SafeMoon Clone Script

SafeMoon Clone Script is the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) based Decentralized Exchange script which is completely developed for creating proficient fundraising DeFi based protocol like SafeMoon. This Safe Moon Clone Script is a complete replica of the DeFi token protocol for exchanges included with inbuilt features and functionalities like Safe Moon.

This clone script comes with the inclusion of liquidity pool acquisition, RFI tokenomics, Static rewards, Automatic Token burns, and more., 

In this article, we took a look at the definition of SafeMoon Clone Script, how does it work? and finally, we have to see how to create your own DeFi based Protocol like SafeMoon?

Core Functionalities of our SafeMoon Clone Software

>> Liquidity Pool Acquisition

>> Burn Mechanisms

>> Reflections

What is SafeMoon? – Overview

SafeMoon is a perfect fundraising DeFi based Token Protocol that functions like the Tokenomics of the The protocol of the SafeMoon engages with the ultimate aim of leveraging income to its users. This protocol operates with the Safemoon token as its inherent coin and Binance Smart Chain as its framework operations.

Specifications of SafeMoon:

Currency Price: $0.000001892

Market Cap: $1,108,633,125

Founder/CEO: John Karony

Total Supply of Token: 1 quadrillion tokens


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SafeMoon Clone Development

SafeMoon Clone Development is a kind of tiresome process where the techy developer stringently comprehends the technical programming standards and codes them for presenting a 100% safe SafeMoon Clone Script to clients. 

These works make it simple for the newbie of the platform who desires to build a DeFi protocol like SafeMoon instantly. This Safemoon clone development purpose is to render impeccable solutions for startups and crypto peeps, who want to grow their business in this decentralized way. 

These SafeMoon Clone Script functionalities derive at the development time process that replicates all features and functions with the help of the SafeMoon DeFi protocol. 

Safe Moon Clone Script Software Features

We Zodeak includes in our Exclusive Safemoon Clone Script software with core functionalities such as,

>> Automated LP

>> Static Rewards

>> Reflection

>> Manual Burns

Automated LP

Automatic Liquidity Pool executes two-base operations that include procuring funds from sellers and buyers and unites them to the LP creating a solid price floor. Another function is that the Clone Script’s contract sustains the Token’s price floor. 

Static Rewards

This Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol covers issues like condition-based trading and volume-based trading, With the help of people migration in the SafeMoon. To resolve these issues, Static Rewards are introduced. That will help to sort out these problems and reduce the pressure on the tokens.


Sharing of passive income appears in this SafeMoon protocol, which is the highly trendiest one among the users.

Manual Burns

Manual burns are the trendiest one that comes up with the probability of enhancing the Token convenience. SafeMoon Clone Script’s manual burning mechanism endeavors to execute beneficial outcomes for the long run.

Safe Moon Markets:

  • PancakeSwap
  • Bitrue
  • Decoin
  • BitMart

SafeMoon Clone Script – To Build DeFi Token Like SafeMoon

SafeMoon Clone Script is the DeFi Token Development platform same as the original Safemoon protocol that holds the same exhibits and features. The SafeMoon clone script is the actual play in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) which restrains many new updates leading to more liquidity volume and profits through rewards.

  • SafeMoon is the prominent DeFi-based Fundraising protocol that can be created by doing quick exploration about the SafeMoon protocol, functionalities, advantages, working principles, how to launch it, and more. 
  • Communicate with us Zodeak – DeFi development Company Services to build a related fundraising protocol like SafeMoon for you.
  • We can support and build your own successful DeFi protocol with superior functionalities enclosed in them.
  • Based on your business requirements, you can add customization in your own SafeMoon Clone Script.
  • An enormous number of experts in our DeFi development Services are here to assist you in establishing your successful decentralized protocol in real-time. 

Benefits included in our Safe Moon Clone Software

In SafeMoon Protocol, there is a wide range of benefits that are capitalizing among the cryptosphere. The reason for creating a DeFi-based protocol like SafeMoon is that it solves the problems regarding volatility. Many DeFi-based protocols face high volatility issues and higher prices inflicted on cryptocurrencies, But SafeMoon rectifies the above problems and is developed with an intention of reducing high cryptocurrency price inconsistencies.

In addition to that feebler slippage rate is endeavored by the SafeMoon protocol, and it is one of the key progress factors behind creating a popular fundraising protocol like SafeMoon.

Why choose Zodeak for proficient SafeMoon Clone Script Software?

Zodeak is the top-notch DeFi Development Services that amplifies and deploys SafeMoon Clone Script Software containing an upgraded version of SafeMoon protocol along with exclusive features of real-time DeFi protocol like SafeMoon. This SafeMoon Clone Script is a fully-fledged Decentralized Exchange Script that assists you to create a business platform on a decentralized network like SafeMoon. 

To get more information about our DeFi development services, you can get contact us via,

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FAQ – Safemoon Clone Script

1. What is Safemoon?

SafeMoon is an ideal fundraising DeFi based Token Protocol that functions like the Tokenomics of the Safemoon protocol enthralls with the foremost aim of leveraging income to its users.

2. How does our Safemoon Clone script work?

Based on the core functionalities, safemoon clone script are executed, they are,
1) Reflection
2) Manual Burns
3) Automatic Liquidity Pool
4) Static Rewards

3. Why create Safemoon Clone?

SafeMoon Clone satisfies the fully-featured benefits of SafeMoon such as the automated liquidity conditions, manual token burn mechanism, and adaption to fluctuating markets.

4. What are the benefits of the safemoon clone?

1) High APY
2) Percentage based returns
3) Consistent with Market fluctuations

Disclaimer: We Are Using The Term ” Safemoon ” For The Purpose Of Easy Understanding & Identification. We Are Not Related To ” Safemoon ” , Inc. & Not Doing Any Promotion Activities For Them.