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Why Cryptoreneurs Are Showing Interest To Create NFTs?

Entrepreneurs in this 21st century are profiting from NFTs by making money in various fields. They increase their revenue by creating tokens that are suitable for exchanging real-time objects like wearables, gaming assets, arts, music, etc. Additionally, the investors get attracted towards creating NFTs to extend their business largely. Are you thinking of becoming an entrepreneur like them in the NFT space?

Do think about it!

Importance of NFT Token Development Service in The Marketplace

NFT token development is the process of digitalizing artwork in the form of NFT tokens with the help of blockchain. NFT token is nothing but ownership of the masterpiece stored on the blockchain. Game and Art are the two major niches where NFT token development discovers ways of growing together. Indies and Fantasy lovers see it attractive to invest in such a carnival.

The first NFT was launched in 2012. Its revolution in gaming and collectible space attained huge popularity. The unique feature of NFT attracts investors, collectors, and gamers globally.

NFTs were developed with one of the two Ethereum token standards such as ERC-721 & ERC-1155. Ethereum provides blueprints for software developers to deploy NFTs easily.

The credit for NFT is increasing by offering authenticity and ownership of intellectual properties like in-game tokens and original artworks. NFTs indicate real-world assets like real estate, music, pictures, and animated videos.

Create Your NFT With The Maestro - Zodeak

We have switched to the shape of Blockchain technology and are the supporters of a decentralized world. We are the best NFT service providers and believe that blockchain-driven solutions would grant great potential in developing NFTs.

Above all the purposes and intents, the ERC-721 and ERC1155 token development empower digital content creators & investors to have high ROI from their businesses without any proxies.

Addressing the various perks in the minds, We offer NFT development services that support businesses to process infinite volumes of scalable tokens depending on their requirements. Let's see some of the advantages.


There will be complete transparency and ease when it comes to ensuring the liquidity of the platform.

As there are numerous standards in NFTs, valuing digital assets is high.


The verification protocol for the token is secure and swift. This ensures a rapid establishment in the crypto industry.

Open Zeppelin security standard is used to develop smart contracts in our NFT token to prevent phishing and hacking attacks.


With our working experience and expert team we are ready to handle any type of NFT development services.

We Assist with


Zodeak offers Open Zeppelin Standard to your development platform to handle various attacks globally.


Zodeak's development services provide On-Time support to handle uninterrupted services.


Zodeak provides customizable services to its clients to make them satisfy their business needs.


Zodeak includes external wallet integration and API to give the best user experience for the customers.


Enabling the transparency of data is the biggest promise of blockchain technology. Which is capable of providing fully auditable and valid ledger transactions.

Hassle-free delivery

Always Zodeak will be time conscious in delivering your exchange on time without any complexities and delay.

Designing & Planning

Our team will design an interactive UI based on your requirements. The project will be planned by our team as per your business needs.

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Why Should You Consider Developing An NFT?

NFTs are peerless crypto tokens that could maintain unique value in the blockchain world. Rarity and peculiarity are the two major traits in NFTs. This justifies unique progression in the crypto space.

However, the awe of NFTs doesn't get cooped up inside the digital currency and blockchain world. Securing ownership, and Tracking digital assets are acts that hold more value in the real world.

Quick Transactions

Blockchain Technology would simplify transactions and other business processes between contractors, suppliers, customers, and partners. This enables faster transactions between them.

Wide Range Accessibility

NFT development is utilized in various industries because of its numerous benefits. The vast range of usability makes it available for all classes of people who are interested in avail of crypto business.

Simplified Design Methodology

We have simplified the designs depending on the exponential wave of users seeking NFTs. These simplified designs make the users feel comfortable.


NFT Token Development Services

NFT Development

Zodeak with the skilled team furnishes your tokens with the features like indivisibility, transparency, and uniqueness to the digital collectibles to increase their value. Tokens are created on various token standards ERC-721, ERC-1155, and ERC-998 for several industries.

NFT Art Tokenization

Zodeak presents excellent tokenization services for digital assets and works tirelessly to protect creations from theft. Digital art creators can showcase and put their artworks for auction on the NFT platform.

NFT Exchange

NFT Exchange is forming new standards for liquidity, exchange, and trading. Due to the determined quality and sufficiency of NFTs. We rise with highly skilled blockchain developers to offer an end-to-end process for creating an NFT Exchange Platform.

NFT Gaming Platform

NFT Gaming Platform tries to sell, buy and develop the gaming assets tokens at a viable cost. We provide the best NFT Gaming Platform Development Services to develop and deliver the best-in-class NFT Gaming Platforms like Axie infinity, Sandbox, etc.

NFT For Real Estate

Invest in the comprehensive NFT real estate platform to achieve tremendous profits with our NFT real estate clone. A personalized white-label NFT real estate marketplace from us to captivate your optimal customers.

NFT For Music

Music NFT will stir the musicians and composers to develop their own NFT live music stream platform and also it will support tokenizing their work. Zodeak will support creating a successful NFT music marketplace for high-profit benefits.

NFT Token Development Standards

For the proper function of NFTs, It's essential to consider various blockchain standards. Selecting one among them depends on your business needs. Most of the NFTs are developed with the help of Ethereum and Tron token standards. These standards assure easy deployment of NFTs.

ERC 721 Token Standard

ERC 721 standard token was the first standard token on NFT. It defines the NFT digital assets. This standard token will give a unique address to identify the holder of the asset. Also, it offers some functions like moving the tokens from one account to another account.

ERC 998 Token Standard

ERC-998 is an extended version of ERC-721. This ERC-998 is also named Composable Non-Fungible Tokens. As it allows you to "compose" a fresh token from the collection of ERC-721 assets. This is the standard most widely utilized in the development of NFTs.

ERC 1155 Token Standard

ERC 1155 token is the improved version of ERC 721. It will serve as multiple classes of assets. So that it will cut down various smart contracts and also save the transaction fee. ERC 1155 can modify the landscape of DApps in the blockchain network.

Features Of Our NFT Token Development

  • Increase In Liquidity
  • Secure Wallet
  • No Intermediary
  • Separation Of Larger Assets
  • Global Capital Investment
  • Greater Market Adaptability
  • Custom Smart Contract
  • Customized Blockchain
  • Computerized SEC Compliance

Zodeak's NFT Marketing Services

Zodeak's market leaders follow their marketing approach to raise your business revenue. We give tips to build products that set the market trends to lead your business journey.

Developing Ideas & Implementation

Generally, we will encourage your idea & its implementation. We develop an NFT marketing platform based on your business idea along with robust technologies.

Social Media Marketing

It is basic for a product to educate all types of audiences. So that people can simply understand why they have to pay for digital images/pieces.

Building Community

Community is a vital thing for crypto projects. The primary community is the people who support you, spread you, invest in you, & buy your NFTs.

Zodeak Create NFT Tokens On Popular Blockchain Networks

NFT Marketplace Platform Development is built over different blockchain Platforms according to the client’s requirements and business scope. Every Blockchain Platform will vary with features, functionalities, and gas fees. Zodeak will create your own NFT Marketplace Platform on Various Blockchain Platforms


Technology Stack In Our NFT Token Development Services

We provide a surfeit of options for you to select from for your business project.

node js
express js

FAQ - NFT Token Development Services

NFT token development company supports tokenizing your Rare collectibles. NFT is a thunderstorm platform. Which guarantees irrefutable ownership of digital assets in the crypto space and crypto marketplace from art to the game for investment.

    The cost of developing an NFT token depends upon various factors:

  • Blockchain
  • Types of NFT standards
  • Development & Deployment of NFT

Zodeak’s NFT token development company is ready to develop tokens based on your busineed needs. According to your requirements, the tokens can be customized and will be delivered to you within 7 to 9 business days.

It is special data that makes it simple to examine the ownership and transfer the tokens between the owners. In NFT metadata artists can sign their artwork and also enclose their signatures.

Fungible Tokens can be swapped with other tokens having the same value, Whereas non-fungible tokens cannot be replaced with other tokens of the same type.

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