A cryptocurrency wallet is a software process that is used to store private and public keys and collaborate with various blocks in the network, to allow the users to send & receive cryptocurrencies and have a record of their crypto balance. Every Crypto user should have a crypto wallet because every trade and exchange of cryptocurrencies are recorded as transactions through blockchain technology. It makes your cryptocurrencies more secure. 

In this short guide, we’re going to explore about Importance of a cryptocurrency wallet in blockchain applications.

Why Should You Store Your Cryptocurrencies In Wallet?

Currently, the cryptocurrency market is the most highly volatile in the world. So many investors are highly interested to invest their money in cryptocurrency. They need to safeguard their cryptocurrencies through a crypto-wallet. It helps to prevent hacking and also helps the users to have control and manage their cryptocurrency transactions. Crypto Wallets are varied in each application, Some of the wallets are only handling and hold one type of currency, While other types of wallets have the ability to hold multiple currencies. If you have a multi-currency wallet that can store large numbers of cryptocurrencies and allows you to trade on high market currencies

How Do Blockchain Wallets Work?

A Blockchain Wallet has two keys called private and public keys that are related to blockchain wallets. If you create a blockchain wallet you are supposed to provide a private and public key and it is associated with your wallet. A public key is similar to an email address where you can share it with anyone. Once a wallet is generated the public key will be generated. You can share your public key with everyone in order to receive funds. Private keys are similar to your passwords and it is kept secret and should not be hacked by anyone. You can spend your funds by using these private keys

Importance Of Cryptocurrency Wallet In Crypto Exchange Platform

Investing in a crypto is not an easy thing, first, you need to own a crypto wallet and then deposit some money into an exchange platform to buy different types of cryptocurrencies. The term decentralized refers to an without the need for middlemen like banks and governments. Crypto exchanges take their own safety benefits and also they plan to prevent hacks and cyberattacks so that protecting your cryptocurrencies is more essential one. We can classify cryptocurrency wallets into two types called Online and Offline wallets. 

Cold Wallet is also known as an offline crypto wallet. The most common type of cold wallet is called a hardware wallet. Hardware wallets are made in the form of offline storage and wallet device. It is a type of device like a USD drive and it is used to store a private key, therefore it makes it difficult for hackers to access the private key from an online location.

Hot Wallets are called Online Wallets, they can be run on connected internet devices and they can be generated on the private keys. It can be very convenient because you are able to access and make the transactions within your assets. This wallet will generate private keys which are stored on a program that is connected to the internet and store different currencies such as Bitcoin and also gives access to financial transactions. 

Generally, crypto exchange platforms or blockchain applications are used to exchange or trade cryptocurrencies. So that they need secured storage where the crypto traders store cryptocurrencies to buy, sell and transact their cryptocurrencies without a cryptocurrency wallet integration. If you want to start a cryptocurrency exchange platform the first thing you have is to build a crypto wallet.

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