In the past few years, cryptocurrency has become the most successful and promising for business applicants. Recently crypto exchange will give thousands of opportunities for start-ups to start business. In this short blog, we have to explore the overview of CoinDCX Clone Script and its features come let see

Before getting into the topic, let’s see the quick definition of CoinDCX

CoinDCX Clone Script – Overview

CoinDCX Clone Script is designed with a well-coded cryptocurrency exchange software that contains pro-tested trading features which help you to build a robust cryptocurrency exchange platform like CoinDCX where traders can buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies. CoinDC clone script comes with customized features so the crypto entrepreneurs can easily customize the script. 

This script can accurately replicate the framework of the CoinDCX platform and it combines the significant features and add-on plugins in the crypto space. This could be the perfect platform for progressive businesses to grow in the crypto space.

Features of Zodeak CoinDCX Clone Script

Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration

In Our CoinDCX clone script, we have integrated a crypto wallet with safe and secure features to sell, buy and store cryptocurrencies.

Trading Bot Integration

Trading Bot is an automated bot that will execute the trades which is based on a set of parameters.

Escrow Protection

With this escrow protection, all the transactions are being protected with more security.

Live Chat Options

Every trader can be connected by live chat options regarding their crypto trading.

Fast Trade Matching Engine

Trade matching engine matches will make trading more efficient, which will help easily for buy and sell orders

Smart Contract Integration

Smart Contract integration will automate and records all the crypto exchange trading processes.

Spot Trading

It will allow the instant purchase and selling of cryptocurrencies based on their market value.

Cryptocurrency Lending

In these crypto lending options, investors can lend cryptos for interest and the interest rate can be determined by the user’s requirements.

Crypto Staking

This option will allow the users to lock their bitcoins in the exchange for rewards, which can be used to achieve passive revenue for traders

 CoinDCX Clone APP Development

CoinDCX has launched its own mobile app in two modules, CoinDCX and CoinDCX Pro, with interactive features that promote cryptocurrency trading in both the Android and IOS platforms. We created a CoinDCX Clone app that is identical to CoinDCX and includes all of CoinDCX Clone’s key features.

Prominent Features of CoinDCX Clone App

  • Integrated Top-notch Crypto Wallet
  • Offers High Liquidity
  • QA Scanner
  • Quick deposit and withdrawal option
  • Cryptocurrency Calculator 
  • Price Alert Notifications
  • Chat option

How To Get Start a Cryptocurrency Exchange like CoinDCX?

Every cryptopreneur can eager to start their cryptocurrency exchange like CoinDCX, here we explain how to start a crypto exchange like CoinDCX 

  • To start with an exchange first you have to choose the right business model and also note down what type of services you going to provide
  • Cross-check the country’s rules and regulations
  • planning a good marketing strategy
  • Integrate multiple payment gateways in your exchange
  • Analyze the crypto trend
  • Tie up with the top cryptocurrency exchange development company

Why Choose Zodeak For CoinDCX Clone Script?

Zodeak offers the best cryptocurrency exchange script and also offers cryptocurrency exchange development services that help to launch our own cryptocurrency exchange like CoinDCX. We offer you world-class Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Scripts to launch your cryptocurrency exchange platform. Our team of experts can develop and delivers the CoinDCX Clone Script with extraordinary features to stay top in the crypto space.

List of Crypto Exchange Clones Offered by Zodeak

  • Binance Clone
  • LocalBitcoin Clone
  • Paxful Clone
  • Coinbase Clone
  • Remitano Clone
  • Wazirx Clone
  • Huobi Clone
  • KuCoin Clone
  • Kraken Clone
  • Bittrex Clone
  • Bybit Clone

Disclaimer: We Are Using The Term ” CoinDCX ” For The Purpose Of Easy Understanding & Identification. We Are Not Related To ” CoinDCX ” , Inc. & Not Doing Any Promotion Activities For Them.