What is SerumSwap?

SerumSwap is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) that is built on the Solana Blockchain Network. It’s on-chain and non-custodial.  Serum swap is an AMM built on Solana. It’s on-chain and non-custodial. Similar to Uniswap on Ethereum, Serumswap on Solana Blockchain enables users to Swap SPL Tokens fast and efficiently. In the form of a Fee Swap, users can contribute to liquidity pools and earn commissions.

Gas Fee & Serum Fee

In SerumSwap, Solana-based Automated Market Maker is very rapid. Transactions on SerumSwap take about 1 second to settle. Also, the Gas fee is so small, around $0.0002 per transaction. The swap fee is calculated at 0.30%, in which:

  • 0.25% relates to liquidity providers (LPs).
  • 0.04% allotted to Buy & Burn SRM.
  • 0.01% to the hoster GUI.

SerumSwap Clone Script

SerumSwap clone is a multi-textured source code that permits the user to launch a replication of the SerumSwap decentralized exchange(DEX) platform. This clone script is built to reflect the functionalities of the original decentralized exchange platform.  The programming codes are equivalent to each other. Our clone script is created with all the preliminary features of the original platform such as Automated Marketing Maker, Staking, Lending, Farming, and Swapping.

SerumSwap Clone Script is a foremost DeFi Decentralized Exchange Script built on Binance Smart Chain that performs similar to the SerumSwap exchange and enables users to trade between BEP20 tokens. SerumSwap clone integrates many other features like NFT, Yield Farming, Exchange, Lottery, IFO, and Voting that let you earn a lucrative reward.

Create SerumSwap Clone

SerumSwap Clone is a DeFi-based decentralized exchange(DEX) platform that is similar to the SerumSwap DeX platform in terms of enhancements. The SerumSwap clone was created by the clone development company.  It can be created by executing the SerumSwap Clone script. At our development company, we have the required resources to develop a Binance Smart Chain(BSC) based decentralized exchange(DEX) platform like the SerumSwap clone.

SerumSwap Clone Software

SerumSwap Clone Software is a DeFi-based Exchange platform that is a 100% replica of Serumswap. SerumSwap Clone Software is built with the unique and existing features present in Serumswap like liquidity, farms, crypto staking, lottery, trade, staking, prediction option, IFO, NFT profile, and Voting Mechanism.

Zodeak – the leading Decentralized Finance DeFi Development company offers Serumswap clone software as a 100% ready-made and white label solution which works similar to the Serum with a familiar layout and user interface.

Key advantages of SerumSwap

Cross-chain swaps

In the decentralized currency terrain, trusted parties have to be utilized to facilitate swaps. However, for Serum, the swaps are done differently between decentralized projects.

SRM Token

The Native Token of Serumswap Network is SRM. SRM token holders aid via discounted fees on the platform, among other benefits.


SerumBTC is a standard used on the platform to create tokens using the Ethereum-based ERC-20 Standard. The model is also perfect for tokenizing Bitcoin (BTC) on the Solana blockchain. On the other hand, SerumUSD is a model for making blockchain-based stablecoins.

Physically settled cross-chain Contract

To power the derivatives market, the contracts are used to power margin positions for DeFi enthusiasts. With support from a leading derivatives platform, Serum is a platform with basic and advanced margin trading options to provide to new and proficient traders.

Decentralized Order Book

Apart from automated market-making (AMM), the protocol has a decentralized order book. This will enable orders to be automatically matched on-chain. This offers traders full control over their trades. A key hindrance of a distributed order book by other DeFi-focused protocols is because they are based on Ethereum, which has low rates leading to bottlenecks and increased fees.

SerumSwap DEX Clone Script

The SerumSwap DeFi-based DEX Clone script makes swaps effortless, rapid, and flexible compared to a centralized exchange since anyone can create a pair, provide liquidity for it, and thus open up a new market for the Decentralized Exchange. The SerumSwap Clone Script is developed on Binance Smart Chain(BSC), a high-throughput blockchain built by Binance to emulate Ethereum. Binance Smart Chain attains its scaling process in part by being less decentralized than Ethereum.

How To Create A Decentralized Exchange Like SerumSwap

To create a DEX like SerumSwap, We Zodeak – the enthralling DeFi Development company has two methods. The first is to develop a SerumSwap clone script platform. And another method is to provide end-to-end SerumSwap development services from scratch. Which are purely customized by the clients. These are the general steps enforced by our development company to create a decentralized exchange like SerumSwap.

Efficient Features Of SerumSwap Clone Script

Crypto Wallet Integration

The Serumswap clone script platform is integrated with a highly-secure wallet that creates a smoother transition and storage of crypto tokens for the users. 

Swift Audits

Our SerumSwap Clone script is incorporated with swift audits that strengthen the rate of audit processing in the platform. 

Automated Market Makers (AMM)

Zodeak includes our Serumswap clone script platform with an Automated Market Makers (AMM) mechanism that allows the user to trade against the liquidity pool. 

Effective Transaction Tracking

Our Serumswap clone is incorporated with an effective feature called transaction tracking that permits users to track their transactions at ease.

Efficient Farming

In our DEX platform like SerumSwap, the user can earn crypto tokens by staking and farming liquidity providers (LP) tokens.

Wallet Supported for SerumSwap Clone script

  • Trustwallet
  • Metamask
  • Binance Chain Wallet
  • Safepal Wallet
  • Mathwallet
  • Walletconnect

Why Should you Choose us for SerumSwap Clone script Development?

Zodeak – is a trailblazing DeFi Development company is leading the industry for years. We create developments that can make an enormous impact in the crypto market. Being one of the market deciders of the crypto space, Our proficient developers will create products based on the demands of clients to satisfy the room for possibility.

To make avail of our amazing DeFi Services, contact us soon!

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Disclaimer: We Are Using The Term ” Serumswap ” For The Purpose Of Easy Understanding & Identification. We Are Not Related To ” Serumswap ” , Inc. & Not Doing Any Promotion Activities For Them.

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