Currently, the cryptocurrency market is the most highly volatile in the world. So many of the investors are highly interested to invest their money in cryptocurrency. They need to safeguard their cryptocurrencies through crypto-wallets. It is a type of software functionality that is used to store both private and public keys connected with various blocks in the network, It allows the users to send and receive their cryptocurrencies and is also used to track crypto balance.

Every Crypto user should have a crypto wallet because every trade and exchange of cryptocurrencies are recorded as transactions through blockchain technology. It makes your cryptocurrencies more secure. Crypto wallets can be in any form like Web wallet, Hardware/Software wallet, Mobile/desktop wallet, Centralized/Decentralized Wallet & Multi-currency wallet, and more.

There are various types of crypto wallets still entering the crypto market. In this article, we have to see about the top 6 crypto wallets in 2022.

Trust Wallet:-

It was primarily designed to support the trending of Ethereum tokens in a decentralized manner. It was discovered by victor ratchenko in the year 2017, then it was acquired by BinanceDex in 2018. It was tied up with the kyber network and Web3 browser that allows the users to connect decentralized apps (DApps). This wallet can support both Android and iOS platforms. It helps to trade cryptocurrencies from blockchain platforms like Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH, Tron, and more. Zodeak offers a secure Trust wallet clone script and it is entirely developed and verified by blockchain experts.

MetaMask Wallet:-

It is a type of browser extension which was specially designed to make access with Ethereum based decentralized applications. By using metamask users can save, retrieve and access cryptocurrencies based on Ethereum tokens. You can also use this wallet to store and access virtual kitties like crypto kitties. If you are an Ethereum user you should have a MetaMask it will allow the ETH and ERC20 token users to control interactions with DEXs. Zodeak will provide a superior version of MetaMask Wallet Clone Script with upgraded features along with add-ons and security plugins.

Huobi Wallet:-

Huobi is a multi-chain light wallet, by using this wallet users will get 100% control of their private keys which are securely stored on their device. It will never access the user’s private keys and assets. Huobi provides backup options to prevent theft. It provides a user-friendly UX design that helps users to view and access their crypto balance. It supports up to 20 types of cryptocurrencies and 13 stablecoins and also manages multiple functionalities.

Exodus Wallet:-

Exodus was used to send, receive and exchange a large number of cryptocurrencies and it is one of the largest crypto wallets which was used on desktop, mobile, and hardware. Exodus was called a hybrid wallet and also operates in an auto-free adjustment, It will work on both iOS and Android. This wallet is more helpful to beginners who get into the crypto space.

Trezor Wallet: –

Trezor was the world’s first hardware wallet which was introduced in 2011 by sathoshilabs. It was designed like a USB device that can be connected with any kind of device like a computer, tablet, desktop, mobile, and more. It provides a high-end security feature that attracts more users and becomes the most trusted crypto hardware wallet and it takes crypto to the next level. It has two models, Trezor wallet one and Trezor wallet T. Each will have a significant difference.

Ledger Wallet: –

Ledger Wallet is a type of hardware wallet that grabs huge attention among people because of its functionality. It comes with Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X both are made in the most convenient form and it looks like a Pendrive. It is currently used in over 165 countries in the world. Ledger Wallet comes with DApps support with Bluetooth-enabled function and supports more than 180+ assets.

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