Paxful Clone Script

Paxful clone script is tailor-made script used to start a cryptocurrency exchange like Paxful. Our Paxful clone is a readymade script that helps entrepreneurs to launch their exchange and do hassle-free trading with advanced features. Paxful clone helps in achieving peer-to-peer trading with a well-secured escrow-enabled trading platform.

Paxful is one of the most pre-eminent peer-to-peer crypto trading platforms which encompasses more than 300 kinds of payment modes. This user-friendly platform instigated opportunities for trading businesses. The Paxful clone set a stage to broadcast the business in the limelight.

Our Paxful clone has developed by considering the major traits like certainty and reliability which highly suit. business practices. This helps one to be a distinctive venture among the competitors. We at Zodeak, with experienced team members, offer the optimum solution to onset your trading business website.

Paxful clone script

White Label Paxful Clone Development

We offer well-established Paxful clone development services with our intact team of Blockchain architects. We help you to deliver an ecosystem of trust. Our intention of providing a white label Paxful clone is to offer a completely customizable business solution to begin your dream of the ideal business. We help utilize the proven business strategy, reduce financial risks, and reduce development costs and time. Our White label Paxful clone script features are:

  • Paxful clone script Robust Trade Engine
  • Paxful clone script Multi-lingual Support
  • Paxful clone script Ad based trading
  • Paxful clone script Atomic Swap
  • Paxful clone script Smart contract based Escrow
  • Paxful clone script Multiple-payment methods
  • Paxful clone script Reliable P2P trading
  • Paxful clone script Enhanced Dispute Management
  • Paxful clone script Dynamic Token adding

Eminent Features of Paxful Clone Script

Paxful clone script

Proximity Match

Based on the chosen payment methods and other traits, the match between the buyer and the seller gets executed which is cozier for the users. A proximity match helps the traders to get their coveted trader with satisfying demands.

Paxful clone script


To verify the identity of the customer, make the process certain by ensuring the KYC/AML regulations. KYC and AML facilitate the trader with secure trading during exchanges. This helps to guarantee the trader with trusted users is allowed to access the trading platform.

Paxful clone script

Chat Option

The Buyer and seller can chat directly with one another over the chat option available at the exchange. The seller and the buyer can share a room to have clarity without sharing their personal information regarding the trading on the site.

Paxful clone script

Multiple-Payment Gateways

The traders can buy cryptocurrency with ease using multiple payment options. The trader can make payments using various options like Card, Bank transfer, & Paypal, etc. It facilitates comfort and makes it easy for traders to acquire cryptocurrency.

Paxful clone script


The trader can easily navigate and buy cryptocurrency without any obstacles like language barriers. Traders from various parts of the globe can easily make use of your exchange to acquire cryptocurrency.

Paxful clone script

Secured Escrow Trade

The user can buy and sell cryptos securely with the help of an escrow service. The escrow is the criterion to monitor the trading between the seller and buyer. For example, escrow holds the seller's crypto until the buyer completes the payment successfully.

Paxful clone script

Crypto Wallet Integration

The Cryptocurrency Wallet is integrated on the exchange platform to provide a secure and hassle-free trading experience for the exchange platform users. The user registered and verified successfully on the exchange is allocated with the crypto wallet separately.

Paxful clone script

Buy/Sell Ads Posting

The traders can trade cryptocurrency on the exchange through posting Ads. The trader can post selling and buying ads describing the requirements in detail. This method allows traders to have complete control over their digital assets, like whom they want to trade the cryptocurrencies.

Paxful clone script

Dispute Management

The disagreement regarding the seller and the user can be addressed and sorted out from the admin side to make the matter of requirements. With the help of escrow service, the trader dispute can be handled efficiently.

Key Security Features in our Paxful Clone Script

Paxful clone script from Zodeak offers proficient features to ensure the trader's trust and transparency in their account activities. We Design and develop Paxful clones so we are cautious in handling user-provided data and credential data on the exchange platform.

Email Verification

Google Authenticator

Anti-Phishing code

Anti Denial Services


Escrow Enabled

Multi-layer Security


How Does Our Paxful Clone Operate?

Paxful clone script


Users need to register by providing an email Id and a verification email is sent to the user registered mail id for confirmation.


The user needs to provide KYC details and get validated from the platform admin to proceed with the trading.

Wallet Allocation

Each verified user is allocated a crypto wallet on the exchange platform for trading.

Choose Bitcoin Amount

The user can buy cryptocurrency from the available sellers according to their demands.

Search Sellers

Buyers can search and find the exactly matched seller with the requirements.

Enquire sales

The Buyer can directly chat with the seller regarding their demands and availability via the Chat option available on the exchange platform.

Seller Details

The Buyer can see the Seller details with the review and ratings on the exchange.

Begin trade

Once a Satisfied deal between the buyer and seller gets initiated through enabling the escrow service.

Payment Confirmation

Seller confirms the successful payment from the buyer.

Wallet Transfer

The Seller's cryptocurrency is transferred from the Escrow wallet to the Buyer's wallet.

Paxful Clone App Development

We aim to provide hassle-free cryptocurrency trading to the users on their mobile devices with few taps. Our Paxful clone app is available for multiple platforms like iOS, and Android. We also integrate third-party mobile app wallets for efficient and spontaneous trading cryptocurrency on their handy devices.

  • Paxful clone script Live Liquidity
  • Paxful clone script Scalability
  • Paxful clone script Ample Fiat currencies
  • Paxful clone script Push Notification
  • Paxful clone script Auto Withdrawal limit
  • Paxful clone script Email Verification
  • Paxful clone script Offline Wallet
  • Paxful clone script Multiple-Payment methods

Monetization of the Paxful Clone Script

Paxful clone script

Publication fee

The Admin receives a share or a fixed amount for each listing for cryptocurrency. All types of cryptocurrency can be listed on the platform for trading. The listed cryptocurrency can be available for users trading on the exchange platform.

Paxful clone script

Transaction fee

The Transaction fee is charged for every successful transaction held on the exchange platform. A transaction fee is a fractional amount collected from the traders on their buying and selling.

Paxful clone script

Deposit and Withdrawal Fee

Exchange charges a partial amount of fee for depositing cryptocurrency on the exchange platform. Every withdrawal at the exchange platform charges a fee for withdrawal.

Paxful clone script


Advertising fees, banners, contextual advertising, and paid links - all this is used on the site and in the Paxful clone to enhance the profitability of the platform.

Paxful Clone Development Process

Paxful clone script

Benefits of Using Our Paxful Clone Development Services

Hands-On Solution

Go live into the market within a few business days. The MVP product of the Paxful script, which is completely customizable, offers the best solution for kickoff.

Multiple Payment Integration

Multiple Payment gateways integration with FIAT makes the buy and sell transaction in a hassle-free way. So the preferred payment option can be chosen by the user.

Trade Fee

The trade fee, withdrawal, and deposit fees can be manually set by the admin in the dashboard on their own. So the trade fee merely depends on the decision of the Admin.

Multiple Transaction At A Strike

The script supports the N number of transactions in a few seconds which helps to handle multiple users at the same time. So no matter how significant your brand grows, you can manage the mass audience at a time.

Rating System

The feedback system helps to know more about the to and fro’s of the venture. This highly helps to build their brand effectively.

Multi-layered Security

Our Paxful clone has cohesive multi-layer security that helps users to acquire secure and robust trading sessions. It helps to perceive a well-established trading platform with various security features.

FAQ - Paxful Clone Script

  • Proven business strategy
  • Reduces Financial Risks
  • Reduce Development Cost and Time
Cryptocurrency exchange like Paxful is a highly profitable, highly secured, and growing trend among the global markets.
The cost of paxful clone development varies with the client's requirements and customization.
You can get a Paxful clone script from a reputed cryptocurrency exchange development company, Zodeak. We have 5+ years of domain expertise in developing, deploying cryptocurrency exchanges to our happy clients.
  • White-Label Solutions
  • Customizable
  • Highly Scalable
  • Prompt Delivery
  • SEO Friendly
  • The pool of Blockchain Architect

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