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What is an Initial Exchange Offering?

IEO is a fundraising mechanism that facilitates the issuers to develop tokens and improves the funds with the help of the user base of the exchange. IEOs are a contract between the crypto-exchange company and the fund-raising company.

A user with an IEO simply handles the transaction with various wallets on various blockchains. The user just creates an account with the fund in it to take part completely through the trusted website's interface. Investors feel secure while fundraising through IEO as crypto exchange confirms persistence before receiving any projects. This fundraising approach provides the investor's assurance of liquidity for a project with a ready-made user base.

Additionally, this minimizes the hurdle of the AML/KYC process on the issuer's side as the exchange takes the responsibility of confirming investors & projects. At Zodeak, we have experts in developing & marketing tokens for your IEO projects.

Why IEO For Fundraising?

IEOs are viewed as the most simple and safe way to fundraise for a project. Available benefits tempt all businesses and individuals to prefer to go with IEO compared to other crowdfunding approaches. In Zodeak Firm's opinion, there are 6 reasons to select IEO for a crypto project.


An IEO project experiences screening and background checks before starting to list on the exchange, which creates the project more robust and forms a state of trust among the investors.


The details of the project like Modules, Scope, Tokenomics, and Roadmap are visible to the visitors, which further adds trust and creates the project more transparent.


Investors do not need to be concerned about the investment in an exchange-backed IEO project as the exchange verifies the team's and project's credibility on behalf of users.

Exchange Listing

Compared to another crowdfunding approach, IEOs were listed only on the crypto exchanges. The exchange holds the responsibility of verifying the investors and projects. Likewise, users can feel free to invest in their IEOs on the platform as it's controlled and verified by the exchange.

Quick Process

Unlike another fundraising approach, the IEO process is quick and simple. As all pre-validations are done, investments start quickly once the project is listed.

High Success Rate

The IEOs are regarded as the most successful platforms to increase funds as they exist globally. Investors all over the world can participate in an IEO.

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Our IEO Development Services

White Paper Creation

Our team with ample knowledge of cryptos and blockchain will aid you in creating a whitepaper in a way to detail the project. You might utilize this for pitching your projects to investors.

Token Creation

Depending on the requirements of the project, tokenomics, maximum supply, token protocol, etc, we develop tokens in various token standards like ERC20, BEP20, ERC721, TRC20, etc with the most security to obtain investors' interests.

Exchange Listing

Listing the tokens on the exchange will make your project reach all investors. This way supports you by attracting credible investors and also gives a high ROI.

Token Sale and Distribution

An IEO is an asset distribution methodology that facilitates selling digital assets to raise funds for blockchain-based projects. It involves the distribution of new crypto tokens to various investors or the public.

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Advantages of (IEO) Initial Exchange Offering

Fundraising Mechanism

With our IEO services, you will offer a customized fundraising mechanism that could streamline the whole campaign for you simply.


Once completing your successful launch event, they will automatically be listed in the exchange.

No Additional KYC

No need for verification of investors as they have already given the KYC details during profile creation over the exchange for verification.


Profiles created on exchanges are verified and there’s no possibility of scamming from exchanges, creating an unending cycle of trust. It subsequently increases investment.

Our IEO Marketing Services

Market Analysis

Our team examines the current market situation, market weaknesses, strengths, trends, and competitors. Our team will use all this information to create a suitable marketing plan for the projects.

Website Creation

Website is the medium that acts as a key to attracting investors to your IEO projects. Our experts develop a visually-appealing website with excellent design elements.

Whitepaper Documentation

We create a detailed whitepaper in a way to brief each and every module of the project. This is done to give clarity about the project to the investors.

Social Channels

We use all the famous social media platforms to promote your IEO project to reach globally. We also take part in several community-building activities.

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Our IEO Development Process

IEO Development Process
IEO Development Process
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Why is Zodeak the best IEO Development company?

As a fully-fledged Blockchain development company, Zodeak offers End-To-End IEO development services to all blockchain-based projects. Our deliverables will be outstanding as it is devised by experts of passionate blockchain professionals in a cost-friendly manner within a stipulated time.

Unique Benefits of IEO

  • Liquidity
  • Integrity
  • Security
  • Quality
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Simple Interface

FAQ - IEO Development Services

An IEO is a process providing tokens for sale to qualified investors over crypto exchange directly. In an IEO, tokens are available for sale Via exchange, and users can buy them simply. The tokens must undergo all validation processes before it is listed for sale on the exchange. So users can buy tokens with confidence.

An IEO company takes the responsibility to verify each and every stage of IEO development. It has a separate step to verify the quality and feedback while planning & developing your IEO. An IEO development company considers the entire process of developing a token till marketing & hosting an IEO event.

No. With the right development company, it will not be a difficult task to establish an IEO for your project. At zodeak, we offer you full-package services to develop tokens for your IEO, establish them in an exchange, and promote it globally.

We offer the best crypto bot development services to build a secure, lucrative, and efficient bot implanted with trending features. We also facilitate a platform where you can build a bot with your procedures. Moreover, IEOs are now mature enough to become ILO, IGO, and IDO.

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