DeFi Insurance Platform Development

In Today’s Crypto world, Hacks, Frauds, accidents, threats are the common word that everyone faces. In that case, everyone wants to protect themself from these kinds of things. Right! No worries! We are sure that you will take all the required protection to overwhelm these exposures. 

Everyone wants their DeFi platform that is completely robust, reliable, and protected. And you might think that this is not possible. Never mind, because we have covered you with our DeFi Insurance. In the digital asset crypto marketplace, Insurance policies are a fairly new event. But we have exhaustive knowledge about them. 

What is Insurance?

All of us know insurance is simply a contract that is represented by a policy through which an individual or any entity gets financial protection. Or else refund against the losses from an Insurance Enterprise. 

These traditional insurance plans are considered risk-free. It renders fixed returns in case of death or maturity of the terms. These cover terms, returns, donation, and safety. 

What is DeFi Insurance?

Decentralized Finance Insurance or DeFi insurance is a process of making the submission, claiming, and process of the insurance instantly within a short period. In the DeFi marketplace, Insurance plays a significant role for the investors – a huge matter of endorsement and reliability. Many DeFi Investors come from a fiat-based financial system used for Insurance. 

Insurance is a crucial aspect, whether it is FDIC or private provider. DeFi Insurance covers the investors and providers from a hack, pitfalls, or other fraudulent activities.

Importance of Decentralized Finance Insurance

Decentralized Finance Insurance is performed by accepting a loan from the traditional market. It enhances security so that it helps to resolve incidents or some financial loss that makes you suffer. Also, you can directly contact the insurance and get a recompense. 

Difference between traditional Insurance and DeFi Insurance

Traditional Insurance

  1. Evaluates the risk-factors
  2. Specifies the premium
  3. Defines when the liability should be recognized
  4. Estimates the occurrence of harms
  5. Delivers the payments to the Insured Individuals.

DeFi Insurance

  • In the DeFi Insurance Ecosystem, these processes are automated with the help of Blockchain Technology, Oracles, Smart Contracts, and cryptocurrencies.
  • All those processing steps were done by the centralized company in traditional insurance, that process was done by smart contracts in DeFi insurance.
  • DeFi Insurance precisely targets protecting financial transactions, business investors, and DeFi providers.

How does DeFi Insurance work?

The working process of the DeFi based Decentralized Insurance protocol is based on the Borrowing objectives like the traditional markets. Here are the simpler steps that exhibit its working:

-> Upgraded security features are enabled in the DeFi insurance platform so that it eliminates financial losses due to fraud, theft, and other infrastructural failures. 

-> When compensation occurs for a failure, then it is termed as an “Insurance Policy“.

Covers offered in DeFi Insurance Platform

>> Smart Contract Cover

>> Crypto Wallet Insurance

>> Collateral Protection for Crypto-backed Loans

Smart Contract Cover

When the Smart Contract address is hacked or funds moved to other accounts, this DeFi insurance covers your crypto wallet. It also covers the perpetually lost funds which cannot be recovered. This cover helps the user to control the loss of funds from disaster. 

Crypto Wallet Insurance

Crypto wallet Insurance helps your crypto wallet covers and protect you from hacks or stole. As you control all assets and crypto transactions in your crypto wallet, this insurance sustains recovery from your loss.

Collateral Protection for Crypto-backed Loans

DeFi Insurance covers if the collateral delivered by the borrower is ruined or stolen. It protects the loss of your collateral, which is obtained by the borrower in exchange for something.

Major Use-cases in DeFi Insurance Platform Development

  1. Cyber-Security
  2. Transparency
  3. Easy Access
  4. Highly Interoperable
  5. Develops tokenized crypto assets
  6. Secured DeFi deposits can be achieved
  7. Cryptocurrency Insurance

Benefits included in Decentralized Finance Insurance Platform

  • DeFi Deposit Security
  • Shield against flash crash and crypto volatility
  • Rapid rescue of tokenized crypto
  • Instant claim payouts
  • Trustless claim
  • Risk estimate
  • Covers technical and financial threats
  • Protection against the risk of theft
  • Attack on crypto wallets

Zodeak – the reputed DeFi Insurance Development Company

Zodeak Technology is a leading DeFi Development Service provider across the world. We provide DeFi related projects like the DeFi Insurance platform development company with unique and inventive techniques to deal with all the inherent and extraneous risks associated with the DeFi platform. 

Launch your Decentralized Finance DeFi Insurance Platforms and trade in a hassle-free manner. We provide the best DeFi crypto services to all the established and newbies in the marketplace. 

Our DeFi Insurance Platform Development Service offers you a robust and scalable product that can be tailor-some for your business demands. Allow us to offer a more profitable DeFi Insurance platform development solution that yields better revenue and investor’s attraction to contribute to the innovation of traditional finance.

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