Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Software - To Start your own Crypto Exchange Business

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is a ready-to -market, multi-tested, complete source that incorporates an inbuilt wallet, two-factor authentication, multiple pairing support, KYC Authentication, and other added features to launch a cryptocurrency exchange platform instantly!

Zodeak offers a proficient White-Label cryptocurrency exchange script to start your cryptocurrency Exchange Platform with intuitive UI/UX, robust trade engine, and advanced features that address all your business demands. Zodeak has an adroit team of highly skilled developers. Our expert team is ready to help the entrepreneurs from the consulting process to launch the site. At affordable prices buy the security ensuring script and get rid of the technical agitations.

The compatibility and the revolution of Bitcoin have paved the red carpet for multiple cryptocurrencies by influencing Blockchain technology. So the demand for crypto trading has skyrocketed in less than a decade and its exigency is enhancing.

Premium Features in our White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Zodeak offers the highly effective advanced features implemented in the Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Software that brings more customers to turn up into an everlasting bond.

Exclusize Features in Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

We have an exhaustive list of fully-fledged features that will be done like your expectations in our Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform.

  • Escrow Application

  • SMS Verification

  • API Based Current Price display

  • Payment Gateway Integration

  • Sub-Admin Implementation

  • Support Management

  • Referral Program

  • Instant Notifications

  • Live Trade Chart

  • Trading Bot Implementation

Security Features Implemented in our Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Software

  • Two Factor Authentication

    Ensures the extra layer of security and acts as a protective wall from infringements.

  • KYC Authentication

    Enabling the KYC Authentication will ease up with the more reliable transactions.

  • Jail Login

    With the help of Secured Jail Login, users can set a limit for unwanted attempts or wrong credentials.

  • Automatic Session logout

    Integrate scheduled period of login time, which helps to delimit the occurrence of unwanted transactions from unauthorized users.

  • Anti-Phishing Code

    Additional layer of security called Anti-phishing code helps to find authentic mail and duplicate spam mails.

  • HTTPS Authentication

    Secure HTTPS Authentication assists the user in preventing spam and data hijacking.

  • Email Verification

    The Email Verification used to create and reactive accounts, and confirm or cancel the withdrawal requests

  • New Device Management

    With the aid of IP and Browser, Users can find out their logged devices and delete the unwanted logged devices.

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In Need Of Suppport For Your Business Solutions ? You Have Landed In The Right Place.

Types of Orders in our Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

  • Limit Order

    Users can set the minimum and maximum limit price to buy/sell their cryptocurrency. If your order doesn’t match the existing orders, So that order is placed in the Orderbook. These Limit orders assist to regulate the most acute price at which the order can be matched.

  • Market Order

    In this Market order, the User can buy/sell cryptocurrency instantly at the current available market price. If the current market price is adaptable, you can get a quicker transaction.

  • Stop-Limit Order

    This is the combination of Limit order and stops order. With the help of Stop-limit orders, users can limit their losses before the market falls down. If the trade reaches the stop price, that trade will transform into a limit price

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Software Process

  • 1

    Analyze & Requirement Gathering

    With the help of our team of experts, analyze your business requirements, demand, gather information, additional features you want, and make a development plan.

  • 2

    Exchange Software Designing Process

    After analysis, we cater stunning UI/UX design to exhibit your requisite Exchange products which satisfy all the jurisdictional requirements in the crypto-based countries.

  • 3

    Product Determination

    Our Experienced team of professionals, will make your exchange script software with the help of high-end technologies as Front-end and back-end to build your Cryptocurrency Exchange platform efficiently.

  • 4

    Implementation of Blockchain

    Furthermore, we integrate the robust and automated Blockchain into your readily available Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Software

  • 5

    Trade Match Engine Integration

    Also, We implement the most prominent features, the match engine which is customized with unique business requirements. Our proficient match engine helps to get quicker buy and sell transactions at a faster rate.

  • 6

    Security Features Establishment

    Zodeak encompasses the highly reliable security features into your Cryptocurrency Exchange Software and makes your exchange platform more securable and scalable.

  • 7

    Testing Enhancements

    In the wake of all the business implementations, your customized crypto exchange software will undergo testing and be ready to go live.

  • 8

    Launch, Deploy, and Maintenance

    In the final instance, we launch and deploy your Crypto exchange script platform migrated into your server. And we are always available to serve you for furthermore integrations of your white label cryptocurrency exchange software platform.

technology stack

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FAQ- Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is the Well-standardized Script with the integration of Cryptocurrency Wallet, Dashboard, API, and much more., which is used to buy or sell or trade cryptocurrencies in a securable manner. The main purpose of this Cryptocurrency Exchange script is to build a robust Crypto Exchange platform for professional traders.
Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Script has various features such as,
  • Fast and Flexible Trading
  • High-End Security
  • Leverage Trading
  • Fiat-to-Fiat Trading
  • Peer-to-Peer options
  • Scalability and more.,
We Zodeak having a Highly-secured Cryptocurrency Exchange Script which is a more secure, complete bug-free environment. With the help of the Cryptocurrency Exchange, users can buy/sell various cryptocurrencies instantly and also process thousands of P2P Transactions in nanoseconds.
The development time depends upon the requirements of clients in the Crypto Exchange Platforms. This White Label Crypto Exchange script is launched within one week. Additional changes and customization take little time and we will complete the customization in a short period of time.
We build a highly-reliable Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Software with upgraded technologies such as,
  • PHP
  • Angular
  • Node JS
  • HTML 5
  • CSS
  • Express JS
  • TypeScript
  • GraphQL
  • MongoDB and more.,

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