Over the past decade, there are 600+ cryptocurrency exchanges platform in the crypto space. But some trading platforms are chosen by startups as a model for developing their trading business. Bithumb exchange is one such platform as many people are willing to create a similar platform using the Bithumb clone script.

In this blog, we are going to see all about Bithumb exchange, and how to create a crypto exchange platform using the Bithumb clone script.

Few Words About Bithumb!

Bithumb is currently the largest crypto exchange by trading volume that was founded in 2013 in South Korea. It supports 180+ cryptocurrencies and supports 280+ trading pairs. Users can buy/sell/store their desired cryptocurrencies on the platforms.

In recent times, the Bithumb platform is a popular alternative for crypto traders due to its UI and strong liquidity. They keep on working to improve their security measures to protect their user’s money and their data.

In a way, if you are planning to venture into a crypto-based crypto-based business. Getting a Bithumb clone script to start your business is the smart choice to get into the market right away!

What Bithumb clone script is?

Bithumb clone script is software designed to reproduce the features of the Bithumb to launch the high-performing trading platform. This solution enables startups to launch their platform instantly and reach the market easily with little customization.

Moreover, startups can easily set up their trading platform without needing any software skills or coding knowledge. Because this Bithumb clone script is usually created by a highly skilled developer and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business.

The Bithumb clone script includes all the essential features such as user registration, crypto wallet, trading charts, order book, and more. The advantage of using this solution is that it saves time and money in developing a trading platform from scratch. 

However, it is important to get the clone script from a prominent cryptocurrency exchange development company. This will ensure that the clone script comes from a reputable source and has all the necessary features to manage and run the platform.

Still not sure if Bithumb Clone Script is right for you? Now let’s see its features so that you can decide if it is right for you. Also, you should check the features discussed below in the Bithumb clone script you buy.

Features of Bithumb Clone Script You Must Check Out!

A Bithumb clone script is a ready-to-deploy trading software that replicates the features and functionality of the Bithumb exchange platform. So you can facilitate the buying and selling of various cryptocurrencies to its users worldwide.

Here are some features you should look for in the Bithumb clone script:

  • User-friendly Interface 
  • Trading Engine
  • Order Matching
  • Multilingual Support
  • Wallet Integration
  • Security Features
  • Admin Panel
  • Customer Support

These are some features you should look for in the software solution you buy. Here is a detailed explanation of the Bithumb clone script features that have been listed above.

User-friendly Interface 

A user interface allows users to effortlessly browse, buy, and sell their cryptos. It is simple to use, and visually appealing, which will help platform owners to attract more crypto users to their platform.

The Bithumb clone script you are getting should be able to fit all sorts of screen resolutions such as desktops, tablets, and other handheld devices. Besides, your platform should be improved for performance, speed, and accuracy.

The platform interface should provide simple navigation, allowing users to quickly locate cryptocurrency of interest. Besides, it should have a powerful search engine that allows looking for crypto based on a variety of parameters.

Additionally, a platform interface should provide clear and concise instructions for buying and selling cryptos and should provide transparent information about fees and transactions to help build confidence among users.

By focusing on these key elements, crypto exchange developers can create a user-friendly interface. It also encourages users to participate in the platform and facilitates a seamless user experience.

Trading Engine

A trading engine typically includes a matching engine that matches buyers and sellers of crypto based on preferences and criteria such as price and rarity. It also includes a settlement engine that manages the exchange of funds and assets between the buyer and the seller.

Moreover, it is a critical component that is scalable to handle high volumes of cryptocurrency trading. Its effectiveness and reliability can significantly impact the success and adoption of the platform.

Order Matching

Order matching is a process of matching buy and sell orders on cryptocurrency exchanges. When a buyer places an order for a particular cryptocurrency, the platform matches the buyer’s order with the sell order of another user.

The matching process is usually done using an order book, which is a list of all buy and sell orders placed on an exchange. The order book is sorted by price and time, with the buy order and sell order at the top.

Generally, if an order is not matched, then it remains on the book until gets a perfect match. In some cases, orders may be partially filled if sufficient matching orders are not available. Thus, order matching ensures liquidity and efficiency in transactions. It helps connect users on one platform and facilitates the trading of crypto assets.

Multilingual Support

As the popularity of cryptos continues to grow, the crypto exchange must provide multilingual support to attract users from different countries and regions. Your platform can reach a wider audience and create a more inclusive ecosystem for its users by providing a localized user experience.

Generally, multilingual support includes the translation of the user interface, item descriptions, transaction information, and other relevant content in the platform. This may include providing customer support in multiple languages and providing educational resources to help users navigate the market in their native language.

Therefore, a crypto exchange with multilingual support can help reduce the language barrier between buyers and sellers, leading to greater trust, engagement, and trading activity. It also shows that the marketplace is eager to accommodate the diverse needs of its users, which helps build platform loyalty and its reputation.

Wallet Integration

Basically, a wallet is a multi-functional app integrated into the marketplace. It allows users to store, manage and transfer their crypto assets. It also supports users to buy, sell and trade cryptos directly from their wallets.

Generally, users can easily access their cryptos by integrating a wallet with the platform. Also, participate in trading activities directly from their wallet without the need to transfer funds or assets to a third-party platform.

In addition, the wallet integration helps users track transactions and manage their cryptos in a more secure way. It provides users with a seamless and efficient experience and can increase the liquidity and trading volume of cryptos on the platform.

Security Features

Security features ensure the safety and protection of its platform users’ funds, data, and transactions they made. Some common security features of the platform are KYC verification, 2FA, Secure login, Auditing & compliance, Smart contract audits, SSL encryption, and DDoS protection.

Therefore, the cryptocurrency exchange script security features are more important in creating trust and confidence among its users. By implementing robust security measures, the platform will help protect its users’ assets and ensure a safe and secure trading environment.

Admin Panel

An admin panel is an important tool for managing and maintaining the health and performance of a crypto exchange. It provides for admins tools to ensure the platform operates smoothly, securely, and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Basically, the admin panel has complete control over various tools and functionalities that help admins and sub-admin to manage the platform. It includes user management, item management, payment management, analytics and reporting, and security management.

Customer Support

Customer support helps users address their concerns promptly, and build trust and loyalty among their user base. Also, good support will help crypto exchanges identify areas for improvement and improve the overall user experience on the platform.

Good customer support is essential for the crypto exchange to establish trust and build strong relationships with its users. There are some common customer support features are a ticket system, email support, phone support, and a help desk.

These are the features of the Bithumb clone script that you should look for. And these essential features are also included with others in the script you buy. If you ensure this properly, you can get the best script for your business.

Some may ask why I should build go for a clone script for my business. Below is the answer for them!

Why Create a Crypto Exchange Using the Bithumb Clone Script?

Bithumb Exchange has a wide range of trading pairs and a significant user base worldwide. Having software similar to Bithumb will help you to create a crypto exchange and provide many benefits, including:

Established Brand Reputation

Bithumb is a well-known and trusted brand in the cryptocurrency exchange space. By using a Bithumb clone script, you can leverage the reputation of the brand to attract users to your platform.

Reduced Time & Save Money

Technically, cryptocurrency exchange development can cost between $50,000 to $100,000 and may take several days to several months. So, going for the best alternative approach is a wise choice for startup entrepreneurs who start on a limited budget.

In a way, the Bithumb clone script will significantly reduce development time and money. As it is easily customizable according to business needs and launched quickly.

Proven Functionality

The Bithumb exchange has been in operation since 2014 and has undergone multiple updates and improvements. A Bithumb clone script provides a proven foundation for your exchange that includes functionality such as a user-friendly interface, advanced trading tools, and robust security features.


A Bithumb clone script can be customized to meet your specific business requirements. It allows startups to add unique and on-demand features and functionalities that differentiate their crypto exchange from others in the market.

Security Features

Bithumb has implemented robust security measures to protect user assets, including two-factor authentication, cold storage, and DDoS protection. By using a Bithumb clone script, you can leverage these security features to protect your users’ assets and establish trust in your exchange.


Bithumb clone script cost starts from $4000 and varies according to features, integration, and plugin you add to the script. When compared to other approaches Bithumb clone script is a cost-effective way to launch a cryptocurrency exchange without sacrificing quality and security. 

Therefore, using a Bithumb clone script to create a cryptocurrency exchange can provide several advantages, including an established brand reputation, proven functionality, customization options, robust security features, and cost-effectiveness. 

However, it’s essential to choose a reputable and reliable clone script provider and conduct thorough testing and security audits before launching your exchange to ensure the safety and security of your users’ assets.

Final Words!

Hope you understand why you should choose Bithumb Clone Script by considering its benefits. Now you can take an informed decision on choosing the right solution for your crypto trading business.

Get the High performing Bithumb clone script from the best cryptocurrency exchange development company today and smash the sales records of the top crypto platform tomorrow!!

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