterprise can witness speedy growth profits.

Our DeFi based solutions such as,

DeFi Development

DeFi DEX Platform

DeFi Lending and Borrowing

DeFi Staking Platform

DeFi Yield Farming Platform

Contact with our Business experts and learn more about DeFi Smart Contract with our highly effective DeFi Smart contract Development Services. 

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FAQ – DeFi Smart Contract Development

1. What is DeFi Smart Contract?

DeFi Smart contracts are the programming code that is stored in Blockchain and executed automatically if the conditions meet. After that it allows developers to build highly reliable and feasible dApps.

2. What are the examples of DeFi protocol with Smart contract?

Here is the list of some of the defi protocols like

3. Does DeFi need Smart contracts?

Smart contracts play a vital role in the DeFi Ecosystem. Smart contracts render the crucial infrastructure to automate the approved terms for transmissions and techniques working in decentralized economic applications.

4. Where are smart contracts used?

With the help of smart contracts, you can use all financial derivatives such as Financial Services, legal processes, Crowdfunding contracts, insurance, and much more.,