Want to know time to build a crypto exchange platform, As a cryptocurrency exchange development company, Zodeak frequently encounters this common question from our valuable clients. We understand the significance of time for everyone. However, it’s crucial to predict the timeline for cryptocurrency exchange development. It fluctuates considerably due to various factors and circumstances. Typically, the time required to craft a fully-featured cryptocurrency exchange may take a minimum of 60 – 90 days.

However, it is much more difficult to frame the exact timeline for the development of the crypto exchange platform. In this article, let’s see the factors that influence the development of the cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Choosing the type of exchange

The foremost step in the development of a crypto exchange platform is the selection of a crypto exchange type. This is a most essential step, as revenue streams, features, perks, technology stacks, plugins, and more are decided based on the exchange type you prefer to choose. Based on the exchange type, the time also varies. For better guidance, you can get help from an expert team or a cryptocurrency exchange development company. 


Plan your business with new concepts and ideas. Here, try to define your target audience and do market research accordingly. Another important thing to do before development is to analyze your competitors. You have to keenly analyze the features, business strategies, and plugins of other crypto exchanges. The market research has to be performed globally. This helps you cover all types of audiences. But this process takes too much time from 1 to 2 months for analysis. Though it takes too many months, it is the primary step to the success of your business. 

Examination of Regulatory Compliance

Each country has its own crypto laws and regulations for cryptocurrencies. Hence, it is essential to analyze the regulatory compliance of all countries. For this, you have to consult a legal expert in the crypto domain. Spend one or two months on market analysis. This is one of the reasons for establishing a crypto exchange platform. 


Once you decide to start an exchange, it’s a must to have a chunk of money. Though you have planned meticulously, in the middle of the development process, the cost may vary. Suppose you don’t have enough money; then your crypto project may take more time to complete. So in the beginning stage itself, try to allocate enough money for the development process. 

Platform Development

The integration of payment methods, UI design, security protocols, and more are a few platform development procedures that require more time. Based on the complexity of your exchange, it may take a few months. 

Testing Process

To ensure the security, stability, and functionality of your crypto exchange, there is in need for high security and quality assurance procedures. Before the platform goes live, these testing procedures locate and resolve all possible issues or vulnerabilities. 


Once completing the development process, it is a must to test the exchange before launching. This is done to correct the technical errors or mistakes that occur on the platform. Suppose an error occurs. It takes 2 to 3 days to clear the error. Likewise, all the errors have to be cleared. Mostly, this impacts the time it takes to establish your crypto exchange platform. 

Other than these, the complex features, tech stack, security protocols, and more requests from you will take a long time to complete your project. On the whole, we can’t exactly sketch out the timeframe for establishing a crypto exchange. 


The timeline for developing a cryptocurrency exchange can fluctuate significantly based on various elements such as project intricacy, customization demands, compliance with regulatory standards, and the proficiency of the development team. Typically, the process may take a few months to over a year to successfully create and launch a fully operational exchange.

The development timeline for a cryptocurrency exchange is influenced by the project’s individual complexities and requirements. So it is better to collaborate with a cryptocurrency exchange development company. If you’re seeking to establish your crypto exchange platform, consider reaching out to Zodeak, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange development company. We have a strong record of completing the project in a few months and also have numerous positive feedback from our global clients.