As we all know that the arrival of OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, has given a new dimension to digital content creators. They provide an efficient platform for creators and collectors to buy, sell and trade digital works in the form of NFTs. Among the popular items they showcase on OpenSea is CloneX NFT.

CloneX NFT has become a popular choice for NFTs collectors on the OpenSea marketplace. It uses NFTs, blockchain verification, augmented reality, and in-game engines to create digital artifacts that can transmit human consciousness to advanced clone forms.

In this blog, we will take a closer look at what CloneX NFT is, explore its use case, and how you can own one.

What is CloneX NFT?

CloneX NFT is a connection of non-fungible tokens consisting of high-quality avatars designed for the metaverse platforms. Also, these avatars are used in online gaming and any virtual platform. These kinds of NFT avatar collection was created by RTFKT, a future-focused and metaverse brand known for its innovative collaborations.

The CloneX NFT collection gained attention for its collaboration with renowned artist Takashi Murakami and its partnership with Nike. The collection includes 3D metaverse-ready NFT avatars with unique designs and attributes. 

Generally, these kinds of NFTs are sold in limited quantities. It has unique characteristics and cannot be replicated. Plus, each has specific ownership rights and offers several use cases for NFTs holders. Let’s explore them now! 

Various Use Cases of CloneX NFT

CloneX NFT is seamlessly integrated into the OpenSea Marketplace, enabling users to effortlessly buy, sell and trade these digital assets. It has several use cases in the metaverse and gaming communities. These include:

Metaverse Avatars

CloneX NFT is designed as high-end avatars for use in virtual worlds and online gaming environments. Users can own these unique avatars and use them to represent their identity in various metaverse marketplaces.


CloneX NFTs are unique digital assets that cannot replicate by others. They are minted and sold in limited quantities. So, NFT collectors can collect them from OpenSea as exclusive and scarce pieces of valuable digital art.


CloneX NFT has a variety of applications within the RTFKT ecosystem and the future Metaverse, including virtual wearables, gaming assets, and blockchain authentication.


As said above, CloneX NFTs are popular among investors due to their scarcity and desirability. They can buy and sell on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and can potentially increase in value over time.

These are some of the use cases for CloneX NFT on various platforms. They range from unique avatars for virtual environments to valuable collectibles. These kinds of NFTs allow individuals to express their identity and creativity in the virtual space while also providing investment potential.

To acquire these remarkable NFTs, your initial step is to make a purchase. Currently, the recommended platform for purchasing these kinds of rare tokens is OpenSea. This blog’s remaining discussion will go into further detail about how to acquire them.

Steps to buy CloneX NFT on Opensea Marketplace

Similar to other NFTs, the CloneX type of NFT can also purchase from popular marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible. However, for newbies, here is a step-by-step guide to getting Clonex NFTs, especially on OpenSea. 

Step 1: Creating an Account on OpenSea

If you are new to OpenSea, the first step to buying NFTs is to create an account. Follow the below steps to create your account on the marketplace platform,

  • Go to the home page of OpenSea in your preferred browser
  • Click on the ‘Sign in’ button at the top-right corner of the Opensea homepage
  • Sign in with your email address or connect with your Ethereum wallet

After logging in, you need to connect to a wallet like MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and Coinbase Wallet which supports ETH. This is because the CloneX NFT collection is sold in Ether in the OpenSea marketplace.

Step 2: Connecting Your Wallet on OpenSea

After creating an account and having an Ethereum wallet, it’s time to link your wallet address to your account on the OpenSea platform. Follow these steps to connect your ETH-supported wallet to OpenSea:

  • Click on Profile on the OpenSea Homepage
  • Select ‘My Wallets’ from the Drop-down menu
  • Click ‘Add Wallet’ and select your wallet provider, such as MetaMask
  • And follow the prompts to connect your wallet to OpenSea

Step 3: Buy CloneX NFT on OpenSea

After successfully connecting your wallet and adding ETH to it, you are ready to buy NFTs on the OpenSea platform, follow these steps:

  • Go to the OpenSea home page and in the ‘Search’ bar, type “CloneX NFT” and press Enter.
  • This will display the available set of NFTs. You can filter the list based on various parameters like price, rarity, artist, and more.
  • Browse through the available items and select the one you want to buy.

Moreover, by clicking on the NFT, you can get more information, such as artist, scarcity, number of editions, and more.

Step 4: Place a Bid for CloneX NFT

If the CloneX NFT you want to buy has an active auction, you can participate in a bid, follow below steps:

  • If it is in an auction, you will see a ‘Place a Bid’ button on the information page.
  • The bidding process on OpenSea is similar to any online bidding process where you have to enter the bid amount and confirm.
  • Make sure you have enough balance in your wallet to cover the auction.
  • You can increase your bid during the auction or until the end.

Step 5: Buy Fixed-Price CloneX NFT

If you are not willing in participating in an auction and you can go to get your NFTs at a fixed price, follow the procedures below:

  • If CloneX NFT is available at a fixed price, a ‘Buy Now’ button will appear on the description page.
  • Click the ‘Buy Now’ button, follow the instructions, and complete the transaction to get it.
  • Check to see if you have enough money in your wallet to cover the item you buy.

Summing Up – CloneX NFT 

In conclusion, buying CloneX NFT on OpenSea is a simple and easy process like buying other NFTs. In the OpenSea marketplace platform,

  • Creating an account
  • Connecting your wallet
  • Finding available CloneX NFTs
  • Placing a bid or buying it through fixed-price

With the above steps, you can own unique tokens on OpenSea Marketplace and use them on various platforms. With their scarcity, they have quickly become a favorite among collectors and investors. 

So why not dive into OpenSea and explore the benefits of owning Non-fungible tokens today?

Besides, if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur heading to start an NFT Marketplace, using the OpenSea Clone Script could be beneficial in getting your business off the ground. For further information, feel at liberty to reach out to the experts at Zodeak.