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What is a cryptocurrency wallet?

A crypto wallet is a hardware or software that allows users to store and use cryptocurrency. A crypto wallet facilitates a way for the users to validate an account balance by giving visibility to how many cryptos are owned by them. With a crypto wallet, users can send and receive cryptocurrencies with other dApp. For crypto users, a crypto wallet is a primary to handle cryptocurrency balances.

Creating a wallet to store multiple crypto tokens is one of the added advantages of safe and secure transactions. Once you are logged in, you can check the transaction status at any time.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

We Cryptocurrency Wallet development is a process of developing Crypto wallets to store, send and receive digital assets. From hardware devices to mobile applications and desktop to web versions, the crypto wallet has been developed and introduced in different forms. The wallets are categorized as custodial, and non-custodial wallets based on the purpose of individual and business requirements.

Custodial Wallet:

Mostly web-based crypto wallets are custodial wallets. With the custodial wallet, the user won't have full control over their tokens, and the private key used to sign for the transaction is maintained only by the exchange or platform. Here the user has to trust the exchange or platform to securely store their tokens, and robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access.

Non-Custodial Wallet:

On the other hand, a non-custodial wallet provides you full control over your funds as the private key is stored locally with the users. With the non-custodial wallet, users are asked to generate the private key. Here the users are fully responsible for the funds in the crypto wallet. Cryptocurrency wallets are the source to handle crypto assets. So there is a need for superior accessibility and robust security measures. Where all these measures are satisfied and delivered only by Zodeak.

Why Choose Us for Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Zodeak is a leading cryptocurrency wallet development company that considers various business requirements based on the industries to which they belong. Our team has the potential to handle the most complex task seamlessly. We are ready to deliver cryptocurrency wallets with feature-rich security measures and user-friendly interfaces to improve our client's business models.

Reliable & Secure

We are aware of common security threats in the industry. so our experts will develop secure code to safeguard your crypto wallet from hackers.

Customized Solution

We provide customization in a way to convert client's business ideas into reality. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy customers' business needs.

Experienced Team

We have a skilled team who guarantees to deliver your project matching your business expectations.

Advanced Technologies

Zodeak guarantees to provide disruptive technologies and also discovers new possibilities every day.

Fast Response

Our skilled team provides On-Time responses to clients who have numerous queries regarding the product.

On-Time Support

Zodeak provides On-Time Support to make customers much more satisfied before and after deploying.

Types of Crypto Wallet Development Solutions

We create various types of crypto wallets to facilitate the secure transfer and storage of crypto assets.

Mobile Wallet Development

This type of app solution offers high-end functionality to the users and also offers the opportunity to access digital assets on mobile devices. Additionally, it is preferable for remote payments and transactions.

Desktop Wallet Development

We will gain knowledge about the qualities of your assets before developing desktop wallet solutions for your business. We aid you in managing your transactions simply so that you can easily understand the involved technicalities.

Centralized Wallet Development

This kind of wallet protects users' private keys and also supports them in accessing wallets in a hassle-free manner. Additionally, the whitelisting of paper assures rapid and safer transactions.

Web Wallet Development

Web wallets could be accessed through the internet at any time. They are capable of storing safely and provide multi-cryptocurrency support with exchange trading.

Multi-Currency Wallet Development

Multi-currency wallet development supports the users to store and transfer various kinds of currencies. Our expert offers both single and multi-currency support. Now relinquished in global trading and offers multi-currency wallet support for reliable storage of international tokens and assets.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

Crypto Wallet Like Trust Wallet

Our proficient team of experts can build a top-notch crypto wallet development on various blockchains such as Binance Smart chain, Ethereum, etc., This wallet makes the innovation that is more convenient for businesses. Zodeak executes this platform specifically for every single enterprise.

Web3 Wallet Development

A Web3 wallet provides numerous advantages such as selling and buying NFTs, accessing DeFi apps, and managing tokens which are presented on Algorand, Solana, and Ethereum networks. These wallets store and support access to the dApps on several chains. It gives users a chance to control their assets by themselves.

DeFi Wallet Development

Develop a decentralized, non-custodial wallet with the most enhanced privacy and security features which allows your wallet users to experience ownership over their assets. Users manage their private keys and finances with a decentralized wallet which helps the firm be easy to use.

NFT Wallet Development

Move your business into the NFT space by utilizing our NFT wallet development services to develop a user-friendly wallet to string, transfer, and receive NFTs. Also, we guarantee that you will gain numerous benefits from the platform while creating NFT tokens. We develop a scalable structure mainly to concentrate on the nuance of the mechanism and make it more practical.

Bitcoin Wallet Development

Bitcoin Wallet has created a new trend in the rising domain and holds priceless assets. It integrates enhanced features in a way to improve its security with the huge number of assets that make wallet usage simpler than ever.

Ethereum Wallet Development

Ethereum is the most valuable token which must be preserved more securely. We build scalable Ethereum wallets which have the capacity to manage ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, and ECRC777. These standards gained the user's attention.

Tron Wallet Development

To steer new start-ups, SMEs, and well-established firms we create a personalized wallet on TRON. This is done by enabling TRON Dapps development integrated with a strong TRON wallet. Also provide support to manage and control TRON, TRX, etc.

Salient Features of White-Label Crypto Wallet

Multi-Factor Authentication

Improves wallet security with multi-factor authentication. We combine these security features with your wallet requirements.

Multi-Crypto Support

Our professionals create crypto wallet app solutions to support important cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Altcoin, Bitcoin, etc.

Real-Time Conversion Rates Updates

Our cryptocurrency wallet solutions give automatic updates on exchange rates to users. It helps at the time of decision-making by looking at the information on graphs and charts.

Wallet Backup

Our crypto wallet development experts develop a digital wallet by considering situations like phishing attacks and hacks from the outer side. In this case, users can take a backup of their information with the backup feature which is combined with this app.


The users could sell cryptos directly from the wallet and in turn, get the money credited to their cards.


The token-swapping functionality removes the need for a separate wallet integration service.


Empower your users to safely stake their cryptos and take part in trading activity across the platform.

Push Notification

You would be updated whenever the value of cryptocurrency gets changed. You will be notified of your transactions.

Auto denial of duplicate payments

The wallet automatically predicts and restricts duplicate payments to avoid any chargebacks.

Automated Session Logout

The wallet session logs out immediately once the idle time expires. It removes fraudulent activities on the wallet. The user can access their wallet only by entering his password.

Our Multi-Currency Wallet Development Approach

Step 1: Conceptualise

We collect input to understand their requirements and also help you to comprehend the project's feasibility. We assure you that your business purpose will satisfy the futuristic use case.

We design and develop a minimum viable product that gives an overlook of the product and also demonstrates the working of a wallet through rapid prototyping.

Step 2: MVP Design
Step 3: Development

With our widespread expertise, futuristic approach, and special features we begin to develop a wallet with dashboard design and security parameters to be ready for deployment.

We test the beta version of the wallet under numerous scenarios and test conditions to verify the performance from various perspectives to confirm the functional performance.

Step 4: Product Testing
Step 5: Launch

When the clients finalize and agree with the wallet, we will launch the crypto wallet in the market according to the interest of the client.

FAQ - Cryptocurrency Wallet

Zodeak provides customized cryptocurrency wallet development services. The completion time of the project would depend on the functionalities and features requested by you to add to your project. With all features, we will try to complete the entire project in a few business days.

The private key of the sender must align with the public address of the receiver. By performing this, the senders are able to transfer their crypto assets to the wallet address of the receivers, providing them to use the coins.

Yes, one can store one and more cryptocurrencies in their crypto wallet. The wallet must be designed in a way to support multiple cryptos that you are planning to store.

Whenever a transaction occurs, it will automatically produce a new private key, allowing you to access and manage your crypto funds more securely. This private is used to unlock the crypto wallet which holds your crypto funds. You can manage your funds in the crypto wallet safely if you alone have access to the private key. This key is difficult to be identified by the hackers who try to commit fraud on your wallet.

Hot wallet operates only with an internet connection. Where within the wallet the private keys are stored digitally. Whereas a cold wallet is like a Pendrive which works even in the offline mode and is also capable of storing the private key.

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