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Opensea Clone Script

OpenSea clone script is a type of ready-made script that helps to build your P2P NFT Marketplace for occasional digital items and crypto-collectibles like OpenSea. Zodeak’s OpenSea Clone Script was integrated with the latest advanced features that will attract more NFT users worldwide.

What is OpenSea?

OpenSea is the world’s first and largest NFT marketplace for crypto-collectibles, game items, virtual goods, and NFTs in automated design over the Ethereum Blockchain Network structure. In Opensea anybody can buy or sell those mentioned items over an intelligent contract. These goods can have various categories and they are 100% tokenized and digitalized and proof of transaction and ownership are stored eternally on the blockchain network.

Features Of Our Opensea Clone Script

  • NFT tracking
  • Efficient Asset Listing
  • User Activity tracking
  • Simplified Design Architecture
  • Performance and ranking statistics
  • Market offer tracking
  • Wallet preference specification

Fundamental Ethereum Token Standards For OpenSea Clone

  • ERC721
  • ERC1155

ERC721 Token

ERC 721 token is mostly used as a standard token of NFT token and it is an open standard, unique token on the Ethereum blockchain network. This token will allow the developers to tokenize ownership of every data. NFT has various values from another token because of its rarity, rage, and visuals.

ERC 1155 Token

ERC 1155 will increase the standards behind ERC 721. It performs the various classes of assets and also it will cut down the multiple smart contracts and the transaction time. It also minimizes to save the transaction fee. ERC 115 will have the capability to change the landscape of DApps within the blockchain network.

Benefits Of Our OpenSea Clone Script

The technical benefits  of our OpenSea Clone Script are mentioned below 

  • Transparency
  • Interoperability
  • Scarcity
  • World-Class Security
  • Uniqueness
  • Ownership
  • Transparency
  • Indivisibility

How Does Opensea Clone Script Works?

To understand its working process, we have to look at the below two methods.

For Buyers

  • Buyers can use this platform for free.
  • Buyers can buy the NFT with specific rights and licenses. Here’s the step-by-step guide for buyers.
  • To being with trading, buyers have to register on this platform.
  • After that, buyers have to load the wallet with WETH
  • They can also participate in the Auction process when the auction is available.
  • By using labelled amount you can buy the listed NFT
  • NFT is sent to the buyer’s wallet and the corresponding amount has been sent to the creator’s wallet.

For Sellers

  • Here Seller can be considered as an artist who creates NFT and listed it.
  • By the implementation of smart contract, it provides a secured transactions
    The first step to signup into the platform
  • Then, they can upload the file in the specified format
  • To create a smart contract, sellers need to pay a gas fee
  • The buyer can be brought your NFT with the desired amount.
  • Corresponding ETH will be received by the seller and the buyer an receive an NFT

Why Choose Zodeak For OpenSea Clone Development?

As a leading NFT Marketplace Development Company, Zodeak will offer the best OpenSea Clone Script with high-end features to attract the user. Zodeak will offer high-end NFT marketplace clone software along with highly responsive and attractive UI/UX using advanced technology. Zodeak’s ready-made OpenSea clone is unique in the marketplace. So that it is the best and right script for users to launch their own nft marketplace like OpenSea in a short period of time.

  • Plugins & API Integration to fetch ERC721 assets
  • Complete white label solutions
  • User dashboard & admin facility
  • Multiple Crypto wallet support
  • 24*7 dedicated technical support team
  • regulatory conformance
  • Advanced Blockchain Support.

Want to launch your own NFT Marketplace like OpenSea?