Zebpay clone script is a completely White-label Cryptocurrency Exchange website script, which is used to set up its own cryptocurrency exchange that imitates all existing features, inbuilt functionalities, trading plugins, add-ons, and much more., along with advanced upgrades included that endeavors our client’s requirements. Our Effective Zebpay Clone Script allows customers to Faster, efficient, and more secure to launch a crypto exchange platform like Zebpay that makes potential customers in the shortest time.

We Zodeak Technology’s Zebpay Clone Script is perfectly optimized and crafted, identical to the essential Zebpay Platform. Our Premier Zebpay Clone Script is completely designed, processed, deployed, tested and available for the distribution process. We are the dedicated Cryptocurrency Exchange development company specializing in providing Crypto exchange clone scripts for various successful exchange models such as Binance, Localbitcoins, Coinbase, and more.,

Highlighted features included in Zebpay Clone Script

Multi Crypto and Fiat currency pairs

Our Zebpay Clone Platform supports crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto trading pairs for users according to their service. 

Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration

We provide an integrated cryptocurrency wallet along with multiple cryptocurrencies and multi-signature maintenance. 

Crypto Trading Bot

The additional layer of security crypto trading bot that assists you to buy and sell digital currency for your users. 

Payment Gateway Implementation

We Zodeak renders Zebpay Clone software that supports multiple ways to perform transactions processes for both crypto as well as fiat currencies.

Quicker Transactions

Our Zebpay Clone software ensures lightening Speedy transactions along with high performance and low presence.

API Implementation

We included in our Zebpay Clone comes in our API composed with high-end functionalities that can be implemented with external exchanges.

Order Match Engine

Inbuilt Order Trade match Engine in our premium Zebpay Exchange Clone script that performs instant transactions and trades. 

Security features of our Zebpay Clone Script Software

Two-Factor Authentication

Our Proficient two-factor authentication implements multi-layered security, almost executing it unattainable to hack the platform or cause any trouble.

KYC Authentication

Authenticate your users through KYC Authentication that executes all the transactions more securely and provides an intenser level of surety and confidence among users.

Secure Login

Our additional layer of security ensures the users as well as administrators enjoy the 100% secure login and preserve from unwanted attempts.

Anti-Phishing Code Integration

We Zodeak provides high-end anti-phishing code which assists users to discover authentic mail and replicate spam mails.

Automatic Session Logout

We integrate our Zebpay clone with auto session logout which assists to delimit the occurrence of unwanted transactions from unauthorized users.

Email Verification

Our Proficient Zebpay clone integrates trustworthy Email verification which is used to create and reactive accounts, and confirm or cancel the withdrawal requests.

HTTPS Authentication

We make use of our Zebpay Exchange Clone script to build the most reliable HTTPS Authentication to render a high-end user experience. 

Additional Features of Zebpay Clone Script

That will be done with our client’s expectations

  • Escrow Protection
  • Additional Security Protocols
  • Private Chat Options
  • Mobile Application Support
  • Referral Program
  • Support Superintendence
  • Statistics Monitoring
  • Sub-admin Integration
  • SMS Verification

How does our Zebpay clone operate?

  • Users need to register and verify the Email sent to their registered mail ids.
  • Once verifying the email verifications and user must provide KYC and AML details.
  • KYC verified users can only purchase and trade bitcoins.
  • Each registered user is allocated with the Crypto wallet.
  • Verified users can buy Bitcoin by choosing the available payment method.
  • Users can choose their choice of fiat currency for purchasing bitcoin.
  • After selecting the appropriate payment method and fiat currencies, users need to initialize the purchase order.
  • After payment cryptocurrency is debited on the user wallet.

Zebpay clone App Development

We offer Zebpay mobile apps for both Android and iOs platforms. We aim to provide clutter-free transactions to the traders at any time, anywhere on their mobile devices with few taps. Our Zebpay clone app provides instant trading through mobile wallets. 

Why choose Zodeak Technology for Zebpay Clone Script?

We Zodeak Technology is a top-notch Cryptocurrency Exchange Development company that offers readymade error-free Zebpay Clone Script that integrates the most advanced trading features. We have a team of experienced experts who have vast experience in the field of Cryptocurrency exchange development, expertise in developing a reliable, permanent, and adequate Exchange platform that paves the way to start your own business like Zebpay.

Our professional team is proficient in rendering all-encompassing Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development services. The complete platform will be built with fully customized and estimating alternatives. The Interface will be assigned for better user retention. Our team of experts has an extensive hand of experience creating solutions based on Blockchain Ledger. We Zodeak Technology have developed and deployed blockchain solutions for all concurrent cryptocurrencies in distribution. 

Are you planning to launch a cryptocurrency exchange like Zebpay?

FAQ – Zebpay Clone Development

1. What is the Zebpay clone script?

Zebpay clone script is ready to deploy the cryptocurrency exchange script. It has all the similar features and functionalities like Zebpay exchange.

2. What are the features in Zebpay clone scripts?

Multi Crypto and Fiat currency pairs
Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration
Quicker Transactions
API Implementation
Order Match Engine

3. What are the security features of the Zebpay clone?

Two-Factor Authentication
KYC Authentication
Secure Login
Anti-Phishing Code Integration
HTTPS Authentication

4. Why choose Zodeak for Zebpay clone development?

Zodeak is a leading cryptocurrency exchange development company with
The pool of Blockchain architects
Domain expertise
Exclusive UI
Prompt delivery
24/7 support

Disclaimer: We Are Using The Term ” Zebpay ” For The Purpose Of Easy Understanding & Identification. We Are Not Related To ” Zebpay ” , Inc. & Not Doing Any Promotion Activities For Them.