Free Installation

Once the purchase is completed by us, Zodeak asks for the server credentials from the customer and we install our solution to your server free of cost.


  • Server Setup for Website & Coins
  • Domain Pointing with Nameserver Transfer


  • Server Account Creation
  • DNS Account Creation

Free Bug Support

Zodeak is actively working to provide a bug-free solution. Committing to that, if any major bugs are found in real-time which will affect the Websites Core functionality, we will work on them immediately and also fix those bugs as soon as possible; remaining minor bugs we will give you the patch files in the time of product Updates.

Free White Labeling

We know that it is important to have your own logo and name on your Dream Project. So, we replace the product name and Logo with your Own branding Logo and Name.


  • Website Logo update


  • Website Color Theme update
  • Website Logo Creation
  • Website Content update

Support Extension

To continue or extend the support period after the expiration of the free support period, you can make a purchase of our Additional support package by paying an extra charge.

Free Website Support

If you face any Website down problems after installation, then our team will provide you support to fix them in a timely manner. Protection of the domain, website, and backend is essential for the website owner. We also assist you to get the SSL certificate for seamless running.


  • Site down issues


  • Server down issues
  • DNS related Issues

Free mobile app submission

No worries about app submission! Zodeak will take over app submission to the Apple & play store. If you provide the developer accounts, we will take care of the app submission and ensure smooth running.


  • Android App Submission
  • iOS App Submission
  • App rejection support
  • App Name and Logo Updates


  • New functions if anything needed for submission
  • App Theme Updates
  • Policy creation
  • Logo creation

Free Third-Party Configuration Support

The expert team in Zodeak will assist you to create the Third Party API’s which were used in our Products. The list of API’s used in our Products were as follows: Trading view chart, Paypal, Crypto compare API (For exchange rate), Google recaptcha, Etherscan API key, BSC scan API key, and Binance SPOT trade API. This 3rd party package won’t cover any local machine configuration and it's aborted if you or your team perform any customization.


  • List of API’s may vary based on the Projects. Contact our team for further details.