If you’re seeking a unique way to invest in blockchain technology, you may be wondering about Phantom Wallet and its potential on the crypto market.Specifically NFTs on Solana. Now, You’ll be able to employ Phantom if you’re buying or selling NFTs on Solana. So, keep reading to understand more!

In this blog, We’ll explain what a Phantom wallet is and its unique feature at first. Then, it lists the advantages shortly. Further, this blog continues by describing the browser and Chrome extensions of Phantom. 

What is a Phantom Wallet?

Phantom is a non-custodial, browser extension, and crypto wallet that offers a simple and secure way to interact with multiple blockchains in the Solana ecosystem. 

The wallet comes with a readily unrestricted extension that permits users to send and receive cryptocurrencies and tokens. Also, this supports  collecting NFTs, and even swap tokens within the wallet.

A phantom wallet is a decentralized Web3 wallet that stores your private keys on your device thus giving you whole control of your funds. Phantom is compatible with several browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and the Brave browser. 

The Phantom is the non-custodial wallet for the Solana blockchain platform. The Solana blockchain is a smart contract network platform desired in real estate.

Why Choose Phantom Wallet: 

You can use the Phantom wallet to store, trade, stake, swap NFTs, and use the DeFi app on the network. The group is also creating an Ethereum support version that will be available soon in a phantom wallet.

Phantom is the MetaMask equivalent of the Solana ecosystem, Since its creation is based on managing private keys for DeFi projects in the Solana network.

Phantom is a web3 wallet that permits users to access their private keys directly. It may also be linked directly to the Ledger.

Phantom is a famous crypto wallet that isn’t linked to a bank. It allows you to do more transactions and deposit cryptocurrencies in a simple way. 

Overview of Phantom Wallet

  • Wallet Type: A software wallet
  • Price: Free to download
  • Size of App: Browser Extension
  • Release: 2021
  • Frequency of updates: High
  • Trust Rating: Medium

The following are some of the features of a phantom wallet clone:

  • Non-Custodial
  • Token swaps
  • NFTs and Collectibles
  • Ledger support
  • Web3 Support
  • Privacy
  • Biometric authentication

Advantages of Phantom Wallet

  • You will be able to find all your Solana-based NFTs in a particular section, called “Your Collectibles.”
  • You can use the Phantom wallet extension to swap Solana tokens like USDC and SOL. You can also buy tokens instantly with your credit card using 3rd party providers such as FTX and MoonPay.
  • You can see your entire blockchain transaction records by going to the Recent Activity section. This will offer you all of your transactions synced across all devices.
  • A hardware wallet ledger that provides maximum security for your bitcoins.
  • You can gain rewards by staking your SOL tokens in the Solana network. To do this, you need to become an owner.
  • Unrestricted on several browsers with an intuitive and beginner-friendly interface
  • Benefits from Solana’s extremely lower fees
  • Features a built-in token swap, with Ethereum support coming in the future
  • Supports linking hardware wallets such as Ledger to increase the security
  • Non-custodial wallet, which means you can hold your private keys

How do I establish the phantom Browser Extension:

  1. Open the Phantom website(Phantom. app)
  2. It supports any of these 4 browsers like Google Chrome, Brave, Edge, or Firefox
  3. Add to Chrome Button(If using Google Chrome)
  4. Click ‘Add to chrome‘ on the phantom plugin and download the wallet
  5. Once done, Install it automatically. Then, you can access it from the downloaded browser extension. 

How to operate Phantom Wallet in Chrome Extension

  • Visit Chrome. Choose”Add to Chrome
  • Pin the app to the browser at the top left corner of the browser page
  • Select the phantom logo in the browser extension.
  • Select “Create new wallet
  • If you already have an account in sollet, then you can restore it by selecting “Use secret recovery phase“.
  • Then, you will get 12 keywords. This is the secret key phase to restoring your wallet. You push “Copy” to save your key phase or write it down on paper
  • Choose “OK, I saved it somewhere
  • Create a password, which is used to quickly unlock the wallet and sign a transaction. Click next “Save
  • Select “Finished

Summing Up:

The Phantom Wallet is an Ever-growing collection of non-custodial and Solana wallet ecosystems. Zodeak offers you the best phantom wallet clone for your browser extension. Overall the best Solana wallet for NFT, DeFi, and Staking s live now. 

It supports Browsers like Chrome, Brave, Edge, and Firefox. Almost all Solana-based NFT Marketplaces help phantom wallets. 

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Disclaimer: We Are Using The Term ” Phantom ” For The Purpose Of Easy Understanding & Identification. We Are Not Related To ” Phantom ” , Inc. & Not Doing Any Promotion Activities For Them.