Binance is the world’s most widely used and recognized cryptocurrency exchange platform. The vast majority of crypto aficionados are aware that it offers a variety of Top exchanges.

However, many individuals don’t get an exact answer to the question “How to use Binance in the US?”.

In terms of availability, US crypto aficionados are technically unable to access Binance. Why is that? Well, you can get answers in this blog.

This blog will address Binance’s usage, registration, and other topics. Let’s begin…

Binance United States Regulations

Some individuals even have doubts about whether Binance is available in the US? Well, that’s a little bit complicated to answer. Let me elaborate…

The Original Binance Exchange is not available in the US, therefore if you’re a resident of America and want to use it there, you can’t.

Even if you manage to register and trade on the exchange, you won’t be able to access the platform from inside the country. You will have to contact your US-based bank about the situation when you want to withdraw your assets.

The next thing on your mind is undoubtedly, “Why can’t I use Binance in the US”? Regulations are ultimately what determine everything, though. Regarding services relating to cryptocurrencies, US regulations are stringent and complicated.

If you’re unsure whether you can use Binance in the US, all of this basically means that would have two options if it wanted to do business there.

  • Adapt its platform to the stringent standards established by the government.
  • Create an affiliate company that is intended just for use in the US.

As you’ve understood and guessed by now, chose the second option, which is where Binance.US comes in.

Binance.US is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that is exclusively available in the US and has been developed and designed in accordance with all US-specific regulations. It is the country’s top cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume.

Although US residents cannot use Binance, non-US residents technically can.

“How is that possible?” you ask. With a technology known as a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can use Binance from anywhere, thus that’s the solution to your query. Let me describe it…

How to use Binance from any place in the World?

A VPN is used to get over geographical restrictions and use the original Binance from anywhere in the world.

Your IP address essentially reveals whether you are in a country where Binance is not available. A VPN, on the other hand, reroutes your traffic through the servers of another country to conceal your IP address and replace it with an IP address from that country.

You can use Binance from anywhere in the world(including the US) by choosing an IP address from the countries which is supported by Original Binance.

“How do I go about doing that?”  Well,  follow these instructions to comprehend…

Choose a VPN service

Choose a reliable VPN service that enables you to access cryptocurrency-related websites. Since there are many different kinds of VPN providers, selecting the best one might be challenging.

Let me give you a point on what you should watch out for while picking a VPN to make it less complicated.

  • A Kill Switch is one of the key features every VPN service should have.
  • 256-bit encryption should be used by a reliable VPN.
  • You should confirm that the VPN has a “no log” policy to further increase its security.

Along with all these security-related aspects, you should also look at the VPN service’s server count. You definitely want it to have an extensive selection of servers spread out throughout the world.

Of course, keep in mind all the other fundamental and crucial factors as well. For instance, the VPN needs to be up to date, offer reasonable prices, and provide quick customer service.

Configure your VPN service provider

Depending on the provider you choose, the setup process may vary. I’ll give you an illustration of how to access Binance using NordVPN wherever you are…

  • In NordVPN, create an account and choose a plan.
  • Install NordVPN on your device by downloading the software.
  • Log into your account.
  • Connect to a server of the country that supports Binance.
  • Now, go to the original Binance website and log in if you have already created it, or make a new account if you don’t. (Note – You cannot pass the KYC verification if you are a resident of the US. This means that your options on Binance will be pretty limited).

There you go! Now you can start using Binance in the United States…

Fund your Account

You must fund your account if you are a new Binance user:

  • Users who are not US residents have the choice of funding their account with fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies.
  • Users who are US residents can only use cryptocurrencies to fund their accounts. They can carry out those actions using a US-supported cryptocurrency wallet or exchange.

Withdraw Funds

You can withdraw funds from Binance after the trading procedure is completed. But there are some restrictions.

The maximum withdrawal limit for non-US residents who have successfully completed all KYC verifications is 100 BTC per day. However, US residents are unable to withdraw since they cannot complete the KYC process.

Before, non-verified users had the option to withdraw up to 0.06 BTC every day from their accounts. However, non-verified users have been unable to engage in any trading operations on Binance since 2021 September. They are limited to checking out the offers on Binance, purchasing NFT assets, and gift cards.

Hence, for a US resident, I advise you to stick with the Binance.US version rather than trying to figure out how to use Binance in the US. However, for a non-US resident, a VPN is a perfect solution for you.

Now let me elaborate more about the Binance.US

Binance.US: How to use Binance in the US?

Therefore, we’ll focus on Binance’s US-only version in this conversation. Let me walk you through using it step-by-step.


  • Initially, visit the official Binance.US website. Then, you can notice a yellow “Get Started” button on the website’s home page. Click that.
  • Then the next page will arrive, in which you need to enter your email address and a strong password.
  • And next is email verification. Go to your inbox where you can receive a verification code from Binance. US. Copy that and paste it.

That’s all: you’re in after the code is entered to verify the email address.

After that, you will be sent to your wallet dashboard where you will be prompted to enable Two-Factor Authentication. It is advised to take action right away because it is a reliable method of keeping your account protected.

You see how easy and quick it is to register on this exchange. It is not significantly different from how you registered compared to the Original Exchange.


Accessing your wallet is the first step in learning “How to use Binance in the US”. Read below steps to know how to use it.

  • Go to the top of the screen on your account dashboard and click “Wallet” from the top menu.
  • The interface for your wallet will show up, allowing you to view its balance. Additionally, you may view any individual cryptos you may hold after that, along with information on your deposits and withdrawals.
  • As of right now, the primary screen of your wallet area has three buttons: “Buy crypto”, “Deposit”, and “Wallet”.
  • You must enable Two-Factor authentication on your account and verify the KYC procedure in order to deposit or withdraw funds.
  • Your access to the Binance.US platform will now be available after setting up 2FA and verifying your KYC. To be more precise, you may now fund your wallet in addition to purchasing and trading cryptocurrencies.

The procedure of depositing funds is, in general, simple. Your Binance.US wallet address’s QR code must be scanned, copied and pasted into the wallet from which you will transmit assets. This method is comparable to other exchanges, and the withdrawal process is the same but done in reverse.

Using Binance.US wallet appears to be challenging but is not. No aspect of the wallet will ever leave you feeling lost because it is well developed and designed.

Binance.US is a fantastic first experience if you never used before!

Final Thoughts

Finally, my blog post on “How to use Binance in the US” came to conclusion. For those who want to use Binance in the US, the answer is yes you can but with some restrictions.

You won’t be able to use the Original Binance Exchange due to the restrictions, and also you won’t have access to the several cutting-edge services. Furthermore, the US version of the exchange might not support it if you want to trade more specialised crypto assets.

However, if you’re located anywhere in the world, you can access using VPN technology. But it’s only appropriate for people who don’t live in the US. As a resident of the US, using with the aid of a VPN will only offer less opportunities compared to Binance.US. Therefore, I suggest you to choose Binance.US.

Best crypto exchange that is accessible within the country is Binance.US. In general, it provides the essential features of a basic crypto exchange, including control over crypto wallets, the ability to trade your preferred cryptos, and many other features.

If you have an another idea which is to start a crypto exchange business like Binance then Binance Clone Script will be a ideal solution for you. Feel free to seek consultation from our specialists regarding cryptocurrency exchange development.