In the world of the DeFi market continues to get the boom and expands new solutions occur to facilitate user navigation and enhance user experiences. One of such recent innovations is – Launching of DEX Aggregators. This platform unifies a vast number of DEXs under one roof and lets users execute operations on all covered platforms without any accounts and wallets.

The convenience of DEX aggregators is undeniable; Rather than having numerous accounts and executing operations on various resources. Users can register on one aggregator, acquiring access to a large number of transactions and liquidity pools. Moreover, User-friendly and simpler price comparisons on such aggregators ensure that every user expecting to buy or sell Digitalized crypto assets will get the more suitable potential price. 

In this blog, we gonna see an ultimate guide of DeFi Aggregators, benefits, key features included in the vibrant world of Decentralized Technology.

What is an Aggregator?

Aggregators are the function which is acts as intermediates between lenders and borrowers. With the help of Centralized traditional finance, these aggregators are performed. 

In this traditional Finance, they can collect money and assets from the lenders and provide them financial assurances of asset security. 

After that, they provide loans to interested borrowers, like individuals or smaller economical institutions, for a fee. 

Those fees were paid as an interest to the lender of the traditional banks, while some portion of the fee remains within the aggregator as a commission for its services. 

What is a DEX Aggregator?

DEX Aggregator is a platform incorporating the use of a multitude of Decentralized Exchanges with a unified account, allowing users to utilize diverse crypto trading and investment techniques to maximize their yields. Moreover, Using Aggregators resolves the problem of clunky registrations on various websites and minimizes cross-platform gas fees.

Yield Aggregators

Yield Aggregators permit users or depositors of the DeFi protocols to earn yields through a conceptualization of – Yield farming. The conceptualization of Yield Farming lies at the core of DeFi Aggregator design. 

Owners and traders of the Crypto assets desire to earn decent revenue from their assets. And they can stake or lend them into the liquidity pool for an interest rate. 

Relying on the crypto coin’s popularity and the demand over borrowers, the interest rate of the coin is recalculated dynamically. It provides the investors notable returns. If the lender wants to stake their coins for yield farming, those coins are blocked on their account. 

And, they can no longer trade or exchange their coins in that account. If the lender wants to unblock their account, they need to liquidate the Smart contract and stop acquiring earnings from yield farming. 

Benefits included in DeFi Aggregators for users

Decentralized Exchange DEX Aggregators have emerged in response to the user’s need for better usability and ease. So that, experts outline the following advantages of using DeFi Aggregators.

  1. Higher Liquidity
  2. Better Prices
  3. High-end Security
  4. Adequate Trading Conditions

Higher Liquidity

DEX provides a greater degree of decentralization because they are only emerging on the Blockchain marketplace. There are slight liquidity pools on each of them. So, a holder who has a substantial sum of crypto assets or wants to buy a lot of tokens or coins can move the price extensively be unable to complete the transaction. Thus, pooling various DEX into one aggregator makes the conditions for higher liquidity, thus assuring that functions occur without liquidity limitations. 

Better Prices 

With more suitable and higher liquidity, the price slippage is minimal as even large-scale orders rarely render surprising price changes at once. 

High-end Security 

When comes to security, DEX is much better than CEX(Centralized Exchange) in terms of privacy and confidentiality. Users need not store their assets in their on-site wallets. Thus,  keeping full control over their possessions and not risking losing everything. 

Adequate Trading Conditions 

Traders executing operations within one platform are usually determined by the terms present there. With an aggregator, you always have access to the best price offers on multiple DEXs, choosing where to trade at any given moment and acquiring the best prices. 

How to Develop DeFi Aggregators

DeFi Aggregators works based on Smart contracts, like other DeFi related products. Smart contracts are an effective way to handle the relationship between users and platforms in an automated way. 

Firstly, To build a DeFi Aggregator, you need to enlist the support of an experienced team of DeFi Development service providers that comprehends all the elements of working with smartcontracts. 

If you want to develop a DeFi Aggregators, here are the several stages that zodeak offers,


In this discovery stage, we research your niche. In that stage, we determine the scope of work, budget, deadlines, development plan, that how to build a Decentralized Finance DeFi aggregator for the customers. Based on customer requirements, the customers can determine project specifications and develop a technical task for innovators. 

UI Design

Design is essential as it enables users to navigate via aggregators easily and quickly. We Zodeak provides a navigable and intuitive platform, that makes grabbing the attention of numerous users and builds a dedicated audience. 

Smart Contract Protocol Development

In DeFi Ecosystem, Most of the back-end part is embedded in Smart contracts. At this stage, developers will create and launch all the required algorithms for the operation of your platform, and implement required integrations with other DeFi protocols.  

Back-End Development 

All DeFi based Aggregators have smart contracts on their basis, which enables their automated, decentralized functioning. Our Back and front-end developers provide highly effective features which are correctly positioned but also fulfill their functionalities, aiding users to interact with the platform effectively.


In this stage, Our proficient Testers should analyze every aspect of the system to detect and resolve errors and bugs. After detailed testing, the product is ready for a market launch.  

Summing Up

DEX Aggregators are one of the most delinquent innovations in the burgeoning DeFi market that permits traders to tap deep liquidity and obtain better pricing. DeFi Aggregators solve this issue by bridging the most useful trades to the user in a single location. 

If you are planning to develop DeFi DEX Aggregators, Zodeak Technology can help. We leverage our blockchain experience, deep domain knowledge, and specialized technique to deliver first-class products that align with your business demands.

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