BEP20 token development

BEP20 Token Development

Binance is growing remarkably beyond a cryptocurrency exchange, and it is booming as an ecosystem. Binance has developed a Blockchain platform called Binance Smart Chain. BEP20 is similar to the ERC 20 token in Ethereum Blockchain to resolve high gas fees.

BEP20 is a Token standard in Binance Smart Chain. The aim of BEP 20 is to make users develop tokens in a simple and user-friendly manner. Each token follows standard BEP-20 similar to ERC 20. It illustrates how a token based on BEP-20 can be given and applied. BEP-20 token standard that allows developers with a resilient token standard to develop a wide range of tokens.

Zodeak-BEP20 Token Standard Development and consulting services

We offer various token development and consulting services for an entrepreneur to kick start their business.

BEP20 token development

Token Development & Creation

We Zodeak provide various token development and creation for the non-fungible tokens on the Binance Smart Chain platform according to the user's business scope.

BEP20 token development

Mintable BEP20 Token

We Zodeak, a reputed Blockchain development company, provide mintable BEP20 tokens with an ambiguous total supply, allowing token owners to “mint” new BEP20 tokens without any time constraints.

BEP20 token development

Token Migration

Our Highly-skilled blockchain architects can migrate your token from beta to mainnet on any blockchain, including Ethereum, Tron, and BSC, as well as transform ERC tokens to reliable token standards like BEP20.

BEP20 token development

DEX with BEP20 Tokens

DEX exchange mainly operates with its platform-associated tokens for utility and governance tokens. We can provide you with the DEX platform and associated token with the BEP20 token standard on Binance Smart Chain.

BEP20 token development

Listing of BEP20 Tokens

We Zodeak helps the Token owners to list their tokens on various cryptocurrency exchanges. Listing tokens on exchanges help to make the tokens available for trading improves the token liquidity, and grasp the investors globally.

BEP20 token development

BEP20 Token Wallet

We offer Wallet development according to the BEP20 standard that can handle various token standards built on the Binance Smart Chain. This helps the users to offer secure and hassle-free token trading instantly.

Key Benefits of BEP 20 Token Development

Types of BEP20 Token Development

BEP20 token development

Governance Tokens

Governance Tokens enable the token holders to take part in the governance activities of the platform by allowing them to vote in the community decisions.

BEP20 token development

Utility Token

Utility Tokens can be created using BEP 20 token standard, where it allows the platform users to farm, stake, & rewards/ earnings for taking part in the transaction. Utility tokens are used for internal payments on the platform.

BEP20 token development

Crypto Derivatives

Create an asset-pegged crypto token that is on-chain to off-chain linking like stocks that can be made with BEP 20 token development standards.

Usecase - Popular BEP 20 Token

BEP20 token development


BEP20 token development


BEP20 token development


BEP20 token development


BEP20 token development


BEP20 token development


BEP20 token development


BEP20 token development


BEP20 token development


BEP20 token development


Why go for BEP20 Token Development?

BEP20 token development

Faster Transactions

The BEP 20 token is highly efficient, and the fastest transaction compared to the ERC 20 on ethereum. BEP-20 standard allows any Binance Smart Chain token to be used by other applications like wallets and decentralized exchanges.

BEP20 token development

Transaction Fees are Low

Transaction fees are higher in the Ethereum platform, to resolve the high gas fee, Binance has developed a Binance Smart Chain. All transactions executed with BEP20 tokens on the Binance chain will need a fee paid in BNB.

BEP20 token development

Compatible in all platforms

BEP20 coins are fit with Binance Chain BEP2 coins. Users can trade in a hassle-free way and can switch between the two networks. BEP-20 helps developers with a resilient token standard to develop a wide variety of tokens.

Why choose Zodeak for BEP20 Token Development?

Zodeak, a reputed Binance Smart Chain Solution Development Company, provides highly qualified BEP20 token development services to our clients. We have an adroit team of Blockchain experts with in-depth experience in Token development over various Blockchain.

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FAQ - BEP20 Token Development Services

BEP20 is the Token Standard used by Binance Smart Chain and that is similar to the ERC20 token in Ethereum.
BEP20 Token can be of various types like utility and governance tokens.
Yes, BEP20 is compatible with Multiple Blockchain.
Yes, BEP20 Token supports crypto wallets like Metamask, Trustwallet, etc.
The Cost of the BEP20 Token standard varies according to the reliability and purpose of the Token.

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