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What is Trust Wallet Clone Script?

Trust Wallet Clone Script is a replica of the famous Trust Wallet app, ensuring an exact and user-friendly experience. It is seamlessly compatible with many blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, TRON, and more. Our clone script helps you effortlessly manage your digital assets, conduct transactions and be compatible with decentralized applications.

In a way, Zodeak’s Trust Wallet clone app is built with advanced encryption protocols, private keys, sensitive data protection, and strong security features. Also, we offer customization for your solution to customize it to your specific needs. Whether you are a startup looking to launch your crypto wallet platform or a business looking to improve your platform's capabilities, we offer all sorts of Trust Wallet app development services.

Trust Wallet Clone App

It is a type of readymade crypto wallet app built under blockchain technology and it performs the same as Trust Wallet. Zodeak offers a highly comfortable White label trust wallet clone app that is fully customizable and Our Trust wallet clone app is available for both Android and iOS . Our experienced skilled developers who develop your own trust wallet clone app at the most effective prices. Zodeak’s trust wallet clone app helps you to trade cryptocurrencies and it supports various blockchain platforms based on your requirements. It facilitates the traders for smooth digital asset transfer.

Features of Zodeak’s Trust Wallet Clone App

Why Can You Develop A Crypto Wallet Like Trust Wallet?

User-Friendly Interface

Our Trust Wallet app is designed with advanced features and helps the user to transact without any complexity and it cannot be accessed by any other person except the desired user. It allows you to check your crypto wallet balance, transaction history & other details on your device.


Zodeak’s Trust wallet is designed to work on the decentralized blockchain platforms. It allows access to the private keys so that the users can use them on any sort of crypto exchange with their private keys. A decentralized blockchain platform can help to keep your funds safe and secure.


Our Trust Wallet will provide you with multifunctional opportunities like sending and receiving crypto, checking your crypto balance, viewing your transactions and watching the crypto market prices, and more.

Supports Both NFT & DeFi

Our Trust Wallet Clone App will support both NFT & DeFi and allow you to keep your unique ERC721 & ERC 1155 token standards on NFTs with gaming assets in one place based on your requirements.

Extensive Support To DApps

You can easily interact with any decentralized application (DApp) which is fully functioning with the Web3 browser. Trust Wallet's DApp browser will provide API for DApp developers to build multi-chain applications.

Supports Both Android & IOS

Our trust wallet clone app will support both android & iOs and it is a perfectly balanced blend of speed, safety, performance, and provide an excellent user experience.

White Label Trust Wallet Clone Script

Zodeak’s offers a white label trust wallet script that allows customization to provide convenient features that help to connect a large number of cryptocurrencies and it is integrated with high-security features such as DDos mitigation, Database Encryption, End-to-End Encrypted Transactions. So that it helps to secure your crypto wallet from fraudsters and cyber attacks.

Cryptocurrencies & Tokens Which is Supported by Our Trust Wallet Clone App

Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance Coin (BNB)



Trust Wallet Clone Script

Tezos (XTZ)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin (DOGE)

VeChain (VEN)

VeChain (VEN)

Stellar (XLM)

Stellar (XLM)

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH)

Zodeak Wallet App Details



Technical Stack


Supported Cryptocurrencies



All Major Devices (Android and iOS)

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Get The Best Crypto Wallet Like Trust Wallet With Zodeak Now!

As a leading Crypto Wallet Development Company, Zodeak provides the best blockchain development services to launch your own crypto wallet like Trust Wallet with highly skilled blockchain developers. Zodeak’s Trust Wallet clone script can be customized based on the user's business requirements. Zodeak will help to store your transaction records on both private and public keys.

FAQ - Trust Wallet Clone Script

Trust Wallet is a type of crypto wallet which is mainly used in mobile. It is called an open-source wallet with ease of setup and use. It enables us to send, receive and store multiple cryptocurrencies.

  • Log into your wallet.
  • Select option “Receive”.
  • Add you’re display with Public keys/wallet address.
  • Then use wallet address/public keys/scan QR code to transfer funds into your wallet.
  • Select the “Transactions” to examine the activity history for your wallet and confirm the funds that you have reached.

It acts like a bridge that connects to an individual blockchain through its nodes. Each blockchain has its own set of public addresses. These addresses will store the crypto. Trust Wallet doesn't control any crypto, it will give users access to use it. Our trust wallet clone will give access to the user to do crypto transactions like trading and staking.

Zodeak will offer Qualified Development Services that help entrepreneurs to launch their crypto wallet-like trust wallet. We have a pool of blockchain developers with adequate experience in crypto & blockchain solutions.

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