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In the realm of Chart-topper NFT Gaming Platforms, Gods Unchained is one of the Top-scoring platforms that grounds in Play-to-Earn via trading cards. An NFT-powered trading card game like Gods Unchained is all glorified for redefining the gaming venture since users can play this game for free, buy cards, and trade them. 

In this article, we going to see about the trendsetter in the NFT Gaming world – Gods Unchained, and its features, benefits, and much more.,

Gods Unchained – Overview

Gods Unchained is a Blockchain-powered, easy, and free-to-play competitive NFT trading card Game that makes rewards for playing. Players must tactically outsmart enemies or competitors by making powerful tiers and using combat strategy. Gods Unchained offers players true ownership of all-in-game items, indicating they can sell, trade, and use their cards in various ways that they like — just as with real cards. 

GODS Tokens

GODS Tokens play a crucial part in Gods Unchained’s Play-to-earn foundation. Players of Gods Unchained can use these tokens to buy card packs from the marketplace, Craft card NFTs, and partake in governance endeavors. Also, players can earn rewards with the help of staking their $GODS tokens.

Rise of Non-Fungible Tokens

Currently, Most Crypto enthusiasts are moving towards Non-Fungible Tokens simply NFT. The main reason for this incredible attraction is the flexibility of the stage. Almost Every collection of Art, Music, Business Cards, Apps, Games, etc., that converted into NFTs.

NFTs are not like Cryptocurrencies. They are unique, so you require a specialized site to create a business. This specialized site is called NFT Marketplace, built on the blockchain network. There are numerous NFT markets in the crypto space for both exclusive and public trading. We Zodeak has vast years of experience that assisting clients that create online games based on the Gods Unchained NFT market. 

How do NFT-based Games Play a Crucial Role in the Marketplace?

This is absolutely the Play-to-earn Feature that inspires online gamers to embrace NFT games. However, the usual online games do vest in themselves the Play2Earn element, but why have they taken the backseat with the foreword of NFT-based games?

The individuality of NFT brings them that triggers the rapid adoption of NFT-based Play-to-earn Games. As Every Collectible inside the game is an NFT that retains a long-term value, how will players abstain from assembling to such gaming platforms? Let’s see in the deeper version!!!

God Unchained Clone script

Gods Unchained Clone Script is a tailor-made trading card game. This game develops for Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that execute on Ethereum Blockchain. Gods Unchained Game Clone script provides unique assets that are completely owned and managed by the players. Players can be traded on a public marketplace including Every Single card or added to a specific playing deck. 

Zodeak – Enthralling NFT Gaming Platform Development Company assists you to launch your own NFT Trading Card Games like Gods Unchained more quickly.

How Does The Gods Unchained Clone Script work?

Gods Unchained Clone Script operates similarly to other online strategy games, with its currency like credits or gold. These currencies take actual money from users and transform it into a more delightful in-game experience. The Currency of Gods Unchained is real. Players can utilize the game’s marketplace to buy and sell cards to create a card that will enable them to win more matches and earn more cards.

These games’ popularity has escalated, with more players and sales every month. They have done an incredible job of promoting the game and community via rated events and matches. They also intend to release a smartphone version of the game, permitting them to get a more extensive audience.

Launch your own NFT game development - Zodeak
Launch your own NFT game development – Zodeak

Types of Booster included in Gods Unchained Clone Script

Card Trading Games are not simply about collecting, creating a deck, and selling. Instead, it is about collecting and making a powerful deck, with which players can take home victory. To create such a robust deck, players will require to buy cards from the booster packs available on the platform. Here are the four types of Booster packs available on the NFT Trading card game – Gods Unchained.

  • Rare
  • Shiny
  • Epic
  • Legendary


This kind of booster pack contains 5 cards: 

-> 1 Rare Card

-> 4 Common Cards

As God’s Unchained, Players who desire to buy one pack of this type will have to pay 0.001ETH or $2.50.


One of the Highest Charging Booster pack

Cost – $150 or 0.006ETH 

-> 1 Gold or Diamond Legendary Card

-> 1 Rare Card

-> 1 Shadow (Gold or Diamond) Common Card

-> 2 Common Cards


This type of Booster Pack has 5 trading cards:

-> 1 Epic Card

-> 1 Rare Card

-> 3 Common Cards

Players can buy this pack with 0.0029ETH or $7.01 in hand. 


-> Pack charges – 0.01ETH or $25

-> 1 Legendary Card

-> 1 Rare Card

-> 3 Common Cards

The gameplay of our White Label Gods Unchained Clone Script

Sign Up

Signing up for the game is mandatory and does not require any registration fees since this game is free-to-play. Simply enter an email and creating a password will be enough as the initial step. 

Selecting a God Power

Each God has 4 powers, and the Players can select only one power, which can’t be changed until the end of the game. 

Deck Building

Since this is card-based Gaming, Deck Building is everything. As a Starter kit, every newbie will be offered a set of 70 cards, containing two copies each (a total of 140). To build a deck, players will need to group 30 cards of their choice and also have to pick a god. 

Battle Up

Once the players are hooked up, they can participate in the battles, beat their enemies, and get rewarded. There will be distinct matches occurring on a daily and weekly basis. 

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Electrifying Benefits incorporated in Gods Unchained Clone Script


Our Gods Unchained Clone script – NFT Trading card game is completely decentralized, implying the platform does not depend on a centralized authoritative system. 


One of our benefits is transparency throughout the project fulfillment. And we make it a preference to hold you initiated regarding different stages of development. 

P2P Trading

Our platform enables players with a peer-to-peer trading venture, where they can trade cards with co-players without the need for middlemen.

MultiLayer Environment

With the purpose of electrifying the player’s experience, Our Gaming Platform supports a multiplayer environment, where various players can come together and compete together. 

Create an Ally with Zodeak for NFT Trading Card games like Gods Unchained

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