What is special about binance clone script?

Binance, the second largest crypto exchange platform in the market. Its beneficial features gravitates users to opt for Binance in peer to peer trading.

This highly kindles and pushes forward the entrepreneurs to start a platform similar to Binance for crypto trading. The Binance clone script acts as a key factor to get introduced into the market in a short span of time. The prime quality of the script offers a solution for your trading venture effectively.

Features Included In Our Binance Clone

To make our Binance clone script more unique and eccentric, we encompassed features after an ample analysis according to the entrepreneur vision

  • Secure SignUp & Login

    By providing the details like Email Id and Password the user can get connected with the trading platform. A confirmation mail will be sent to the user’s mail id just to make details certain.

  • 2F Authentication

    For every login and for every major change happening the user has to authenticate by two factor authentication. It ensures security and acts as a protective wall from the violations.

  • Responsive Design

    The user can experience easy navigation and enjoy the trading platform in multiple devices like smartphones, tablets or website with appealing and user friendly designs.

  • FIAT Currency Integration

    The user can easily buy or sell the cryptos and convert them into the FIAT currency within the website itself.

  • Flexible Deposit & Withdraw Option

    Without any hustle the user can deposit and withdraw the crypto currency or coins smoothly and the transaction fees is set up by the admin.

  • Multiple Trading Option

    We offer Limit, Market, and Stop Market for the user to do trading. This highly comforts the users to do effective trading.

To Explore About The Top - Tier Binance Clone For The Crypto Exchange Trading Platform

Benefits To Rely On Binance Clone

  • Highly Secured Wallet

    Hot wallet has been integrated into the exchange platform with high safety features and guaranteed to store the money with no breaches.

  • God's Eye For Admin Panel

    A separate customised and user friendly admin panel is provided which is highly enough to manage every need of the trading platform.

  • 100% Source Code

    We furnish 100 percent source code to the business person so you can experience individualism to make changes in future.

  • White Label Solutions

    With no traces of Zodeak, we can draft the script to brand your business. We guarantee to not influence your site at any circumstances with Zodeak logo or name.

  • Technical Support

    We completely take care about the third party integration and their needs from our side. Without technical knowledge you can launch the site in a short span.

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