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P2P Crypto Exchange Script

P2P Crypto Exchange Script or also known as person-to-person Cryptocurrency Exchange which is completely decentralized in manner. This Peer-to-peer Crypto exchange was introduced to increase the magnitude of trustworthiness in the Cryptocurrency Exchange platform. This P2P Exchange helps users to buy, sell or trade popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, litecoin, steller and much more., The inclusion of the decentralization concept excretes the embarrassment of third parties. This type of exchange appropriates smart-contract-based escrow security to expedite transactions. Thus, most business people suggest originating a P2P crypto exchange with an escrow-based security system rather than traditional exchanges. So, startups and entrepreneurs used efficacious P2P crypto exchange scripts to develop their exchange platform with escrow security.

In this digitalization world, Cryptocurrency plays a significant footprint and provides an ample amount of income towards decentralization. Nowadays, Most entrepreneurs, startups, and business-class people believe that cryptocurrency is the future of money and they accept this crypto as payment. This is going to be one of the trustworthy platforms that deal with it. Because of the growth and inspiration of cryptocurrency, many startups, entrepreneurs make their business opportunities and march towards leading Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Crypto Exchange Services. 

Most people prefer Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchange with Escrow based security systems. This P2P Crypto exchange with an Escrow security system plays a most significant role in the crypto realm. 

In this article, we are going to see about the P2P Crypto exchange script and Escrow based security system. Let’s dive into the topic.,

What is an Escrow system?

An Escrow-based security system is one of the most elegant security features in the peer-to-peer crypto trading platform. In general, this escrow security system is a concept of describing financial transactions. By using this escrow, users can make a highly reliable, faster transaction and easier process to assure overall security, trust, and cost-effectiveness. Escrow service serves to perform the crypto transactions by fulfilling the payment in a reliable escrow account.

How does an Escrow System work in the P2P Crypto Exchange Script?

An Escrow security system is a part of an intermediate role when making reliable crypto transactions in the P2P crypto exchange. This highly reliable Escrow system is completely designed and preserves buyers and sellers of the P2P exchange platform and also helps to remove unwanted fraudulent attempts. 

  • Once registered on the P2P exchange platform, the participants must agree to the escrow terms and conditions. 
  • In this exchange platform, if the buyer/seller wants to do transactions that order is posted with details such as, location, Crypto detail, and the price of crypto. 
  • That posting order was added and shared to the ledger called an order book. 
  • Once the buyer accepts the order and proceeds with the payment via a securable escrow account. 
  • This escrow system will verify and the seller receives a notification. 
  • After completing the verification process, the seller needs to send out the crypto assets to the buyer along with the tracking information. 
  • With the confirmation, escrow will execute the payment of the funds to the seller from the secured escrow account.

Benefits occurred in the P2P Crypto exchange script


Compared to other Crypto exchange platforms, this P2P exchange contains cost-effectiveness fees.

Targeted Audience

Because of the fast and flexible in all benefits along with security features, Users can easily access and attract the platform easily.

No limit for Withdraw/Deposits

Without any count, users or traders can add or move their cryptocurrency at any time. 

Data Encryption

All the information about the transaction is stored in a distributed network, secured with an encryption mechanism. Therefore, it is entirely not imaginable for anyone to pursue the information. 

High-end Security

In a Peer-to-peer Crypto exchange, all the transactions held on the public ledger of blockchain and KYC/AML details are retained in synchronization to the database.

Fiat Currency usage

With the help of Fiat traditional currencies, users can buy cryptocurrencies more easily.

Features implemented in our escrow-based P2P Crypto Exchange Script

Some trending technical features in the P2P crypto exchange script. They are,

  1. KYC Verification
  2. Two-factor authentication
  3. Escrow Based Crypto Wallet Development services
  4. Crypto Payment Gateway Integration
  5. Multi-Lingual Support
  6. Multi-Layer security
  7. Automatic Swap
  8. Powerful Order Match Engine

Who provides Zodeak for the P2P Crypto Exchange script?

Zodeak is the proficient P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange script provider along with Escrow-based security in the crypto realm. We have vast experience in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain. We provide an ample amount of solutions are Cryptocurrency decentralized exchange software, white label crypto exchange, and security token exchange. Our script is a highly customizable and error-free scalable product. 

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FAQ – P2P Crypto Exchange Development

1. What is P2P cryptocurrency Exchange?

P2P crypto exchange where the buyer and seller directly trade their cryptocurrency without any central control over their trading.

2. What are the Benefits of using P2P exchange?

The P2P helps to obtain control over to whom you can trade the cryptos, and users can set the price, and choose the payment methods comfortable to them.

3. What is an Escrow?

The Escrow service is execute the user tradings in a hasslefree-way. It helps to protect the user cryptos from the unlawful user, Or fraudulent.

4. Where to get a P2P crypto exchange development service?

Zodeak is a reputed cryptocurrency exchange development company. Provides best-in-class P2P crypto exchange development with the latest tech stack, exclusive UI/UX, & at an affordable cost.