In recent years gaming industries expand to grow across all markets and it gives essential benefits to game developers, where gamers can spend money to resolve their in-game assets. Nowadays NFT will be ruling the gaming industries with advanced features. Through this article, we have to see what is Zed Run Clone Script and its features.

What Is ZedRun?

It is a type of NFT gaming platform which is created by an Australian-based company called VHS – (Virtually Human Studio). Zed Run will enable gamers to buy, breed and racehorses. The main theme of this game is virtual horses to breed, race and it can be sold. The first-generation racehorse in the Zed Run is Genesis breed Zed Run was started in 2019. Initially, there are selling horses will start with a minimum price of $30. In 2022 the value of the horse will go up to $150,000 on third-party platforms.

Zed Run Clone Script

It is a type of ready-made NFT gaming clone script that helps to launch a Digital horse racing platform like Zed Run. This platform will help you to breed, sell and buy digital racehorses called “Breathing NFT” every digital racehorse have its unique DNA. Zodeak’s Zed Run Clone Script will offer the best features including breeding, racing, and several attributes. In Zed Run Clone Script the horses are purchased by using Metamask, breeding, and taking part in the races. The winning horse will get an amount of reward and the losers will lose the points.

Components Of Zed Run Clone Script


It helps to create a new horse by allowing different two horses to breed. Gamers can breed the horses from their own stable or breed the horses in the marketplace. If users want to breed they will have to pay in crypto.


After the horses get breed, they are ready for the race. If the horses will win the race they will get promoted from one level to the next level. If the horse gets participated in the first race it called as golden race.


The marketplace is one the essential part of an NFT platform. In NFT Marketplace games can list and purchase their collectibles and in-game assets. The various types of breeds of horses can be displayed here.


The attributes will contain the date of available horses and the rarity of horses such as bloodline, gender, genotype, coat, and more. These types of attributes will make the horses more unique.

Features Of Zed Run Clone Script

  • The Performance of NFTs (The Horses)
  • Minting a Horse
  • Racing Slots
  • Metadata, Metaverse connectivity Resale in Opensea
  • Breeding
  • NFT color variation
  • Reproduction
  • Logic of Racing


Zed Run was built with a Z-wallet it will help the users to make payments to the breed, race a horse and buy a horse. The workflow of Z-wallet is listed below

  • Once the user signs up with the platform they need to select the Z-wallet feature
  • Then the users can use the deposit option and transact the ETH from their MetaMask wallet into the Z-Wallet as WETH for the same value
  • If you want to withdraw the amount, first you have to select the withdraw option and types of the amount of WETH to be taken. Then the equal amount of ETH will be credited to the user MetaMask Wallet
  • If the user can win a race, the prize amount will automatically be credited to WETH in the Z-Wallet

How To Use The Zed Run Platform?

To use the Zed Run Platform first you have to create a MetaMask Wallet, then you can transfer your ETH to the MetaMask and make your own account on Zed Run, next you have to wrap your ETH later you can buy the horse on the Zed Run platform. Choose your horse based on the attributes like bloodline, coat color, and genotype that makes it unique to perform.

Where To Create An NFT Gaming Platform Like Zed Run?

As a leading NFT Marketplace Development Company, Zodeak will offer the outstanding Zed Run Clone Script with fully decentralized NFT Gaming Platform Development with advanced features and a variety of use cases. Zodeak’s ready-made Zed Run clone will attract worldwide users and allow them to sell, and buy Virtual assets. It is the right script for you to create an NFT Marketplace platform like Zed Run right away along with customized features along with advanced features.

Why Choose Zodeak for Zed Run Clone Script?

  • Zodeak will utilize various tools available on the Ethereum blockchain network to create a cutting-edge solution
  • Automated listing in the NFT marketplace
  • 24*7 support assistance
  • Easy Deployment
  • Dedicated Technical Support Team
  • Regulatory Conformance

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