If you planning to develop a p2p ads-based Crypto exchange, then a clone script is the most useful idea for you. Because it reaches everything you need for your exchange with a familiar look of famous exchanges that makes your exchange seem unique and trustable to the users.

LocalCryptos is a p2p marketplace allowing you to buy and sell bitcoin and Ethereum from your non-custodial wallet. The only communication between buyer and seller are peer to peer encrypted.

Preview of LocalCryptos

LocalCryptos is an end-to-end marketplace permitting you to buy bitcoin and Ethereum straightly from sellers all around the world. This slightly differs from the traditional crypto exchange where buyers and sellers have matched automatically if the trading amount matches for both. 

The exchange providers make the transaction end-to-end. LocalCryptos merely provides a platform for sellers and buyers to communicate and trade in a secure and trusted way. LocalCryptos offers their p2p ads-based crypto trading platform where investors or users can buy and sell digital currencies or assets like bitcoin and Ethereum by posting ads. LocalCryptos exchange was launched in 2017. 

Initially, this exchange worked in the Ethereum blockchain with the name LocalEthereum, then they got disconnected from Ethereum with multiple developments in features. 

LocalCryptos offers trading services in over 130 countries with 40+ payment methods.

The most important thing is to consider developing a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange like LocalCryptos. 

As a newbie, If you aren’t aware of the LocalCryptos clone script and here its features are seen below the chapter…

LocalCryptos Clone Script

LocalCryptos clone script is a pre-prepared crypto exchange clone app and it is similar to LocalCryptos. This clone script stores all the important trading functions and plug-ins like LocalCryptos, its clone script also comes with high-end security features, trading features, escrow services, 40+ payment methods, etc.

How does our LocalCryptos Clone Script work?

The most outstanding clone scripts are delivered by Zodeak, Our escrow-powered p2p exchange clone script looks and works similarly to LocalCryptos. Zodeak script has an in-built non-custodial wallet that lets your users have full control over the funds. An explanation of how the LocalCrypto clone works are in the following.

  • Create an account & signup
  • Buying and selling options
  • Process an open trading option
  • Make an exchange

Features of LocalCryptos clone script

The trading features that you enable always play an important role in your crypto exchange business. 

  • Multiple payment methods
  • No need for a middle man
  • Feasible with various fiat currencies like BTC and litecoin

Security features of Localcryptos clone script

Security features are our priority and we include the advanced security modules in the Zodeak clone script to avoid anonymous attacks and other fraudulent activities. 

  • Non-custodial wallet
  • Escrow
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Encrypted message
  • The extreme degree of security
  • Highly personalized wallets
  • Peer-to-peer asset delivery

Why Zodeak for LocalCryptos clone script development?

Zodeak is a top-notch cryptocurrency exchange clone script offered in the crypto exchange marketplace. We are one of the early marketers in the crypto space, so we have strong experience in developing all types of cryptocurrency exchanges with the latest trading features and troops-grade security modules. 

If you are planning to create a stunning ads-based p2p cryptocurrency exchange script like LocalCryptos at a valuable price, then choose our Zodeak will be the top-notch solution for your exchange business.