NFT Art Marketplace will allow the artists and designers to showcase and release their digital artworks and also allows them to list down them for sale in NFT Art Marketplace will allow the artists and designers to showcase and release their digital artworks and also allows them to list down them for sale in an NFT Marketplace so that it was called an NFT Art Marketplace. SuperRare Clone Script is a type of NFT Art marketplace and has its own smart contract that allows Every Artist to upload their NFT artwork in an NFT marketplace on the Ethereum network to earn money. In the Short blog, we have to see What is SuperRare Clone and its features.

What is SuperRare?

SuperRare is called an NFT Art Marketplace because the marketplace will directly connect the artists and collectors and help them to collect, sell, and trade exclusive artworks by tokenizing them in NFTs. SuperRare is made with an Ethereum blockchain network. If NFT gets traded on each time the artist will earn royalties. SuperRare has its governance token called RARE. The RARE token will help to select the NFTs of the artist that is dropped on the platform. SuperRare will give authority to the token holders to vote within the community.

White-label SuperRare Clone Script

Zodeak will offer a white-label superRare clone script that can be developed from scratch and it helps to develop your own NFT Art Marketplace like SuperRare and also provides white label solutions to the users. Our ready-made SuperRare clone script contains basic features and functionalities. Zodeak’s SuperRare Clone may help the artist to build artwork on SuperRare.  This Script can use its own smart contract which allows the artists to launch digital artwork tracked on the Ethereum blockchain, Our script will help the artists which providing a new revenue stream and also help to fund a new NFT Art projects

How does SuperRare clone script work?

SuperRare clone script is integrated with an Ethereum blockchain and it will act as a P2P NFT Marketplace for the interchange of the Ethereum tokens like ERC 721. It will increase the stability and security of the platform. Crypto art is created by the world’s largest selling artworks by a creative type, artist name, and year of birth on the Opensea with using SuperRare clone filter parameters. Its Marketplace takes a 3% fee for each purchase that can be held in NFT Marketplace. SuperRare can earn a 15% commission fee for a primary sale. 85% of leftovers will go to the creator of that particular art. SuperRare also offers a 10% royalty for the artists.

Features Of Our SuperRare clone script

Blockchain-Powered Marketplace:

Our SuperRare Clone will help to solve the problems of the artists in society by the use of a Blockchain-powered marketplace.

Advanced Search Option

It lends to provide support to the digital art enthusiast to end up in the right art through the advanced search option and filter options.

In-Buil Wallet

Zodeak’s SuperRare Clone will help to support an In-built wallet to store and trade NFTs and make use of them in the platform.

Security Features

Our SuperRare Clone will offer advanced security features and also be integrated with a smart contract and also provide robust security

Creator Centric

SuperRare Clone is a creator centric marketplace and it paves a path to link both artists and collectors easily

Where to create an NFT Art Marketplace Platform Like SuperRare?

As a leading NFT Marketplace Development Company, Zodeak will offer the outstanding SuperRare Clone Script with fully decentralized and customizable NFT Art marketplace development with advanced features and a variety of use cases. Zodeak’s ready-made SuperRare clone will attract worldwide users and allow them to sell, and buy Virtual assets. It is the right script for you to create an NFT Marketplace platform like SuperRare right away along with customized features along with advanced features.

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