What is AMM?

Automated Market Maker or simply called AMM which is one of the prominent concepts in the DeFi ecosphere. This idea assists to provide liquidity in Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Compared to Traditional marketing, these Automated market makers (AMMs) permit digitalized assets to be traded without any permission automatically through liquidity pools.

In this article, we going to see about What is Automated Market Makers, and how does it work. 

Before the concept of Automated Market Maker (AMM), the crypto users had to utilize people to contribute various prices for buying and selling assets. After some time, other users in the exchange platform pick the price from the listing that they agree with their budget. That selected price moves on to become the market price of the assets.

Automated Market Makers AMMs replace the traditional exchange listing process(order books) with a permissionless liquidity pool driven by algorithms. It is a financial tool that is decentralized and always available for trading and doesn’t rely on the traditional interaction between buyers and sellers.

AMMs have a different approach to trading assets illustrating the objectives of Ethereum, crypto, and blockchain technology in widespread.

How Automated Market Maker AMM works?

AMM is the Decentralized Finance technology that renders users with options for trading at any period. The primary feature of this AMM is it neglects the traditional system for buying and selling digital assets. There is no admin or intermediates also you need not create an account.

To provide liquidity to Decentralized Finance is called AMM. And that liquidity is the capability to convert one asset into another without changing the market price of the asset. Liquidity is inherently a challenge for Decentralized Exchanges that contain new assets that are complex for many people. 

Liquidity Pools

By Creating liquidity pools, AMM renders a unique alternative. Also, they incentivize liquidity providers to establish more assets into the liquidity pool. The “pool” in the “Liquidity Pool” is absolutely literal. When the user contributes to a liquidity pool, they improve its liquidity and allowing to create immense swaps at the current market price.

An arithmetical formula is driven to price the tokens inside it. In AMMs, the formula may be pinched in diverse ways to optimize the pool for distinct ideals, to better simplify swaps between different types of tokens.

Accessibility is one of the preliminary features of AMMs. If someone has an internet connection and any sort of ERC-20 token, then they can facilitate a liquidity pool.

There are four Popular AMMs are,

  1. Kyber Network
  2. Uniswap
  3. Balancer
  4. Curve Finance

Kyber Network

Kyber Network is one of the foremost Automated Market Maker (AMMs) to inaugurate automated liquidity pools to the crypto ecosphere in early 2018. Kyber Network’s liquidity pools are deployed by proficient market makers, and unlike the other three AMMs, the pools are not open for anyone to provide liquidity.


Uniswap is the decentralized Automated Market Maker that enters the marketplace in November 2019. Uniswap enables anyone to deploy a liquidity pool on Ethereum.

Unlike Kyber Network, the price in the Uniswap smart contract can’t be configured or exploited. 


Compared to the previously mentioned protocols, Balancer is the most recent AMM released onto the market. Balancer operates beside Uniswap but also offers new, dynamic elements that permit it to have more than one use case outside of a superficial liquidity pool.


The curve is the most recent protocol in the DeFi sphere that has admin-only induced liquidity pools where everyone can facilitate these pools, but they have one big discrepancy. Curve’s liquidity pools only endorse stablecoins.

Which Type of AMM is Right for You?

Automated Market Makers (AMMs) perform dual purposes for Traders and liquidity providers. 

-> For Traders – This AMM enables an instant trade experience acquired at market price.

-> For Liquidity providers – Market users can earn trading prices from each trade. Professional market makers might be cozier with a system like Kyber Network, while traditional crypto users are becoming more comfortable with Uniswap and Balancer.

In either case, it’s crucial to monitor your pool and verify that market conditions are in your endorsement. Inexperienced users can quickly grasp that “impermanent loss” can end up consuming all of the earnings that they’ve collected from trading fees.

In addition to the four AMM giants detailed here today, there is an existing and newly executed AMM that has a prominent protocol to elevate Bancor V2 (under development), and it promises to venture “impermanent loss” head-on. 

Advantages of using Automated Market Maker AMM

  • Using this automated approach, several new trading models are determined.
  • As a result of this, the market initiates a lot of liquidity.
  • Trade latency is estimated in milliseconds rather than seconds.
  • Orders may be developed and costs may be established in a matter of seconds.
  • Between transaction implementations, price slippage is estimated in fractions of a cent.

Future of AMM

The DeFi space is already evolving very quickly. These Automated Market Makers AMMs are a rapid-speed extending part of the development of the DeFi world that can be a core part of its improvement. 

AMMs depend on smart contract technology to facilitate transactions more efficiently, which it has been thriving at so far. Going forward, AMMs have the potential to attain more investors. 

This AMM resolves complicated issues that make it easy to trade and attain a yield on your assets. The most useful and generalized example is Balancer.

Summing Up

Because of the AMM – the new source of Liquidity, The Entire Decentralized Finance DeFi industry has been allowed to move much further ahead. Also, this AMM follows up on the flaws of Traditional market making. 

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