The influence of decentralized applications in today’s trendy world is dominating all kinds of blockchain businesses, so it is a must-needed thing to expose the blockchain business to the cryptopreneurs through the application. As people all around the world use cryptocurrency and blockchain, it will be the future of the world.

For an entrepreneur who is willing to start a decentralized exchange business, being able to provide decentralized services through a decentralized exchange platform will be a dream come true moment.  

In this blog, we are going to discuss the trends that upscale your blockchain business, by having a decentralized exchange like julswap, trends, and how to upscale the multi-service application.

Cryptocurrency is growing as a digital investment and people’s opinion on cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is created with aim of decentralization, which doesn’t depend upon citizenship, irrespective of geographical Barriers to taking part in the economic activity.

For this, people should come forward to take part in the booming crypto industry with the concept of decentralization.

Julswap Clone Script

Julswap Clone Script is a ready-made script that can solve liquidity issues in your decentralized exchanges using only the liquidity protocol. Julswap Clone has exactly the same functionalities as Uniswap, as well as the same trading engine and analytics, and some additional features from sushiswap.

DeFi Julswap Clone is a Binance Smart Chain-based decentralized exchange protocol similar to Uniswap that automates liquidity provision.

Zodeak provides a white-label julswap clone script that solves liquidity issues by supporting swapping and liquidity provision via the just liquidity protocol, as well as an ERC20 to BEP20 Token bridge.

Highlighting Features of DeFi Julswap Clone 

Order Book 

The order book is one of the key features that distinguishes JulSwap from the competition. Book-based ordering The traditional trading model is used by decentralized exchanges. Any user can place a buy or sell order by specifying a price. Limiting values for orders at a specific price can be set (limit order)


There is no third-party involvement and everything is completely decentralized.

Price Alerts 

Receive an alert whenever the price reaches your preset level.

Follow Gainer Wallets 

Begin tracking successful wallets or wallets that interest you.

Julswap Token (JULD)

JulSwap token -JulD is a cryptocurrency that is issued on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. The widespread adoption of JulD tokens for the JulSwap DEX raises the demand for JUL / JUL. This token should be yielded by staking tokens on JulSwap Staking platforms.

JulD Token from JulSwap enables you to participate in special JulSwap events. JulD was created to introduce cryptocurrencies to people all over the world and to build the largest crypto communities.

Reward Distribution

According to the current configuration of uniswap, 0.3 percent of all trading fees in any pool are distributed proportionally to the pool’s liquidity providers. In JulSwap, however, 0.25 percent goes directly to active liquidity providers, while the remaining 0.05 percent is converted back to JULb (via JulSwap) and distributed to JFT Stakers.

Developer Fund

A 10 percent of each Trading Fee is set aside for developers.

Security Audit

As a result, security is the most important factor, and julswap DEX can be built using an already audited Julswap Code and simply modified. The staking and auction processes are examples of such modifications and added benefits or features.

How DeFi JulSwap Clone Works?

Here are the 3 simple steps to own JULb or/and JulD and get started on the BSC.


Download and install the MetaMask extension on your browser.

Connect MetaMask

The JustLiquidity extension is already integrated with Binance Smart Chain; all you need to do is connect your MetaMask account.


Go to JulSwap and you can start trading JULb and JulD right away.

 How to build your own decentralized finance protocol like Julswap?

Step 1 – Please visit our Julswap clone interface.

Step 2 – You can use the JustLiquidity or MetaMask extensions while connecting your wallet as well as any other wallet that is supported.

Step 3 – Select the token you’d like to swap or exchange.

Step 5 – Click on the Swap to swap your preferable.

Step 6 – In the pop-up window, you can see a preview of the transaction.

Step 7 – Accept the confirmation message request on your wallet transaction

Benefits of Julswap Clone Script

  • Check the benefits of our Julswap clone below,
  • Faster and less expensive
  • 100% Decentralized with zero percent of Third Parties
  • Offers Token rewards to liquidity providers
  • Anyone can easily connect a wallet to make an exchange
  • Provides token rewards to all types of token holders
  • Allows your new tokens to directly access liquidity
  • Increase your profit by putting funds into the liquidity pool.
  • Creates a more affordable liquidity-based exchange than other exchanges.
  • Does not charge a listing fee due to its decentralized nature

Why should I pick the Julswap clone script over the other similar programs?

The Julswap clone script provides you with global access to real-world assets. It enables you to work meticulously on the data and increases the viability of smart contracts. You can also ensure a high ROI even with sporadic trading that is subject to frequent changes. Hundreds of tokens are functional thanks to clone scripts, providing better functionality with fewer hassles.

Even with an infinite number of transactions, you can gain more liquidity and improve the overall state of affairs. As you gain control over the queue-based buying and selling, the execution becomes more feasible. The applications assist you in becoming more certain, and things become more detailed with a high level of precision.

The order matching mechanism responds much faster than any other platform. It also allows you to create more tokens quickly and easily.

If you are a market participant, you should learn more about this protocol because its functionality is widely admired. The customized tokens can defy the norms and provide more profits to the platform owner. Furthermore, the inclusion of the clone script protects you from a variety of other risks. It enables you to be more direct with the tools and applications while also assisting you in securely completing all tasks.

  • It completely depends on the Binance Smart Chain
  • Comes with the integrated Just Liquidity protocol
  • It will assist you to stake the tokens from a trading perspective.
  • The order books can be accessed wisely and uniquely.
  • The structure is complete decentralized to the core
  • It gets shortly blended with other crypto payment models
  • The limit order gets improved and third-party involvement can be totally neglected
  • All values are maintained while prizes have fluctuated.
  • The whole set of values of the wallet can work with more flexible norms.

Infinite Liquidity- To obtain infinite liquidity from various traders and hundreds of applications.

Super Quick and Convenient-No need to wait for an order match in the queue. All-Available traders can participate in an open financial marketplace.

Why zodeak for Julswap Clone Development?

As a leading Defi Development Company, zodeak offers a defi protocol similar to Julswap with advanced functionalities and customized options in your decentralized exchange platform. We work with you to make your defi protocol, such as Julswap, more secure and reliable, and scalable. Our developer experts create your Julswap clone script, which is fully customized and decentralized and permits you to buy, sell, and trade tokens.

As a top-notch and best DeFi development company, We offer decentralized finance development services that include,

Uniswap Clone Script

pancakeswap Clone Script

JustSwap Clone Script