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DeFi Staking Platform Development

Decentralized Finance DeFi Staking platform development is the process of maintaining the cryptocurrencies to empower the transactions with the support of Blockchain networks. For holding the Cryptocurrency and strengthening the blockchain network, you will be rewarded in the Exchange platform. The collecting rewards are also known as interest. 

DeFi Staking enables you to create passive revenue by handling cryptocurrencies and coins. Also, you can receive rewards in the form of tokens or you can get extra interest when the crypto coins values are increased. 

Table content:

  • What is DeFi Staking?
  • How does DeFi Staking work?
  • Various models in DeFi Staking Platform Development
  • Benefits of DeFi Staking Platform Development
  • Rewards calculation in DeFi Staking
  • Aspects of DeFi Staking Platform Development
  • DeFi Tokens in DeFi Staking Platform Development
  • Popular Crypto Exchange Platforms supported DeFi Staking
  • DeFi Staking Service Providers
  • How to Start a DeFi Staking Platform Development?
  • Create your own DeFi Staking Platform Development with our Zodeak Technology

What is DeFi Staking?

In this rapid-speed technological world, people are seeking new ways to earn and save money in a secure environment. Traditionally, banks do not provide the expected annual interest. This turns the people to start favoring the Decentralized Finance system. 

DeFi staking is the conceptualization of securing the cryptos in the relevant crypto wallet or any crypto exchange platform. This DeFi staking is executed only based on the number of staked assets. Also, the potential stakers will be recompensed by a particular interest rate.

So, DeFi staking is the profitable way to coincide with the highly lucrative income by crypto staking. DeFi staking is getting buzzwords in the crypto world and it grabs more attention from every business people. The additional advantage of the DeFi staking is after the release of Ethereum 2.0, the popularity of the DeFi staking is expanded tremendously in the next stage. 

How does DeFi Staking work?

Decentralized Finance DeFi Staking can vary from platform to platform. Some of the DeFi protocols have a separate token for staking. And some protocols would prefer two token systems, although the secondary token would be paid as a reward for staking the essential token. As we said above, If the stakers want to stake DeFi tokens, they would choose their aspired token and stake it on their DeFi tokens held non-custodial wallets. 

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This DeFi Staking Platform Development operates as two extended categories

  1. PoS (Proof-of-Stake)
  2. DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake)

DeFi Proof-of-Stake (PoS) runs by arresting the staker’s crypto assets for a certain period and validating transactions executed through the blockchain network. 

DeFi Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS), is the delegated process that is chosen by stakers and empowered to become a validator or block producer. 

Workflow of DeFi Staking

In Decentralized Finance DeFi Staking, We want to create our own Token. Here is the workflow.

  1. Let’s say for example XYZ is the token. If the user wants to participate in the DeFi staking, the user of the DeFi staking requires to maintain some XYZ tokens. So that the user initially will swap some value of TRX to get the XYZ token. 
  1. The value of the TRX and XYZ requires to be set by the owner of the platform. After having some amount of TRX and XYZ in the user’s crypto wallet, the user desires to add liquidity to the pool. 
  1. After adding liquidity, the user will perceive XYZ/TRX liquidity pool tokens in return, which is proof of stake (PoS) here. Then, repeatedly the user can stake the ABC/TRX LP token. 
  1. Therefore, the staked tokens are functions BUY/SELL process, the user who stakes the token, will get the reward or get some interest in the form of XYZ tokens. 
  1. So, In the beginning, you staked 100 XYZ by depositing 500 TRX. After collecting rewards, you can get 200 XYZ. Finally, you can swap to get 1000 TRX. So you deposited 500 TRX and received 1000 TRX here. 

Various models in DeFi Staking Platform Development

We Zodeak Technology provides various models in our DeFi staking. they are.,

>> Stablecoin DeFi Staking Platform

>> Synthetic Tokens Staking Platform

>> DeFi Staking Aggregators

Stablecoin DeFi Staking Platform

This type of Decentralized Finance DeFi Staking platform Development allows the user to borrow stablecoins towards cryptocurrency assets like bitcoin. The protocol primarily has its own stablecoin which can be borrowed. This stablecoin is staked by yield farmers or liquidity providers furthermore borrowed by other users.

Synthetic Tokens DeFi Staking Platform

Some DeFi based Protocols are created by allowing synthetic assets. These assets describe physical assets like fiat, stocks, and cryptos. Those same assets are pooled by the liquidity providers who earn rewards or interest for staking their crypto assets.

DeFi Staking Aggregators

These platforms do not enable lending and borrowing of crypto assets. But, they serve stakers pool the assets. And then diffuse them to the protocols where the yields are supreme.

Earn Rewards in DeFi Staking Platform Development

In the DeFi Staking Platform, there are various methods that you can generate more rewards. they are,

>> Claiming

>> Delegating

>> Running Validators


Crypto users can claim rewards by only holding their coins in their crypto wallets for a certain period. They receive a reward as per the number of coins retained.


Users transfer part of their stake to a validator who will be in charge of ensuring the network. The reward will come from the validator yielding part of his interest with those delegating their stake to him. 

Running validators

Users can run their connections and convert them into validators. Validators are rewarded instantly, resembling their entire stake, activating nodes to validate the blockchain network based on an ROI.

Aspects of DeFi Staking Platform Development

Instinctive interface

DeFi protocols are not designed to be simply adequate. By involving the interface, you are expelled away from your users. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to simplify the user’s experience.  

Assets assurance

DeFi users are seeking to place their capitals in only well-analyzed DeFi protocols. Ensure that your smart contracts are well audited to evade any kind of deeds.

Eminent Yields

The competition between the DeFi staking protocols is quite enormous. Although, by picking the precise pools you can always improve liquidity providers. And create more eminent yields that are the most reliable way to engage more users.

DeFi Tokens in DeFi Staking Platform Development

Here are the top DeFi tokens that are available to participate in the Decentralized Finance DeFi Staking.

  • Aave
  • KAVA
  • DAI (Maker)
  • YFI (Yearn.Finance)
  • COMP (Compound)
  • KNC( Kyber Network)

Popular Crypto Exchange Platforms supported DeFi Staking Platform Development

  1. Binance
  2. Kucoin
  3. Bitfinex
  4. CoinDCX
  5. Crypto.com
  6. Coinbase
  7. CoinMaMa
  8. Poloniex
  9. Huobi
  10. Wazirx

DeFi Staking Service Provider

Here is the list of DeFi Staking Service providers in the crypto world. Some of them are.,

  • Certus one
  • HyperBlocks
  • Sparkpool
  • Chorus One
  • Figment Networks

How to Start a DeFi Staking Platform Development?

When it comes to the perfect solution for crypto aspirants, who want to earn lucrative profit without any inclusive analysis and investment, then the answer is DeFi Staking. In this DeFi trendier time, originate a Crypto staking platform or incorporate staking peculiarities in your existent crypto exchange platform that changes to convert you into a Crypto billionaire. 

By seeking the proficient Crypto Exchange and DeFi Staking Platform Development Company, you can develop your own staking platform in a facile manner.

Create your own DeFi Staking Platform with our Zodeak Technology

After understanding about the DeFi Staking Development, there will be the question mark in everyone’s mind, “Where can I get a top-notch DeFi Staking Development Services? Right! And the answer is Zodeak Technology. Zodeak Technology is the first-rate DeFi Development Services that offers you comprehensive DeFi platform solutions.

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FAQ – DeFi Staking Platform Development

1. What is DeFi Staking?

DeFi Staking helps to store the user’s crypto assets and generate passive income. When comes to security in DeFi Staking, it is not an issue. Because Smart contract handles everything.

2. What are the ways to generate revenue from the DeFi Staking Platform?

There are various methods that you can generate more revenue in DeFi staking. they are,
1) Claiming
2) Delegating
3) Validators

3. What are the popular cryptocurrencies used in staking?

1) Ethereum
2) Synthetix
3) Tezos
4) Tron
5) Loom Network

4. How much does it cost to build a DeFi Staking Platform Development?

Based on the client’s business demands, the cost estimation will differ. Connect with us and get more information about the detailed plan to launch your own DeFi Staking platform with our effective solutions.