In the Cryptosphere, Ethereum plays the most crucial role and it is the largest blockchain in the Crypto marketplace. However, there exist complicated problems such as high fees and slow transactions that severely curb its growth. 

Except for different layer-2 solutions to crack this problem of Ethereum, many layer-1 blockchains that offer higher scalability also enticed lots of attention.

Among them, Polkadot is estimated as a promising blockchain with unique architecture to amplify its scalability. Due to this outstanding feature, Polkadot has enticed many projects – One of the projects is called Polkaswap, which is integrated into this ecosystem. 

In this article, we gonna see about the Polkaswap Clone script, and its potential to become a crucial part of the Polkadot Ecosystem. 

Polkaswap – Overview

Polkaswap is an open-source and cross-chain liquidity Aggregator Decentralized Exchange. It is the part of SORA Blockchain network. This blockchain is built on a framework that is consistent with Kusama and Polkadot. 

Polkaswap acts as a Center of Liquidity as it enables trading tokens from different blockchains plugged into the Polkadot world as well as various blockchains like Ethereum, Blockchain, etc.,

SORA Network – Overview

SORA is one of the Decentralized Networks. This SORA Network is trying to enlist itself as the best network in the current crypto world. This Network activity includes the design and development of innovative applications for the advantage of the Crypto community. SORA works as a para chain in the Polkadot Network.

What is Polkaswap Clone Script?

PolkaSwap Clone Script is the collection of high-quality source code produced in standardized programming languages. Polkaswap Clone is the type of Decentralized Exchange script used to develop extensile, Decentralized Exchange based DeFi Aggregators like Polkaswap. This is encrypted with a liquidity aggregator mechanism and cutting-edge security features.

How Automated Market Maker (AMM) drives the Polkaswap DEX?

Typically, Based on the Automated Market Maker (AMM), the Polkaswap trading platform is functioning. Investors need to provide adequate liquidity to the DEX platform by depositing their funds. 

These Liquidity pools are maintained by a proficient team that ensures the uninterrupted functioning of the platform. Moreover, Liquidity Providers (LPs) gain a typical fee for providing crypto tokens to the pool of assets. 

Investors trade their digitalized assets in a permissionless manner. With the help of mathematical formulas, the price of the assets is determined. Hence, users can experience hassle-free trading if there are more assets in the liquidity pool leading to outstanding liquidity.

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Highlighted Features included in our Polkaswap clone script

In our Polkaswap Clone script, you can experience the cutting-edge features which fulfill our client’s business requirements. they are,

  • Easy Swapping of Tokens
  • Rewards Availability
  • Polkaswap Pool
  • Low Gas fees
  • 24×7 technical support 

Easy Swapping of tokens

Users can swap their holding SORA tokens (XOR) with multiple digitalized assets on our Decentralized Exchange like Polkaswap. They can choose typical crypto assets by entering details like Asset ID, Name and ticker symbol, etc.,

Available popularized assets

  1. Polkaswap Coin (PSWAP)
  2. Axie Infinity (AXS)
  3. Balancer (BAL)
  4. KuCoin Token (KCS)
  5. Huobi Token (HT)
  6. Compound (COMP) etc.,

They can permit the trade after setting the slippage tolerance, either 0.1%, 0.5%, and 1%. 

Rewards Availability

In our Polkaswap Clone, there are two types of Rewards available. If the investors contribute liquidity to the XOR trading pools, PSWAP tokens are provided for them. In addition, the Validators and nominators of the platform, get VAL Tokens. VAL is a validator reward of SORA Network. Once the investors execute the transaction on the SORA, It is burnt automatically.

Investors can claim their rewards on the Polkaswap DEX for investing their funds in the Token Bonding Curve. 

Low Gas Fees

Transactions on the Polkaswap DEX are rapidly executed backed by the Polkadot Blockchain network. Besides, the gas fees are very low compared to the crowded Ethereum Blockchain Network. Due to a robust consensus mechanism, there is no need for mining new tokens on the Polkaswap DEX platform

Polkaswap Pool

The Polkaswap Pool contains all the liquidity pools with different trading pairs. Thus, liquidity aggregation algorithms assure the smooth execution of buy and sell trades for investors. 

24×7 technical support

Traders can resolve their complaints, payment-related issues, rewards, swapping tokens by contacting reliable technical support. 

Components of Polkaswap Clone

Here are the Zodeak’s Polkaswap Clone script components, they are.,

  1. Proof Of Stake
  2. On-chain DApp Service
  3. DAO Provisions
  4. Multi-chain Compliance
  5. ETH and BTC Compatible
  6. Sequential upgrades
  7. Parachain Integration
  8. Multi-point Authentication
  9. Multi-Token Ecosystem etc.,

Ways To Utilize Our Polkaswap Clone Script

Traders can easily buy, sell or trade their crypto assets from the front-end of the PolkaSwap Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

They can utilize the Fearless Decentralized Finance wallet on the Kusama and Polkadot Blockchain networks. This wallet is used for getting staking, payouts, re-staking, and transferring funds.

The Staking returns will reply on the lock-up period, lowest assets staked by investors, number of active nominators, and the total assets staked on the Polkaswap DEX.

Traders can also operate our White label Polkaswap clone script by connecting well-known smart contracts. Investors can supply liquidity to the Polkaswap clone script by reaching the managers of liquidity pools via smart contracts. 

Note: Fearless Wallet is a mobile wallet that is designed for Decentralized finance on the Kusama and Polkadot networks. Fearless Wallet will incorporate Polkaswap’s easier functionality, decentralized swaps of assets.

What are PSWAP Tokens?

PSWAP is the native token of PolkaSwap Decentralized Exchange. This PSWAP token is connected to Polkaswap DEX on SORA (a Parachain on Polkadot). This PSWAP token is used for burning and incentivizing liquidity. PSWAP Token works with the prime aim of providing rewards to the prepared liquidity providers of the platform.

How Investors Benefit By Having PSWAP Tokens?

Investors can Exchange various Ethereum based ETH tokens with PSWAP. Traders can store their PSWAP tokens in the Metamask wallet. Likewise, investors safeguard their funds through passwords and private keys. Notably, there are a total of 13,92,620 PSWAP tokens. 

Investors get PSWAP tokens for staking their crypto assets in the liquidity pools for a specific period. Traders will use the gained fees for buying back and burning PSWAP tokens. Finally, the burnt PSWAP tokens exceed the newly issued PSWAP tokens. Similarly, traders cannot purchase PSWAP tokens from an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or a Private sale.

What is the cost estimation of launching a DeFi Exchange like Polkaswap?

The Total Cost of Polkaswap Decentralized Exchange Development relies on cross-platform compatibility, the scope of customization needed by the entrepreneurs, technology choices, hourly costs paid by the developers, type of features, and the time is taken for development. 

Entrepreneurs have to obtain more expenses for using services like bug fixing, resolving security exposures, maintenance, software upgrades, technical support, and third-party API integration. 

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