As a cryptocurrency exchange that concentrates on derivatives, its primary approach should be toward the trading experience. And the primary objective of trading is to make gains by lowering the risk and higher the gains.

Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange Development

In cryptocurrency derivatives trading, the underlying asset can be any crypto token. The two parties that engage in a financial contract speculate on the price of the crypto on a typical day in the destiny. At the initial phase of the contract, the parties agree upon the selling and buying price of the cryptocurrency on the selected date, no matter what the current market price could be. Therefore, the Crypto businessman can capitalize on the difference in the price of the underlying asset by buying the currency at a lower rate and selling it at a higher rate.

Crypto derivatives can be traded on both the CEX and DEX platforms. Exchange owners can leverage the possibility of a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange to get more entrepreneurs. A Crypto derivatives

A trading platform is more flexible than Spot Margin trading and opens access to otherwise inaccessible markets.

Features of our Derivatives Exchange Development

  • Multi-Currency wallet
  • Auto Deleveraging(ADL)
  • Multi-layer security
  • Powerful trading engine
  • Leverage
  • Insurance Funds
  • Robust admin panel

Types of Crypto Derivatives

Futures, forwards, options and swaps are categorized into four derivatives.

  • Futures

A futures contract is a standardized contract, traded on an exchange, to buy, or sell the underlying instrument at a certain date in the future, at a specified price.

  • Options

Financial derivatives known as options permit buyers the right to buy or sell an underlying asset at a pre-determined cost and date. Call and Put options are the types of options that can be used for hedging, income, or speculation.

  • Perpetual or forward contracts 

A forward contract is an agreement between parties to buy or sell underlying assets at the specified date, at an agreed rate in the future.

  • Swaps

A swap is a derivatives contract made between parties to exchange cash flows in the future. Interest amount swaps and currency swaps are the most popular swap contracts, which are traded over the counter between financial organizations. These contracts are not traded on exchanges. Retail investors normally do not trade in swaps.

Business Benefits of Crypto Derivatives Exchange 


  • Catering to the need for a diverse pool of crypto investors
  • High-speed payment processing
  • Good returns for investors
  • Perfect liquidity
  • Strong foothold in the Defi market

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