What is Altcoin?

Altcoin(Alternative coins) is the digitalized assets that developed to operate as a pre-eminent factor of exchange. This Altcoin is backed by a highly secured decentralized system entitled Blockchain. This can be contrived through the venerable encryption system called cryptography. When comes to the popularized Crypto assets, "Bitcoin" is the first and foremost cryptocurrency that rules the entire global prevalence. After the victory of Bitcoin, many cryptocurrencies are entered into the crypto marketplace and considered as the future of capitalism. And those cryptocurrencies are called Altcoins. With their innovative functionalities and highly secured features, these cryptocurrencies have the potential to renovate any sort of enterprise. This Altcoin/Cryptocurrency is the most superior choice for various business demands such as transactions, tokenization, and many more,

Altcoin Development Services

We Zodeak is the proficient Cryptocurrency Development Company that evolves upgraded crypto-coin with the help of high-end technology, which provides the ultimate power to stay ahead in the race of altcoin.

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Cryptocurrency & Altcoin Creation

Zodeak will create Cryptocoin & custom Altcoin with a fully secured blockchain platform using Cryptographic algorithms. Our dedicated developers will utilize cutting-edge technology for cryptocurrency & Altcoin development as per the user requirements.

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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Zodeak offers a highly protected, trustworthy, and extensible crypto wallet that will help to store your private and public transaction keys and to collaborate with various blocks in the network. So that users have complete access to manage their crypto transactions.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Zodeak offers the highly advanced Whitelabel Cryptocurrency trading Software that brings more customers to turn up into an everlasting bond. Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development has multiple pairing support, and other features to launch a crypto exchange platform instantly!

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Cryptocurrency Mining Services

Cryptocurrency Mining is the process of building new cryptocurrencies by solving complex questions. Cryptocurrency creation is a complicated process that needs both hardware & software. Zodeak will provide both hardware and software tools to execute mining algorithms and to mining various crypto coins promptly.

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ICO Development

It was one of the right ways for startups or entrepreneurs to raise initial funds for their crypto business opportunities. it was integrated with blockchain technology. Zodeak has proficiency in blockchain technology that enables us to provide stable ICO Development solutions as per your requirements.

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Smart Contract Development

It is a type of virtual contract which was built under a blockchain platform. it was signed between two parties without a third-party intermediary. Zodeak will have experience in developing smart contract which acts as a prime key to make automation transactions, processes, agreements, shares, etc.

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Our Altcoin Development Platforms

Create your own Altcoin / Cryptocurrency

We Zodeak have a model of operating a successful Cryptocurrency or Altcoin Development Company

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Vision & Whitepaper Creation

We have a team of blockchain experts to establish the most superior ideation exhibited in the Whitepaper Presentation.

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Dashboard & ICO Marketing

We provide a stunning Dashboard setup along with accelerating through ICO Marketing with the help of social media firms such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, and more.,

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Initial Coin Offering

With the help of Pre-ICO and ICO techniques, users can determine and are allowed to buy your coin/token as you resolve the price.

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Crypto wallet Integration

Drop the assigned, bought amount of coins/tokens to your investors with the help of our white label crypto web and mobile wallets.

Additional Benefits incorporates in our Altcoin Development Services

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We provide Unique solutions to our Altcoin Creation services offering perfect insights and reviews which suit our client’s requirements.

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Instant Response

Zodeak is always available to provide a great response to all inquiries which assists to enlarge business as per our user’s or client’s needs.

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Highly Reliable & Transparent

Our Crypto coin Creation includes cutting-edge technology that helps to improve the reliability and transparency of our altcoin development services.

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Completely Decentralized

The concept of decentralization works on every cryptocurrency with new technology by using disseminated hyperledger technology.

FAQ - Altcoin Development Services

Altcoins are revolutionizing the economy. Some of the altcoins that will be explored in 2022 are Cardano, SHIB, Binance Coin, Solana, Polkadot, and dogecoin, etc.
An altcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that is an alternative coin of Bitcoin. It was backed by a decentralized ecosystem called a blockchain. A large number of altcoins are still entering the crypto market and it is the most favored choice for business needs such as online investment, tokenization, transaction, and much more.
Some of the main types of altcoins which include Stablecoins, Mining-based Cryptocurrencies, security and utility tokens.
The range starts from min to max and it depends on the concerning ideas and how many coins you need for your project and also depends upon your standards and scope of the projects.
Zodeak will take pride in being a leading Altcoin development company with futuristic developers to give you complete Altcoin development services which are powered by blockchain technology to build your own altcoin as well as utilize smart contracts to protect every transaction.

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