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One of the fast-growing sectors in this current world is Cryptocurrency. It may create a large number of business opportunities for People who are eager to become an entrepreneur and make a profit. Cryptocurrency Exchange is the right place for the crypto enthusiast to buy, sell or trade a wide range of crypto assets to a more safe and secure.

Currently, there are a large number of crypto exchanges are reached a higher position. Among them, Poloniex is one of the most popular crypto exchanges which gain a huge impact on traders and start-ups.

Poloniex – Overview

It is an order book cryptocurrency exchange platform that comes from the USA since 2014. unlike other exchanges, Poloniex will allow the traders to trade on all major cryptocurrencies and it is based on the orders book, so that it can easily match the order of buyer and seller which helps the user to exchange the crypto instantly. User Friendly and security are the two major priorities in the Poleniex exchange. 

Poloniex will support more than 100+ Crypto trading pairs, This platform will work with the support 24*7 so that it is one of the leading crypto exchanges in the crypto sector.

Poloniex Clone Script

It is a pre-designed website clone script which comes with automated features and security inbuilt features. Poloniex clone script is a reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform script which offers multi-crypto assets for trading purposes. Poloniex Clone software. Our White label Poloniex Clone Script is a perfect choice for traders who are willing to enter the crypto market. After buying a Poloniex Clone script, Zodeak will help to make your required customizations to launch your crypto exchange like Poloniex which is similar to poloniex.

How Does Poloniex Clone Script Work?

Zodeak’s Poloniex Clone Script will work the same as a poloniex exchange. It is also available for deploying the exchange on the server. Let’s see the working process of the poloniex clone script.

  • First users have to register the account in their own poloniex clone exchange so that the users need to signup an account by using their email id or their number.
  • After that activation link will be sent to the registered Gmail id instantly. So that the user can easily activate the trading account in your own Poloniex clone script.
  • Once the user login into the account they need to complete their KYC by providing their essential information like their license, passport etc.
  • After that user needs to place in your own exchange like Poloniex. Users can easily deposit funds to their fiat wallets for trading crypto assets.
  • Traders can choose their crypto trading pair so that it is available on the platform and they can place the order instantly.
  • Once the order is placed, the buyer will receive the cryptocurrency directly to their wallet.
  • For each successful trade, the Poloniex clone exchange admin will collect a certain amount of money as a commission fee, by collecting trading fees, you can easily earn a huge amount of profits in a short period

Benefits Of Using Zodeak Poloniex Clone Script

You can gain a huge amount of benefits by launching your own crypto exchange like Poloniex

  • Live Order book System
  • Cost Effective
  • Faster Development
  • Admin panel – You can set withdrawal fees trading fees and deposit fees
  • User-Friendly dashboard
  • Our Poloniex Clone Script is developed by an advanced and cutting-edge technology
  • Traders can experience fast and secure crypto transactions
  • It has been tested by blockchain experts and developed with a high-level security system
  • Our Poloniex Clone Script will come with a large number of customizable options, therefore you can add/remove trading features, visuals and more as per your requirements.

Security Features Of Our Poloniex Clone Script

Zodeak customizable poloniex clone script is created with a PSM (Proof Security Modules). We, Zodeak will integrate the following set of security mechanisms in our Poleniex clone script.

  • HTTPS Authentication
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Verification Method
  • Data Encryption
  • Jail login
  • Anti-Distributed Denial Of Service (Anti-DDoS)
  • Sever-Side Request Forgery Protection (SSRF)
  • Cross-Site Forgery Protection (CSRF)
  • Multi-Sig Wallet Consolidation

Why Choose Zodeak For Poloniex Clone Script?

As a leading Cryptocurrency exchange development company, Zodeak will offer the best cryptocurrency exchange clone script to launch your own Crypto Exchange Platform like Polonieix Zodeak has provided you with both poloniex clone software and Poloniex Clone App with the latest tech stack. Zodeak Poloniex Clone Script will be the best solution for all your crypto businesses and it comes with a fully customizable, bug-free, safe and secure. We have skilled and experienced developers to create & deploy a flawless Poloniex Clone Script as per your business requirements within a short period. Besides, we have a dedicated team of experts to deliver technical and customer support on a 24/7 basis.

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Want To Launch Your Crypto Exchange Platform Like Poloniex?

Disclaimer: We Are Using The Term ” Poloniex ” For The Purpose Of Easy Understanding & Identification. We Are Not Related To ” Poloniex ” , Inc. & Not Doing Any Promotion Activities For Them.