Remitano Clone Script - Launch your Cryptocurrency Exchange with Zodeak

Remitano clone script is a readymade solution to launch Peer to Peer cryptocurrency exchange with customized nature. The escrow integrated security features facilitate the users to do safe and secured trading. This helps to earn trust from the end-users on the P2P crypto exchange platform.

Remitano clone with multiple features makes the crypto exchange website a unique one. This helps it to be distinctive among the business niche. We inculcate alive trading features and functionalities like Remitano. Our Remitano Clone is highly scalable and reliable in handling user transactions in a hassle-free manner.

Zodeak, expertise in building a cryptocurrency exchange platform with advanced trading features and functionalities. Our Remitano clone will be long-serving with elegant business solutions that are developed by well-experienced blockchain architects.

remitano clone script

White Label Remitano Clone Development

Starting a business with a White label helps in creating your brand with proven business solutions. White label solutions help to establish a cryptocurrency exchange business with well-structured multi-layered security features. Our white-label Remitano clone facilitates easy customization of the exchange platform according to clients' business demands. It helps in achieving exchange business with minimum development time, defined business solution, and at affordable cost.

remitano clone script
  • remitano clone script Resilient trade engine
  • remitano clone script Multi-lingual support
  • remitano clone script Crypto wallet for users
  • remitano clone script Support multiple cryptocurrencies
  • remitano clone script Unimpeachable P2P trading experience
  • remitano clone script Escrow enabled service
  • remitano clone script Multiple Payment Options

Salient Features of Remitano Clone Script

remitano clone script

Two Factor Authentication

We have integrated 2FA to ensure the authenticated users accessing the user accounts that helps in eradicating unethical usage or hackers. 2FA helps in achieving a highly secured trading platform for the end-users with multi-layer security features.

remitano clone script

Proximity Match System

A fruitful option to build a matched trading pair according to their requirements. The trader can provide details like the type of cryptocurrency, the price of cryptos, and payment methods in the ads. The intended buyer can choose among the seller ads based on their requirements.

remitano clone script

Escrow Service

The Escrow service helps the users to have a smooth and comfortable trading environment. Escrow is used to avoid unnecessary disputes among the seller and buyers. It helps to eliminate the spammers, to secure the user crypto from illicit outsiders.

remitano clone script

Text Chat

Our Remitano clone helps with better communication among the paired traders for tradings and facilitates inbuilt chat in the exchange platform. The buyers and sellers can discuss the prices, other details associated with their cryptos in real-time for trading.

remitano clone script

Payment Options

Our Remitano clone has various payment methods for trading cryptocurrencies. It offers a wide range of payment methods for users to acquire cryptocurrency on the exchange platform with ease of use. The trader can make use of the available payment methods.

remitano clone script

Feedback And Review System

Feedback and review systems help in achieving a customer base with satisfied users. With the help of a prompt support system, the exchange can create a client base. A feedback system helps the users to share their trading experience, and this helps other new traders to initiate trade.

Pre-eminent Security features in our Remitano Clone Script

We concatenate well-equipped multi-layer encryption techniques to offer highly secured cryptocurrency tradings on the exchange and trading platform that can be highly reliable, and secure for their cryptocurrencies.

remitano clone script

Data Encryption

remitano clone script

End-To-End Encrypted Transactions

remitano clone script

Biometric Authentication

remitano clone script

Browser Detection Security

remitano clone script

DDoS Migration

remitano clone script

Anti Phishing Software

remitano clone script

SSL Integration

remitano clone script

HTTPS Authentication

Remitano clone App Development

In the current scenario, more people are using their mobile devices to surf the internet, and fulfilling their basic necessities through mobile apps. We Offer a remitano clone app for both platforms like Android, iOS. Our remitano clone app gives you an exclusive trading experience and instant trading options.

  • remitano clone script Push notification
  • remitano clone script Live liquidity
  • remitano clone script Instant trading
  • remitano clone script Hassle-free trading
  • remitano clone script Crypto wallet Integration
  • remitano clone script CSRF & SSRF protection
  • remitano clone script Anti-Denial Services
  • remitano clone script Anti-Phishing code
remitano clone script

How does the Remitano clone Operate?

Remitano Clone Script works with the following Procedures

remitano clone script
  • 1.Users have to register on the exchange platform.
  • 2.Users get an Email Verification to validate the registered users.
  • 3.Users after validating Email, and need to upload their KYC details
  • 4.Successfully verified and validated users can purchase cryptocurrency
  • 5.Each verified user on the platform is separately allocated a cryptocurrency wallet for them.
remitano clone script
  • 6.Buyers and Sellers can start trading by creating ads with precise details.
  • 7.Buyer and seller get matched trading pairs as per their trading requirements.
  • 8.Buyer and seller can directly message each other using the chat options in the exchange platform.
  • 9.While initiating a trade, the escrow is enabled and seller cryptos are held in the escrow wallet.
  • 10.Seller confirms the payment received to the escrow then escrow releases the held cryptocurrency to the Buyer wallet.

Revenue Generation from Remitano Clone Script

Admin gets the beneficial amount of revenue from exchange platform through various sources of income like

remitano clone script

Trading Fee

In a trading platform, each user must pay the trading fee for each successful trading held over their platform. The trading fee is a fractional amount of the cryptocurrencies traded among the seller and buyer. Seller and Buyer pay trading fees individually for the successful tradings executed among them.

remitano clone script

Listing Fee

A listing fee is a charge collected for listing new cryptocurrency on the exchange platform for trading to the end-users. Crypto aspirants can launch their new cryptocurrency on the trading platform by paying a predefined amount to the admin. The trading fee is different from the listing fee.

remitano clone script

Deposit & Withdrawal Fee

A Deposit fee is charged for the traders on their account in the exchange platform. A withdrawal fee is a defined fractional amount of the cryptocurrencies withdrawn and Users have to pay a withdrawal fee for withdrawing cryptocurrencies from the exchange platform on their registered account.

Remitano Clone Development Process

We use the Agile methodology to develop cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Remitano


Client Requirements


Plotting the Business











What we offer in Remitano Clone Script

Do you want to initiate the business idea to start a crypto exchange platform like Remitano?, then you are in the right stage, do connect with our team and share the requirements, We have integrated multi-layer security features and hassle-free tradings experience to the End-users

remitano clone script

Unhackable admin panel

remitano clone script

Exclusive UI design

remitano clone script

Simple and easy to adopt user panel

remitano clone script

Robust Admin panel

remitano clone script

Customizable script

remitano clone script

Enhanced features for effective trading

remitano clone script

Prompt Delivery

remitano clone script

24/7 Technical Support

FAQ for Remitano Clone Development Services

Benefits of Remitano clone script helps in launching an exchange in a short time, proven business strategy, and at a reduced cost.
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Proximity Match System
  • Anti Phishing Software
Admin gets profitable revenue from various types like trading fees, listing fees, & Withdrawal fees, and Ad fees.
The cost of the Remitano clone differs from clients' business requirements and feature demands on the exchange platform.
You can get the best Remitano clone development services from Zodeak, an industry-leading cryptocurrency exchange development company. We have a pool of Blockchain architects with indepth knowledge in developing crypto platforms.

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